(Review) Brands Innershine Marine Collagen with Kyoho Grape Jelly Strip

Hello lovelies, it has been awhile since I last reviewed about collagen.
I have mentioned before but lets refresh on the topic on why should one consume collagen and what time is it the best to consume collagen?

 #1 As we age, about 25 of age, we should start consuming collagen coz the natural production decreases over time.
#2 It is best to consume collagen on an empty stomach for optimal absorption.
#3 For best result, consume regularly or as advised.

A week ago I have been invited to Brand's Suntory for a potboy event.
Thanks for the invitation Pey Wei. 

Felicia Zoe & I. Nice to finally meet you ^^

There we were given a quick tour (and you too can go!!) around Brands' factory. 

Let's get back to today's topic.

What is Collagen?
Most abundant source of protein in human body
Large network of extracellular matrix proteins
Provides strength and flexibility
Abundant in bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments blood vessels and skin

3 Main Types of Collagen:
Type I Collagen (90%) - skin, tendons, bones, vital organs, and blood vessels; facilitates faster wound healing
Type II Collagen - present in joints, cartilage, cornea, and lens
Type III Collagen - commonly found in internal organs and bllod vessels; structurally similar to Type I collagen

Many collagen that I have taken are made of Fish Collagen:
[Anti-aging, Bone healing & regeneration, Anti-bacterial properties, Wound healing, Increases protein intake]
Rich in Type I Collagen (90%), essential for our body.
Maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair.
Rich in 18 types of amino acids.
Source of collagen: fish skin, scales, fin and bones.


Brands' Innershine Marine Collagen:

It comes in a slim packet containing 14 convenient strips of jelly collagen.

A 10g strip of jelly collagen provides 16Kcal energy to consumer.

Nutrition & Benefits

Vitamin B3 & E
Maintain youthful & supple skin
Protects the skin from photo-aging effects
Provides skin cells with energy for growth & repair
Reduce and avoid formation of wrinkles & age spots

Micro-collagen peptide
Better absorption.
Each strip contains 1000mg of fish collagen with low molecular weight

Look at how convenient each strip is?
It is fat-free with no added sugar.
The naturally sweet taste comes from the Premium Kyoho Grape from Japan.

Tried & Tested:

I like how easy it is to strip open each individual package, whenever and wherever I go.
Super travel friendly and definitely can share with hubs if he was more "like me". Heh. ^^

7 days trial for me but no before & after pic for comparison as it is too short a trial.
I consume 2 strips a day (day & night)

I was actually super excited coz its my first ever jelly collagen.
Before that it was all in powder and solution form.

At first bite, it was super sweet for me. Missed having desserts (coz I have been abstaining from most of my go-to desserts for quite some time)!
It was also tempting coz its actually quite a short tube and make you wanna open more.

I always chuck the strips into the fridge to ensure an enjoyable consumption. For me, I think a chilled jelly collagen makes it overall less sweet and enjoyable. And, a bonus point when I crave for cold desserts.

You may purchase at a more affordable deal via the Potboy app:

For more info and deals, you may download potboy app or stalk their Potboy Groceries Facebook Page.



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