(Event) (NEW Launched Mooncakes) A Healthy Mid-Autumn Festival for Your Loved Ones, by BMS Organics

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15th August 2017 marks the launch of the all NEW mooncakes by BMS Organics.

This is the outlet in MyTown Shopping Mall.

(Image Not Mine!)
1. Pure Lotus with Yolk (Ovo Vegetarian) - The most basic and most familiar for me. I love savory egg yolk. The main point is, it is the healthier version compared to the traditional mooncakes, comprising of less fat and sugar. Yet, it is still smooth and I love it!
2. Japanese Tangerine (Vegan) - It is made of a whole Yilan tangerine instead of the traditional egg yolk, giving you that surprise to your tastebuds! The honey-soaked lime blends perfectly with BMS Organics' very own Japanese-styled red bean paste. I find it a pleasant surprise tho I may need some time to get use to it.
3. Mixed Nuts Delight (Vegan) - Nutritional values are multiplied as the traditional nuts are substituted with superfoods (eg. white sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, tangerine, walnuts and almonds), which promote digestive and respiratory health. This is definitely a good buy for the elderly as the nuts are not super hard and makes chewing a breeze.
4. Matcha Red Bean (Vegan) - They green shade comes from the use of natural, high grade green tea powder. Red beans are handpicked from Wandan Town, Taiwan. Two of these elements will surprise you especially if you are a MATCHA LOVER! I love love this combination the most!
5. Purple Chinese Yam Mooncake (Vegan) - It is a pretty shade and contains high nutrients. It has this tinge of sweetness, silky texture and unique yam  taste to your tastebuds. My friends love this!!
6. Red Bean Walnut (Vegan) - This stands out compared to the ones in market is that the crust is baked with natural red yeast rice with chunky red bean bits & crunchy walnut! I think my mom will like this! ^^

(Image Not Mine!)
1. Red Bean with Tangerine Pastry (Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian) - It is a combination of Wagashi-standard red bean paste and the flavorful tangerine from Yilan, Taiwan. A surprisingly sour-sweet taste that will linger for some time and make you want more! My friend love this!
2. Taro Pastry (Lacto Vegetarian) - This is a fiber-rich pastry made with the finest yam sourced from Dajia District, Taiwan. The spiral crust and color is just too pretty! I LOVE this too for its crusty pastry, smooth and creamy yam filling! <3 A great feast to your tastebuds and eyes!

You can get more of the individually packaged traditional mooncakes if you love it more!

Posing with the healthy yet yummy moon cakes.
Pic credits to Ivy *thank you!*
I chose this coz I just realized I should hold the green one instead of the red one! ^^
Nonetheless they are yummy!

A Lil' History of Mid-Autumn Festival:

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Mid-Autumn festival (中秋节 , Zhōngqiū jié) is one of the most important festival and symbolizes reunion. It falls exactly on the 15th of the 8th Chinese lunar month every year, when the moon is fullest & brightest. ^^ Since the Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279 A.D.), exchanging moon cakes as gifts were widely practiced. We still do it today OMG! I remember always being excited for the day! ^^ Eating moon cakes at the porch with my family and relatives while taking in the fullest and brightest moon light scene.

Most Accepted Legend of Mid-Autumn Festival:

Related image
(Image from Google)

Chang Er on the Moon. According to the folklore, a man named Hou Yi shot down 9 out of 10 Sun to save humanity. He is appraised by many from near and far of his skill. Later on he tied the knot with Chang Er who is kind and beautiful.

One fine day, Hou Yi was rewarded an elixir by WangMu (Queen of Heaven) which will turn him a god. He did not drink it, instead asked Chang Er to keep it. Peng Meng (a guy who learnt of his talent when he shot 9 suns down) saw it and forced Chang Er to give it to him when Hou Yi went hunting. Chang Er had no choice but to drink it and sacrificed herself to be apart from her husband FOREVER.

Chang Er's love for her husband drew her to the moon, which is the nearest place to the Earth from the Moon.

When Hou Yi returned and heard what had happened, he was devastated. He shouted for Chang Er and noticed a figure of his wife at the moon. Since then, he and the many villagers sacrificed food Chang Er likes in return for good luck & peace.

When is Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017?
This year, it falls on 4th October 2017.

Read on to see how the mooncakes by BMS Organics stands out among the many brands of mooncakes already in the market.

About Be Mindful & Sustainable Organics:
BMS Organics focuses on healthy organic living in Malaysia since they began sharing about the benefits of wheat grass planting. They have more than 40 outlets today.

What's so special about the NEW Mooncakes by BMS Organics?
BMS Organics want to beat the traditional concept of mooncakes, that is, high in sugar and oily.
BMS Organics offer mooncakes that are natural yet tasty for you and your loved ones in this coming Mid-Autumn festival...there's a 10-15% discount going on!!!! ^^

The emcee is so pretty and cheerful! ^^

Mr Terry Lee (CEO of BMS Organics) officiating the launch of their new mooncakes.

A group pic with their Master Chef all the way from Taiwan!

A group pic with their models for the mooncake commercial.

The mooncakes taste as good as they look. As I grow, my tolerance for super sweet stuff has decreased by a lot. I am definitely okay and feel healthy with the sweetness level of the mooncakes. I believe you will love it too!

Bonus Traits:
NO artificial coloring
NO artificial flavoring
NO preservatives
Less sugar (only of organic sugar and isomalt)
Less oil

Recommended for:
Anyone who wants to be healthy while indulging in yummy food!

Here are the ingredients for the mooncakes!
All natural and packed with nutrients!

I am surprised that the mooncake don't crumble when its cut and serve for the traditional one.
The Shanghai style mooncake is more of the crispy pastry type so be more careful!
(refer to below quick capture!)

By now you might already want to know the price!
No matter which it is, it cost RM35 each packet.
The traditional mooncake is packed individually. (RM35 / pc)
The Shanghai style mooncake is packed in 3 pieces each. (RM35 / 3pcs)

There is a Buy 4 pieces at 10% OFF!!!!

You do not want to miss!
Go visit the nearest outlet near you and get to know them!
Their mooncakes are of quality and that justifies the price.
I am tempted to get it. Maybe by the end of September I will get it! ^^

Buy 4 pieces at 10% OFF! 20% off was only that day of the event itself!

Which I Love THE MOST?
If I must choose one from each style of mooncake, then for the traditional style mooncake I love love love the Matcha Red Bean (green mooncake). As for the Shanghai style mooncake I choose the Taro Pastry (purple mooncake).

Taiwan Chef recommends the Purple Chinese Yam Mooncake (traditional style), Japanese Tangerine (traditional style), and both the pastry from the Shanghai style moon cakes.

Thanks again for having me BMS Organics!
Image credits to Ivy.


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