(Event) Groundbreaking Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) at Nekderx Academy

Hello loves.

I love discovering new hair technology that serves to replenish strength and health to our hair.

To me, having beautiful hair is everything!
My simplest accessory that brings about my style and confidence.

In my opinion, it was once an impossible task in replenishing health of our hair. But now, various technology have helped in improving the condition of our hair.

Over the course of 20ish years of my life, I have exposed my hair to heat, dye, bleach, curl and styling. I have been searching for some home treatment that allow me to achieve what my hair will achieve upon leaving a hair saloon.

Here I am at Nexderk Academy and they have the solution to my life time task! ^^
Thanks so much to Cain for the invitation.

About La Biosthétique:

Here are the hair care range from La Biosthétique.
From long hair, curled hair, dry hair, fine hair, anti-frizz, beaute, soleil, protection couleur, structure, protection cheveux complexe (PCC), etc

La Biosthétique is a combination of life and beauty from 'bios' and 'aesthetics'.
Its a combination of the latest research & natural ingredients.
Customized for every kind of skin and every kind of hair:
That's our task.

Thanks to Marcel Contier, a French biochemist, who founded La Biosthétique more than 60 years ago. Today, the Weiser family runs the company based on the same standards that were implemented from day 1:
Scientists develop the product in cooperation with international hair experts and stylists based on the latest research performed in modern laboratories.

All La Biosthétique hair care and skin care products are continuously tested for their efficacy and tolerance. Only then is their quality practically demonstrated in very precise application tests in the presence of the amazing experts, the La Biosthétique coiffeurs.

Here are two sets from their star today, their take-home Protection Cheveux Complexe set.
Both sprays help to regenerate the molecular hair structure from within.
Both masks intensifies the regenration of the molecular hair structure.

Complexe Set Vital
(50ml Complexe 3 Spray + 100ml Complexe 3 Mask Vital)
Vitalising intensive hair mask maintains the suppleness, shine and elasticity of the hair.

Complexe Set Volume
(50ml Complexe 3 Spray + 100ml Complexe 3 Mask Volume)
Strengthening intensive hair mask maintains the stability, shine and volume of the hair.

Highlight today will be about the groundbreaking solution to damaged hair - Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) 

This is Alexander Fuchs all the way from Australia.
Thanks for the mini hair education and science behind on how PCC works.

You can either use it with any hair chemical service, to protect your hair; or use it alone as a hair treatment, to revive damaged, brittle hair.

PCC protects the hair structure from the inside and the outside.

4 ingredients = 5x the power
Bio-chemically engineered for lasting regenration of damaged hair!

What you can expect?

Expect healthy, shiny, supple & beautiful looking hair.

With us here today is sweetie Felicia Zoe. She is the hair model of the day and boy the result was wow!

AFTER pic (on right):
Her hair color is darkened and looks so shiny. Her hair is less frizzy and so damn smooth! I was particularly impressed coz with just one treatment, that is what you get. This effect is meant to last for long term as each time it will repair your bonds and make it healthier after each treatment. She also feels that her hair is way healthier after the treatment.

Process of Hair Treatment:

1. Ampoule aka Complexe 1 Concentrate (only available at saloon)
It contains cysteine, criss-linked cysteine, & keratin that repairs broken bonds and helps brittle hair regenerate.

Either use it alone or with other hair chemical. Soak each strand for 5 mins and rinse off. You will smell sulphur scent, but do not worry. Your sulphur bonds (strongest bonds) are repairing itself.

2. After that, towel dry your hair. Instead of the conditioner step, apply Complexe 2 Spray follow by a leave on Mask Intense hair mask for 10 minutes. Comb thoroughly. Rinse. You will have a smooth, strong and nice smelling hair. ^^

Continuous usage at home will ensure healthier hair in the long run! ^^

Why Should You Get It?
Prescriptive products (each treatment are tailored to your needs)
Pure premium ingredients (a little goes a long way!)
Handcrafted from purest raw ingredients!
No extra treatment hours (your hair will thank you in the long run!)


For more information, stalk/enquire/call:
La Biosthetique MY Facebook Page


Stay tune for my own experience.

Thanks again Cain for the invite.
I feel so much more educated about our hair now ^^


(Review) Neubodi's Bra Drive 2017 x Product Review

Hi lovelies,

Last week I got the chance to drop by Neubodi's HQ in Kota Damansara for a fitting session and also educate ourselves with caring for our bra etc.

