(Event) Groundbreaking Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) at Nekderx Academy

Hello loves.

I love discovering new hair technology that serves to replenish strength and health to our hair.

To me, having beautiful hair is everything!
My simplest accessory that brings about my style and confidence.

In my opinion, it was once an impossible task in replenishing health of our hair. But now, various technology have helped in improving the condition of our hair.

Over the course of 20ish years of my life, I have exposed my hair to heat, dye, bleach, curl and styling. I have been searching for some home treatment that allow me to achieve what my hair will achieve upon leaving a hair saloon.

Here I am at Nexderk Academy and they have the solution to my life time task! ^^
Thanks so much to Cain for the invitation.

About La Biosthétique:

Here are the hair care range from La Biosthétique.
From long hair, curled hair, dry hair, fine hair, anti-frizz, beaute, soleil, protection couleur, structure, protection cheveux complexe (PCC), etc

La Biosthétique is a combination of life and beauty from 'bios' and 'aesthetics'.
Its a combination of the latest research & natural ingredients.
Customized for every kind of skin and every kind of hair:
That's our task.

Thanks to Marcel Contier, a French biochemist, who founded La Biosthétique more than 60 years ago. Today, the Weiser family runs the company based on the same standards that were implemented from day 1:
Scientists develop the product in cooperation with international hair experts and stylists based on the latest research performed in modern laboratories.

All La Biosthétique hair care and skin care products are continuously tested for their efficacy and tolerance. Only then is their quality practically demonstrated in very precise application tests in the presence of the amazing experts, the La Biosthétique coiffeurs.

Here are two sets from their star today, their take-home Protection Cheveux Complexe set.
Both sprays help to regenerate the molecular hair structure from within.
Both masks intensifies the regenration of the molecular hair structure.

Complexe Set Vital
(50ml Complexe 3 Spray + 100ml Complexe 3 Mask Vital)
Vitalising intensive hair mask maintains the suppleness, shine and elasticity of the hair.

Complexe Set Volume
(50ml Complexe 3 Spray + 100ml Complexe 3 Mask Volume)
Strengthening intensive hair mask maintains the stability, shine and volume of the hair.

Highlight today will be about the groundbreaking solution to damaged hair - Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) 

This is Alexander Fuchs all the way from Australia.
Thanks for the mini hair education and science behind on how PCC works.

You can either use it with any hair chemical service, to protect your hair; or use it alone as a hair treatment, to revive damaged, brittle hair.

PCC protects the hair structure from the inside and the outside.

4 ingredients = 5x the power
Bio-chemically engineered for lasting regenration of damaged hair!

What you can expect?

Expect healthy, shiny, supple & beautiful looking hair.

With us here today is sweetie Felicia Zoe. She is the hair model of the day and boy the result was wow!

AFTER pic (on right):
Her hair color is darkened and looks so shiny. Her hair is less frizzy and so damn smooth! I was particularly impressed coz with just one treatment, that is what you get. This effect is meant to last for long term as each time it will repair your bonds and make it healthier after each treatment. She also feels that her hair is way healthier after the treatment.

Process of Hair Treatment:

1. Ampoule aka Complexe 1 Concentrate (only available at saloon)
It contains cysteine, criss-linked cysteine, & keratin that repairs broken bonds and helps brittle hair regenerate.

Either use it alone or with other hair chemical. Soak each strand for 5 mins and rinse off. You will smell sulphur scent, but do not worry. Your sulphur bonds (strongest bonds) are repairing itself.

2. After that, towel dry your hair. Instead of the conditioner step, apply Complexe 2 Spray follow by a leave on Mask Intense hair mask for 10 minutes. Comb thoroughly. Rinse. You will have a smooth, strong and nice smelling hair. ^^

Continuous usage at home will ensure healthier hair in the long run! ^^

Why Should You Get It?
Prescriptive products (each treatment are tailored to your needs)
Pure premium ingredients (a little goes a long way!)
Handcrafted from purest raw ingredients!
No extra treatment hours (your hair will thank you in the long run!)


For more information, stalk/enquire/call:
La Biosthetique MY Facebook Page


Stay tune for my own experience.

Thanks again Cain for the invite.
I feel so much more educated about our hair now ^^


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