(Review) Silkon Contact Lens from Korea x BConnesso // discount code BELOW //

Hi lovelies!

How are you doing?
Finally I am back to a beauty post!
Sorry for the lack of posting coz the holiday mood is still ongoing


Here I am reviewing a new lens I got from BConnesso.
BConnesso is an Ecommerce store based in Malaysia.
From clothing, eye-wear, to health & supplements!

The contact lens I received is of Silkon brand, from Korea.

Silkon has both color lens and clear lens:
Innise series - 14.2mm (5 colors )
Manxion series - 14.5mm (9 colors)
Pro series - 14.2mm (clear lens)

I have not heard of Silkon prior to the review as I was actually intending to get the famous OLens from Korea, that many has raved about!

The color choices from Silkon were actually really pretty from the website.
In the end, I settled with Silkon Manxion in Cool Grey.
It is a monthly disposable soft lens.

Silkon Manxion (Cool Grey)
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water content: 38%

I soaked it overnight before I tried them on for the first time.

I have tried from super cheap lenses (as low as RM15 for colored lenses) to more expensive ones (about RM40 / pair for monthly disposable lenses) and even geared towards dailies during times with less events to attend to. The main reason why I geared towards better quality lenses is because I have developed dry eyes over approximately a span of 10 years as a contact lens user.

By far, Silkon lenses are the most expensive colored lenses that I have tried.
So what is so special about Silkon lenses?

They say the Silkon contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel lens which are advanced soft lens that allow more oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea as compared to regular soft contact lens.

30th August 2017

It has been a rather hectic day. I wore my lens around 11am and removed it at 1am.
(NOT advising you to wear for long hours unless you had to!!!)
My eyes were actually tired coz I slept slightly late.
Initial wear was comfy...

The above two pics were taken after a 4-5 hours of wear and my eyes felt a bit dry.
After that it was fine magically. I don't know why.
Color was quite natural I think and I love the color on my eyes.
But the goodness doesn't stop here.

Removal process wasn't as tough as I have expected it to be comparing to my previous removal of colored lenses' experience.

LAST time, brand X of my usual color lens:
I CANNOT wear for more than 8 hours
I will keep blinking and my eyes will turn red
Removal of lenses was super hard for one eye. It kinda stuck to my eye ball and I feel so desperate at times like this and need to rest for about 30 minutes before I can attempt to remove again.

NOW, Silkon brand colored lens:
After 4-5 hours of wear, my eyes felt a bit dry.
After that dry period my eyes was comfy again IDK why.
Removal of Silkon lenses was so SMOOTH. No "stuck" moments or even a 30 minutes wait.


In case if you are interested to try Silkon lenses, quote "BEELEEC5" at their website www.bconnesso.com for a RM5 discount per order.
*free shipping for West Malaysia*
*FYI, I will get commission for every order through the used coupon code*

For more information, you can always comment below or buzz them:
BConnesso Facebook Page


Re-update my Experience:
1.5 months later:
I did not wear the lens again coz it just felt painful. Not sure why.
Anyone tried it yet? Mind to share with me your wearing experience?



  1. i get that dryness sometimes too with my lense.. i bring eyedrop with me wherever i go. hehe

  2. Your eye just look so sweet with the lens on. <3<3<3 Really need to check this product out so that I have a beautiful looks while cosplay xD

  3. I looks so natural and pretty on you. Will try this brand later :D

  4. it made your eyes sparkle babe...hehhehe I personally don't feel like it is too expensive since my set of lenses cost way more than that..hahahha

  5. You look so cute in those lens! I have those moments as well! Sometimes it was dry, then suddenly okay

  6. The color lens looks great on you. I've never tried contact lens before but now I'm excited to try it.

  7. am a lens user. will try this out one day

  8. I always admire those users that truly enjoys wearing contact leanses with any trouble. I can't wear them coz I always feel uncomfortable.
    The color suits you dear :)

  9. Disposable lenses are the best. I'm glad that this one didn't feel dry till the end and that it could be easily removed. Good colour though - suits you. Cheers!!

  10. After reading about your stuck experience, I am more afraid tow ear contact lens. Just glad that I don't need them at this point!!

  11. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

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  13. I have been wearing Silkon for the past 3 mths, from early morning till night around 11pm. Yes, very true you wont feel comfortable for prolong wearing, you tend to blink more after your eyes gets tired at the end of the day. I intend to change to other type of lens with higher water content. Nice try!

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