Before I continue, have you already checked out the campaign that I had blogged about?
It ends on 05/11/2017!
Be sure to drop your used bras into their pink bra bins at any of their outlet!!!!

Outlet includes:
• Mid Valley Megamall
• One Utama Shopping Centre
• Bangsar Village II
• Encorp Strand (High Street)
• Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Mall
• Imago Shopping Mall
• Vivacity Shopping Mall
• Suria Sabah Mall

I have dropped 3 of mine into the bra bins

I saw a customer who entered and grab this immediately.
Let's do our part in this Neubodi Bra Drive 2017.
Just donate, support, & recycle!
It'll definitely cheer up somebody's day!
Bras of any brand are welcome!
Bras to-be-donated includes sport bras, dailywear bras, nursing bras & mastectomy bras.
Before you donate them, be sure to wash it, check it & bin it!

Before the fitting session starts, these are the thoughts running wild in my head:

What ifs..... What if I couldn't fit into any of the bras at Neubodi (even the smallest cup??) coz when I shopped at Young Hearts I barely can fit into their smallest sized bra cups. In La Senza or Cotton On, I go for padded ones 98% of the time and for sure I go for As or small Bs max.

"I always thought that I was a small small A...until I was fitted and measured at Neubodi."

My Fitting Session Experience with Neubodi:

#1 Magical Hands!
The way they "measure" you is just "magical".
NO measuring tape is required!!! ONLY her hands!
Its a unique hand measuring technique!
*go try yourself!* 
She just simply cup her hands around your rib cage (at the underbust area) and she gets you your bra to try. I was with two other friends and the staff got all 3 of us the right bra size at the first choice she chose.

If my jaw can drop, sure it is on the ground!!

#2 Getting the right fit!
Upon trying the first bra the staff also taught me how to "properly" wear my bra (by pulling the extra boob meat at our sides and back of our abdomen) and I am a mid-B when wearing their non-pushups. Just surprised and speechless.

I feel so cheated for my 20ish year of my life and felt sorry for my breast coz I have clearly neglected it for so long.

Also, strap are tightened till one finger still can go under it. same goes to the bands.

When you get the right fit, you shouldn't feel any pain or discomfort when you properly wear them.
Go for the fitting for the wow experience!

Go experience yourself at Neubodi:

Hands down to the fitting session! I have never felt so relaxed when getting bra coz there are just so much sizes and styles to choose from. Here at Neubodi, they ensure that you get the right size and educating all-you-need-to-know from fitting to caring for your bras!

Also, you can always tell them your preference first and let them take the bra for you.

I personally am happy with the bra I got.

It was a push up bra but it was different from the other ones I had at home. The ones at home were far thicker than the ones at Neubodi. A little push up is enough and actually done a better job in the long run.

Also, purchasing decision was much simplified for me. I got what I want and whats best for me and my breast.

Most importantly, the bra gave me 3 Cs.

Fun Fact:

NOT all types of bras are suitable for all kinds of breast shape/size.
I always thought all types of bras fit all kinds of breast. So wrong! XD
At Neubodi, a certain breast will fits most to a certain type of bras there, but of course you can always pick the others not in the top of the list.

CARE for your bra:

Bras at Neubodi can last up to 180 washes.
So of course you are gonna rotate among several bras right! You do the math! ^^

When soaking, choose gentle detergents over the normal clothes detergents and only scrub the underband. For the cups, gently press it with your palm and fists together.

When drying, do clip it horizontally at the underband part so it dries literally upside down.
I always have it hang in a U shape (where the cups kinda sandwiched each other by hanging at a horizontal bar) which is wrong!!
Never hang and clip by the straps coz that way your straps will become loose at a faster rate.

When storing, go for containers or clip it upside down.


The store may look little but here I would like to refresh your memory a bit on how versatile and thoughtful Neubodi is in ensuring that they can cater to all shapes and sizes in the market.

WE sell more than undergarments at Neubodi. Our hand-sewn lingerie consists of over 600 sizes, colours and designs, available up to I cup.

Some maternity wear, sports wear, sleep wear, construct wear and occasion wear.

Models and designs of bras are just wonderful.

Higher bands and buckles help to give support and reconstruct your boobs.
You must go try the fitting session yourself!
Some of them are also pretty and sexy.


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(Review) Mentholatum Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++

Hi lovelies, how are your October ending?
It was pretty hot as of lately and I must admit up till now I sometimes still forget to apply my sunscreen diligently.

Thanks to PR for sending me this baby, just in time, coz I almost went and get my HG Biore water-based sunscreen.

