(Event) Press Conference Cré Arts Asia to Perform at KLPAC 2017

Before I start, I'd like to first thank you for Racheal's invitation to the Press Conference of Cré Arts Asia. At the point of invitation, I was actually enjoying a live acrobatic performance at ESCAPE, Penang. Super fun and exciting ... anyways, that'll be in a separate post.

Let's get back to the press conference first!!!


7th September 2017, at Vibes Club (TREC KL) --- Cré Arts Asia, Southeast Asia's largest modern circus troupe, will be performing for the FIRST time in Malaysia at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) from 29 September 2017 - 1st October 2017 !!!

Here's a sneak peek of inspiring people on the day of the PC :)
Top (L - R) : Jack (Dragon Staff) , Kitt Woo (Aerial Net) , Izzat Farhan (Dragon Staff)
Bottom (L - R) : Sharm Noh (Flow Wand) , Faris Nasir (Fiberflies) , Chloe Tan (Flow Wand)

(Image credits to YKTang Photography)

Some other previews that day ^^

I was blown away many many times and this was one of it.
Super awesome shot of Izzat Farhan (Pyrotechnic Poi)

(Image credits to YKTang Photography)

Bubble manipulator. Expecting for more wows on the day of performance at KLPAC!!!
(Image credits to YKTang Photography)

Cré or 'earth' in Old irish sets the theme of the performance. To showcase the beauty of Mother Earth, interpreting the natural elements of air, water, earth and fire through the use of human body as a medium.

You can expect spectacular displays of gravity-defying performances and extraordinary feats of the human body, all set within beautiful backdrops. Nonetheless, feast your eyes with the breathtaking aerial acrobatics, contortions, mesmerising dance performances and so much more!!!
***My phone failed to capture this but I am so amazed by it and gotta share it with you, HERE and go to their latest live video!!!!***

I highly recommend to all ages as it will be an entertaining yet meaningful performance NOT TO BE MISSED !!

(L - R) :
Shan Nana Liew (Creative Director of 
Cré; Founder of Viva Circus) , Aifique Khaikal (Creative Director of Cré; Founder of Psycusix)

(Image credits to YKTang Photography)

Cré Arts Asia is a collaboration between two Malaysia's leading home-grown performing arts studios, Viva Circus (an award-winning physical arts theatre company) & Psycusix (Malaysia's leading modern and contemporary circus performing group).

Front Row (L - R) :
Johnny Ong Jenn Uei (Breakout Creative and Operation Director) , Chris Lo (Production & Event Director ; Vibes Club Owner) , Shan Nana Liew (Creative Director of Viva Circus) , Aifique Khaikal (Creative Directore of Psycusix) , Yiki Chan (Producer & Marketing Manager) , Elvin Chua (Butchers Cafe Floor Manager)

(Image credits to YKTang Photography)

Chris Lo
(Event Director of Creative Events Solutions Sdn Bhd) assures you that the talents you see in Cré Arts Asia are truly world-class. Some performers featured have won several international accolades and have performed at renowned venues across the world! You also won't be disappointed by the talents from both Viva Circus and Psycusix.

Cré Arts Asia will be donating part of the proceeds from ticket sales to International Medical University Malaysia (IMU) Chariofare, the largest fundraising event at IMU.

Tickets for Cré are available for RM98 (Fire), RM128 (Water), and RM168 (Earth).
Tickets for kids below 12 years old are available at RM68 (Water and Earth only).
***Fire seats are FREE-seating while Water & Earth seats are numbered***

A Special Package Promo is available where you purchase five (5) Earth tickets will be entitled to one (1) additional FREE Earth ticket.

Here is a step-by-step guide in purchasing your ticket:
1. Click the link
2. Sign up member
3. Choose the showtime
4. Show map to select seat
5. Add to cart and continue to check your purchase
6. Make payment by credit card / paypal

Here's a group pic with the creative professionals and media/blogger friends.
Thanks again for having us ^^



For tickets and more information on Cré Arts Asia, please visit:
Cré Arts Asia Official Site
Cré Arts Asia Facebook Page
Contact: +6 017 646 6469
Email: CREARTSASIA@gmail.com


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