(Review) SIP Wine & Bar, Empire Damansara

Hello lovelies!
My August was pretty hectic and I am glad there are some food involved ^^


I am super thankful to be included in this round of food review.
Thank you Betty & Racheal & nice seeing you all!

Anyone been to SIP Wine & Bar before?
Its actually my first time here coz I don't really frequent the area.

Anyways, this is the exterior.

You can choose to sit indoor or outdoor.

Interior is dimmer.
A nice place for friends & family to catch up over dinner and/or wine.

It'd be a bonus point for those who lovessss wine!!!

This is because they are having "Wine Buffet"!
It is available EVERDAY from 5pm - 11pm.

These are the available wines!
(Image credits to Leong Wai)

Guess the price for Wine Buffet!!!

Only at RM78 nett!
No joke! Lets go!

The above are the available wines & I hope you'll enjoy it as much as my friends did!
Unfortunately I did not drink coz I am driving myself.
(Better safe than sorry, they say!)

Oh, they also have a 50% discount for second order of maincourse!!

Food Time:

Soups, Salads, Starters

Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread  |  RM17.00

Its the classic mushroom soup served with 2 slices of toasted garlic bread. It would be great if there is less pepper involved. I love garlic bread <3

Tomato Brushetta  |  RM12.00

Tomatoes & olives placed delicately on top of toasted bread. Surprisingly I like it coz I taste a pinch of spiciness. It is very appetite-opening for me.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken  |  RM22.00

My kind of salad coz I love sour-based sauce and eating with the teriyaki chicken balances out the sourness. But if you happen to finish your chicken first and then only have the remaining greens, it will be too sour for you IF you don't fancy sour food.

Creamy Chicken Breast  |  RM25.00

Chicken breast cubes cooked to perfection using in-house garlic butter sauce served with sides of salad. It is alright but it would be great if the sauce is more concentrated.


Spicy Tuna Pizza  |  RM35.00

In-house thousand island sauce, tuna, onions and red chillie.
Its tuna is similar to Ayam brand spicy tuna. Not my usual choice but a nice change once a while.

Diavola Pizza  |  RM34.00

In-house BBQ sauce, beef bacon, onions, and red chillies.
I did not try this coz I cannot take beef. This was finished fast!

Haiwaiana Pizza  |  RM34.00

In-house garlic butter sauce, chicken ham, and pineapple.
Cheese, pineapple & ham topping. Its okay but I would prefer a crispier ham topping. Other than that its good :)

Half Moon  |  RM37.00

Gigantic pastry (currypuff-like) stuffed with beef salami, mushrooms, onions & cheese paired with in-house pomodori and garlic butter sauce.
You are supposed to mix the two sauces together when eating. My friend love it! Sorry, my eyes are glued to the cheese.... XD


Creamy Carbonara  |  RM28.00

Linguine cooked with creamy in-house carbonara sauce, chicken slices, and topped with generous amount of crispy chicken ham strips. Sauce to my tastebuds is actually quite similar to Creamy Chicken Breast dish.

Seafood Oglio with White Wine Sauce  |  RM40.00

Linguine cooked to perfection in white wine with tremendous toppings of prawns, clams and squids. I never order seafood oglio before this but I am fine with its slightly spicy spaghetti.

Beef Bolognese  |  RM25.00

Linguine cooked with in-house bolognese sauce and diced beef.
I did not try this too but it looks yummy.


Tower Sandwich  |  RM25.00

4-layered toasted bread with fried egg, salad and fried chicken ; with a huge mountain of crinkle-cut chips in the centre! Such a generous portion!

Red Wine Beef Burger  |  RM45.00

In-house beef patty marinated with dry red wine. Served with salad, sautéed onions and mushrooms, melted mozzarella chesse and chips. This....I was so tempted to have it but I cannot!

Fish and Chips  |  RM28.00

Crispy dory fillet paired with lime aveoli; with sides of chips and salad.

They also do serve finger food like Anchovies and Sausages , Nachos with Chicken , Mutton Masala , Drunken Chicken , and Sip's Wings ; ranging from RM15 - RM30.

I personally would recommend you to go for the pizzas coz I loveeeee thin crust!
I would come back for its salad and pizza!!!
Overall the price are justified by its portion.
I personally think smaller eaters can actually share 1 dish.
What do you think?

That's all for this post!
Comment below your favorite wine from them so I can try in my next visit ^^



G 20, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara,
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia


  1. Wow. That looks very very yummy! Will surely get there! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Yeah what a cool place. I love the exterior and interior design. Looks like a blend of USA downtown and the future! Cool!