Do you think this new Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++ can be my new HG???

Why is Sunscreen IMPORTANT?
With constant exposure to pollutants (vehicle emissions, smoke & dust), we are more prone to have various skin problem. This includes premature aging (stupid fine lines......i need more moisture!), wrinkles, pigmentation & dullness.

About The Mentholatum Company:
The Mentholatum Company, Inc. Founded in 1889 is a manufacturer and marketer of non-prescription drugs and healthcare products. Headquarters are in Orchard Park, New York, USA with operations in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Scotland, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, P. R China, India, and Japan.

Manufacturing is carried out in 26 locations around the globe and marketing / distribution in over 150 countries. Every Mentholatum brand (Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube, Deep Heating Rub) is sold with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

Saving you skin with?
Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++

FREE from fragrance, colorants, alcohol and mineral oil!
Keep skin moisturized (with HA, Amino Acids, & Collagen Blend) & prevents from aging!

You can be at ease  as it is said to defend against UV rays, free radicals, and anti-pollutant function. Not only that, it can help reduce inflammatory skin conditions (eg rahses and itching) by protecting your skin against PM2.5 particles that lodged onto your pores.

FYI, I have slightly sensitive skin. They claimed that it is gentle on the skin and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Tried & Tested:

Texture is milky, super light & watery. It has light powdery scent with the normal sunscreen scent.
I love that it dries fast leaving no white cast & no sticky/greasy feeling. As if I am not wearing anything.

After a month of usage at both my face and body, there are no breakout.
I will be keeping an eye on the brand !

Get your Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++ (110gram) at?
All Watsons stores nationwide at RM40.


(Event) Shizens New Concept Grand Opening x Facial Service

A pleasant Thursday noon spent with Shizens & friends.

Congrats Shizens & thanks for having me ^^
(Thanks Chin Yee for helping me take the OOTD shot!)

On my left is Pui Yee and on my right is Bella.
(Image by Pui Yee's phone! SO clear, I love it!)

12th October 2017 marks the Grand Opening of Shizens First Concept Store.
From a brown and white concept, now its a White and Gold concept.
Its just simply clean & classy.
Not only that, they have an added service for their existing and new customers.

Now, you can enjoy a brand new professional facial service to have a better analysis and understanding of your skin condition.

Love the lovely spread of desserts and bites.

Do enjoy a few shots I took around their store ^^

Do any of you love their best sellers?
#1 & #2 is celebrity, Syatilla Melvin's MUST-HAVE!

Skincare series from Shizens.

Face makeup series.

Eye makeup series.

Lip products.


A sneak peek of their facial room.
So much privacy.

Okay, here's a quick shot of a mini interview session between Shizens' MUA & celebrity Syatilla.

Before everyone disperses, here's some wefie.

Syatilla is soooo stunning!
(With Pui Yee's phone again!)

With the girls and the friendly MUA.

Will update again after I have experienced the facial with them.
Stay tuned!


(Review) Cutie Nails Spa Saloon

Hello lovelies, how is your Ocotober so far?

I am so glad to be able to refresh my nails again since my last one done at Posh! Nail Spa at TTDI branch.

This time, I am having my gel mani with nail art done at Cutie Nails Spa Saloon.

Before coming to the place, my expectation was hiked coz my friend, Racheal commended on how fast the whole thing took.

You can easily waze the location and identify a cute pink sign.

Here is a list of their services ^^


It is a simple place that compensates with the efficiency and hygiene level of the manicurist there.
I like how the manicurist is open to suggestion and the price is actually quite affordable IMO.
Read more and see promotions ongoing now !!!

Most her clients are by appointment.

There are several brands that are for normal lacquer and only 1 brand for gel lacquer, that is, a local brand called Catwalk. Such a cute name!

These are the qualification of the manicurist, lady boss herself!
So impressive!

A panorama shot of all the designs of mani you can imagine.
Of course, you can always show her what you want.
That oven thing on the right is a sanitizer for all her tools and such.

Kiple users, you can pay via your kiple app in case if you forgot to bring your wallet!
Isn't that convenient? :)


Gel polishes are of local brand, called Catwalk.
Basically it helps to hasten the mani process, especially the nail art that may take the longest time to finish.

This is the complete nail art.
Only with 2 gels (Gel Polish A & B), viola!

The art is dependent on how the manicurist direct the stroke.
Traditional mani also can do this kinda nail art but an extra step is required (by applying with a special lacquer).

