(Review) B-lĪV Oxygenating Mask

Hello lovelies.

Today's review will be an exciting one (at least for me ^^) as it is my recent to-go mask.
I have been trying it 4 times now and due to some house issue I had it delayed, I am sorry.

Anyways, I wanna thank you the B-liv Team for sending this over for review purposes.


It comes in a clean box like this!
I love it!

My main skin concern is my blackheads, whiteheads, slightly enlarged pores and some part are just more dry.

They say, "Healthy pore, healthy skin".

You would have seen this unboxing picture if you follow my Instagram (@beeleec)

Brand: B-Liv
Item: O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask
Content: 50g
Origin: Korea
Rating: 4.8/5.0
Re-purchase: YES!

3 Key Ingredients:
Oxygen Bubble, Rice Powder, Red Soft Beads.
(Red beans melt upon massage, releasing Vitamin E Oil, an antioxidant that can rejuvenate your skin.


By now you should know my love for multi-tasking / multi-functional products not limiting to makeup but also skincare! ^^

Not only that, it is also my FIRST bubble mask.
Better late than never? :)


My after cleansed, bare face.

I applied halfway and some parts have already bubbled up

This is how its bubbled up coz I applied it with a spatula
(but actually can use hand to spread for a faster application)

After no further bubbling, I went in and massage the red beans for the vitamin E Oil goodness to enter my skin. Very quickly, it bubbles up again! <3

After cleansing with water. Overall experience will be under the "Thoughts" section. ^^ 


FYI: Oxygen aids in production of collagen, bringing back radiance & freshness.


Packaging was simple and the typical B-Liv packaging. It is less hygienic as you need spatula to scoop product out...I was thinking if it can be in a pump bottle instead. Amount in the jar was just nice for me as IMO, a little goes a long way. Why I like it? I like using it as the oxygen bubble & rice powder helps to brighten my skin complexion. The oxygen helps in regeneration (oxygen in our skin depletes with our age, thus dullness and less resilient skin occurs) & also enhances absorption and effectiveness of your consequent skincare products :) How I Use? 1-2 scoop of product using the provided spatula is sufficient for my face. A thin layer will do as it will bubble up faster (so I don't have to wait for a longer time!). A thin layer works as good as a thick layer (load of amount is a waste IMO). What I Feel? When bubble forms, its a ticklish feeling. After 5-10 minutes, my whole face is bubbled up. Rubbing in is comfy and the red beans does it work. The second round of bubbling is faster. Washing off is easier (comparing to Annie's Way tub mask which was a hassle!). During wash off, it just feels like some gel texture that comes off easily. After patting dry? My face feels extremely soft, slight brightening & not tight at all!!


Thanks for reading and do comment below if you have any enquiries!



For purchase, visit:
B-Liv Official Site  (Buy 1 Free 1, or even up to 50% disc. on selected items!)
or any SASA stores etc.


  1. I love using face masks. I like the idea that this one has vitamin E oil. Should try it soon. Cheers!!

  2. B.Liv is my favourite beauty brand, but this is my first time knowing oxygen mask, I will try it soon.