(Review) Diamond Coral Alkaline Water x Diamond Coral WaterBar

Hello lovelies.

Here I am reviewing yet another product from Diamond.

I would like to first express my gratitude to the various water specialists out there.
Just thankful for having easily accessible clean water and sometimes I take it for granted.

Importance of Water & Types of Water:
There is actually a major difference in terms of how you drink your water, what kind of water you drink, and how it impacts your overall health in the long run.

Firstly, drink water bit by bit instead of chugging a whole cup at one go. This way, your body can absorb them better.

Secondly, take note of the size of the water particles you consume. If it is big, that means only a little amount is absorbed into your system, leaving your body still dehydrated (even if you drink alot!). Smaller water particles are actually absorbed much easier thus your body is much hydrated (even if you drink lesser).

Other than size of water we also need to take account of the acidity of water.

The optimal water our body loves is alkaline water. If you consume acidic water for a long period, you may suffer the following symptoms: feeling tired or getting sick easily, indigestion, pale-looking, & dry skin. (THIS IS ALL ME!!!omg)

The water from Diamond Coral Alkaline Water gives you NON-Acidic water.

The Coral Calcium is the filter material that purifies water similar to nature. The filtered water taste slightly sweet and can be used in many ways to improve your health inside out. ^^

Here I am going to show you what the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water consists of:

The delivery staff will help you assemble so don't worry. They also teach you how to use and clean the filter. With me here is the Diamond Coral Platinum (Click HERE for more details). 

The one with a small tube is where your filtered water flows out while the bigger hole is where your normal unfiltered tap water exit.

This button is for you to turn all-the-way Left for unfiltered tap water or all-the-way Right for Filtered Diamond Coral Alkaline Water.

This Diamond Coral Platinum has 6 different filters.

Once you open the cap you can see the filters labelled as A and so on.

Filter A is the only filter you need to clean every 2-3 weeks of usage.
Just be careful not to drop the filter when you open it.
Don't worry, its easy and the guy who installs for you will teach you.
Just make use of the after sales service.

With this Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, my hubby love it and dare to drink right from the tap!

However, I also conveniently tried their Diamond Coral WaterBar.

This is the Diamond Coral WaterBar. I filled in the water tank first using the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. You may have it plain or add in any fruits of your preference if you or your family members do not like plain water taste.

Why you should get it?
Smart Warm Water Regulator
3s Instant Heat Technology
BPA-free Water Tank (can fill 2.8L)

(Buttons from Top - Bottom): 
Safety Button
Hot Water Button (98 degree celcius)
Warm Water Button (50 degree celcius)
Room Temperature Water Button (18-25 degree celcius) 

The Safety Button comes in handy as it avoids one in accidentally pressing the Hot Water Button and burning their hands. The Hot Water Button is only enabled when the Safety Button is in blinking green lights.

I tried this Diamond Coral Alkaline Water and Diamond Coral WaterBar with my family for 21 days now. If you really have to ask for my verdict, I would say I feel safer drinking the water as it has 6 filters.

I would only recommend one to only get the Diamond Coral WaterBar IF:
You have kids around.
You are breastfeeding or busy parents.
You have elderly around.
You are lazy to boil water each time, this helps!! (that's me XD)

I am more tempted to get the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water because of its various uses.
From normal drinking, cooking, washing vegetables, fruits, & rice to beauty tricks.

Drinking Diamond Coral Alkaline Water helps:
(From most work for me to unsure ones)

#1  ...to heal & keep my ulcer at bay.
I am not sure how the science behind work but my hubby and I are someone who has a heaty base. Our ulcers may heal at one side and pop out from the next moment. So what I usually do is to sleep early, apply salt or even gargle with Listerine.  But I noticed when I drink the Coral Alkaline Water, my ulcer healed more quickly and I think I have not (yet!) had any new ulcers up till now.

#2  ...to moisturize & calms redness on my face / moisturize your skin!
My friend told me how the little spray from Diamond has helped in calming her sensitive skin every time she uses it, right after her cleansing step and before her toner step. With doubt, I still tried anyway.
I love spraying it whenever I feel some tightness and it does help soothe my face.
They do not sell this alone, however, it really is convenient especially if you already installed the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. You can spray so much and refill the next moment its empty. Not like the Facial mists in the usual aerosol can. I believe your child will also benefit from it especially if they have rashes on their limbs. body or face.
*I do not have the moisture test thing to prove to you but they do. Visit them to know more!*

#3  ...to make my vegetables more crunchy.
(I cannot swear for fruits coz I don't really eat fruits much!)
I noticed my vege more crunchy even after I cook them.

#4  ...to make your rice or porridge sweeter.
I personally think my porridge are softer and smoother in texture!

For more benefits, you may visit HERE.
I am wow-ed by what they claim the alkaline water can do for our health in the long run.

Free Trial:
Diamond Coral Alkaline Water has a 60-Day FREE TRIAL while the Diamond Coral WaterBar has a 7-Day FREE TRIAL.

Contact them for more info, HERE.
Diamond Coral Official Website
Diamond Coral Facebook



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  1. This is interesting! My house is currently trying the the water
    Filter and water bar.
    I really love how the water taste after using their water filter

  2. I love their machine too. Hope to put them in my new home

  3. OMG didn't know got such convenient trial! I wanna give this a try.

  4. I love to drink Diamond water too. It's so convenient and I drink more water after installing it.

  5. i hate RO water too..i dont know why but if i drank RO im gonna have pain at my trout. i can try Diamknd water after this

  6. There's really no meaning in drinking RO water..I don't understand why it's being sold and BOUGHT! I've heard of the benefits of drinking alkaline water

  7. Thanks for the sharing! I should try out their trial version too! Alkaline water lead to Healthier life =)

  8. how amazing.. I want to try out the free trial also lah... heaven knows we need clean water...

  9. looks like nice water from it. I will try it out

  10. With the trial offer, I am more keen to test out the filter. I know I have taken clean water for granted but I hope to lead a healthier life.

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