As she draws on my nails. It first appears as solid colors. Less than a minute, it feathers out as if it is "blooming".

Overall I really like the finish of my mani as it isn't the really really thick layer.
For the top coat, I have the option to choose either the normal glassy top coat or a "rubber seal" known as the matte, rubbery coat that has a similar touch sensation to balloon.

I personally really like how fast the whole thing took.
Mine was about at max 1.5 hours, including me taking pics and such.
There is no downtime. For example, "you can only touch water after 1 or 2 hours leaving the saloon!" , "the under layer isn't completely dry so be careful", etc. You get the picture right. I can technically do anything including cooking right after without worrying about anything that is gonna destroy my nail art.

I was also super excited when I heard that her gel polishes ("Catwalk") are of Malaysia brand.
My first time hearing that Malaysia has their own lacquer which is also certified as organic products (this means they are made of lesser chemicals). It is also said to be safe even for pregnant ladies.

I am impressed with the end result.
Would wanna try marble nail art next with the Catwalk gel polishes.

What do you wanna try?

Here are the ongoing promotion if you are interested to try the Catwalk polishes ^^

Another shot of privileges if you would like to be a member. ^^
If only I live nearer, I will consider this XD

For more info, you can always visit their:

Operation hours:
11am - 6pm

Make appointment:
+ 60 16 915 8360
(via Whatsapp, WeChat, or message)


(Review) Brands Innershine Marine Collagen with Kyoho Grape Jelly Strip

Hello lovelies, it has been awhile since I last reviewed about collagen.
I have mentioned before but lets refresh on the topic on why should one consume collagen and what time is it the best to consume collagen?

 #1 As we age, about 25 of age, we should start consuming collagen coz the natural production decreases over time.
#2 It is best to consume collagen on an empty stomach for optimal absorption.
#3 For best result, consume regularly or as advised.

A week ago I have been invited to Brand's Suntory for a potboy event.
Thanks for the invitation Pey Wei. 

Felicia Zoe & I. Nice to finally meet you ^^

There we were given a quick tour (and you too can go!!) around Brands' factory. 

Let's get back to today's topic.

What is Collagen?
Most abundant source of protein in human body
Large network of extracellular matrix proteins
Provides strength and flexibility
Abundant in bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments blood vessels and skin

3 Main Types of Collagen:
Type I Collagen (90%) - skin, tendons, bones, vital organs, and blood vessels; facilitates faster wound healing
Type II Collagen - present in joints, cartilage, cornea, and lens
Type III Collagen - commonly found in internal organs and bllod vessels; structurally similar to Type I collagen

Many collagen that I have taken are made of Fish Collagen:
[Anti-aging, Bone healing & regeneration, Anti-bacterial properties, Wound healing, Increases protein intake]
Rich in Type I Collagen (90%), essential for our body.
Maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair.
Rich in 18 types of amino acids.
Source of collagen: fish skin, scales, fin and bones.


Brands' Innershine Marine Collagen:

It comes in a slim packet containing 14 convenient strips of jelly collagen.

A 10g strip of jelly collagen provides 16Kcal energy to consumer.

Nutrition & Benefits

Vitamin B3 & E
Maintain youthful & supple skin
Protects the skin from photo-aging effects
Provides skin cells with energy for growth & repair
Reduce and avoid formation of wrinkles & age spots

Micro-collagen peptide
Better absorption.
Each strip contains 1000mg of fish collagen with low molecular weight

Look at how convenient each strip is?
It is fat-free with no added sugar.
The naturally sweet taste comes from the Premium Kyoho Grape from Japan.

Tried & Tested:

I like how easy it is to strip open each individual package, whenever and wherever I go.
Super travel friendly and definitely can share with hubs if he was more "like me". Heh. ^^

7 days trial for me but no before & after pic for comparison as it is too short a trial.
I consume 2 strips a day (day & night)

I was actually super excited coz its my first ever jelly collagen.
Before that it was all in powder and solution form.

At first bite, it was super sweet for me. Missed having desserts (coz I have been abstaining from most of my go-to desserts for quite some time)!
It was also tempting coz its actually quite a short tube and make you wanna open more.

I always chuck the strips into the fridge to ensure an enjoyable consumption. For me, I think a chilled jelly collagen makes it overall less sweet and enjoyable. And, a bonus point when I crave for cold desserts.

You may purchase at a more affordable deal via the Potboy app:

For more info and deals, you may download potboy app or stalk their Potboy Groceries Facebook Page.



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