(Review) Diamond Coral Alkaline Water x Diamond Coral WaterBar

Hello lovelies.

Here I am reviewing yet another product from Diamond.

I would like to first express my gratitude to the various water specialists out there.
Just thankful for having easily accessible clean water and sometimes I take it for granted.

Importance of Water & Types of Water:
There is actually a major difference in terms of how you drink your water, what kind of water you drink, and how it impacts your overall health in the long run.

Firstly, drink water bit by bit instead of chugging a whole cup at one go. This way, your body can absorb them better.

Secondly, take note of the size of the water particles you consume. If it is big, that means only a little amount is absorbed into your system, leaving your body still dehydrated (even if you drink alot!). Smaller water particles are actually absorbed much easier thus your body is much hydrated (even if you drink lesser).

Other than size of water we also need to take account of the acidity of water.

The optimal water our body loves is alkaline water. If you consume acidic water for a long period, you may suffer the following symptoms: feeling tired or getting sick easily, indigestion, pale-looking, & dry skin. (THIS IS ALL ME!!!omg)

The water from Diamond Coral Alkaline Water gives you NON-Acidic water.

The Coral Calcium is the filter material that purifies water similar to nature. The filtered water taste slightly sweet and can be used in many ways to improve your health inside out. ^^

Here I am going to show you what the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water consists of:

The delivery staff will help you assemble so don't worry. They also teach you how to use and clean the filter. With me here is the Diamond Coral Platinum (Click HERE for more details). 

The one with a small tube is where your filtered water flows out while the bigger hole is where your normal unfiltered tap water exit.

This button is for you to turn all-the-way Left for unfiltered tap water or all-the-way Right for Filtered Diamond Coral Alkaline Water.

This Diamond Coral Platinum has 6 different filters.

Once you open the cap you can see the filters labelled as A and so on.

Filter A is the only filter you need to clean every 2-3 weeks of usage.
Just be careful not to drop the filter when you open it.
Don't worry, its easy and the guy who installs for you will teach you.
Just make use of the after sales service.

With this Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, my hubby love it and dare to drink right from the tap!

However, I also conveniently tried their Diamond Coral WaterBar.

This is the Diamond Coral WaterBar. I filled in the water tank first using the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. You may have it plain or add in any fruits of your preference if you or your family members do not like plain water taste.

Why you should get it?
Smart Warm Water Regulator
3s Instant Heat Technology
BPA-free Water Tank (can fill 2.8L)

(Buttons from Top - Bottom): 
Safety Button
Hot Water Button (98 degree celcius)
Warm Water Button (50 degree celcius)
Room Temperature Water Button (18-25 degree celcius) 

The Safety Button comes in handy as it avoids one in accidentally pressing the Hot Water Button and burning their hands. The Hot Water Button is only enabled when the Safety Button is in blinking green lights.

I tried this Diamond Coral Alkaline Water and Diamond Coral WaterBar with my family for 21 days now. If you really have to ask for my verdict, I would say I feel safer drinking the water as it has 6 filters.

I would only recommend one to only get the Diamond Coral WaterBar IF:
You have kids around.
You are breastfeeding or busy parents.
You have elderly around.
You are lazy to boil water each time, this helps!! (that's me XD)

I am more tempted to get the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water because of its various uses.
From normal drinking, cooking, washing vegetables, fruits, & rice to beauty tricks.

Drinking Diamond Coral Alkaline Water helps:
(From most work for me to unsure ones)

#1  ...to heal & keep my ulcer at bay.
I am not sure how the science behind work but my hubby and I are someone who has a heaty base. Our ulcers may heal at one side and pop out from the next moment. So what I usually do is to sleep early, apply salt or even gargle with Listerine.  But I noticed when I drink the Coral Alkaline Water, my ulcer healed more quickly and I think I have not (yet!) had any new ulcers up till now.

#2  ...to moisturize & calms redness on my face / moisturize your skin!
My friend told me how the little spray from Diamond has helped in calming her sensitive skin every time she uses it, right after her cleansing step and before her toner step. With doubt, I still tried anyway.
I love spraying it whenever I feel some tightness and it does help soothe my face.
They do not sell this alone, however, it really is convenient especially if you already installed the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. You can spray so much and refill the next moment its empty. Not like the Facial mists in the usual aerosol can. I believe your child will also benefit from it especially if they have rashes on their limbs. body or face.
*I do not have the moisture test thing to prove to you but they do. Visit them to know more!*

#3  ...to make my vegetables more crunchy.
(I cannot swear for fruits coz I don't really eat fruits much!)
I noticed my vege more crunchy even after I cook them.

#4  ...to make your rice or porridge sweeter.
I personally think my porridge are softer and smoother in texture!

For more benefits, you may visit HERE.
I am wow-ed by what they claim the alkaline water can do for our health in the long run.

Free Trial:
Diamond Coral Alkaline Water has a 60-Day FREE TRIAL while the Diamond Coral WaterBar has a 7-Day FREE TRIAL.

Contact them for more info, HERE.
Diamond Coral Official Website
Diamond Coral Facebook



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(Event) Press Conference of My Pets Carnival 2017

I foresee an exciting September!
What about you?

It was a super exciting day at the press conference here the other day (25/08/2017) coz it made me missed my furbaby.

There will be an extraordinary 3-days long My Pets Carnival 2017 for both pet lovers/owners and general public.

My Pets Carnival 2017 is organized by Ms. Irene Tan from the I Tiara Production Sdn Bhd.

!!!Mark your calendars!!!
DATE: 29th September 2017 - 1st October 2017
TIME: 3pm - 11pm
VENUE: One Central Park @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

Advocate love for animals
Create awareness of showing love to strays
Ultimate bonding time for owners and their furry kids
Support NGOs

Collaborating partner: 1 Utama
Product sponsors: Taro Chats, Pets Lover Centre, 88 Pets Mart and Baddogz Jin Studio

We also got to meet the appointed Celebrity Ambassadors: Mr Hafiz Bahari, Mr Johnson Low, & Ms Subashini Ravichandren

All of them have their own stories and contributions to the Pets Society!

From L - R:
Mr Johnson Low, Ms Irene Tan, Ms Subashini Ravinchandren

This is Mr Hafiz Bahari and his oh-so-cute mini kitty!

 Event Highlight:

70 Meters x 60 Meters Water Slide
First ever in Malaysia among many pet shows; intended to introduce an innovative, adventurous and tremendous fun for you and your fur kids! the sliding lane and landing spot for cats and dogs will be separated. This division is to resemble each pet's special place in their owner's heart.

Swimming Pool
Owners get to dip with their fur kids. You can also rent the available life jackets for your fur kids. Again, dogs and cats will be separated in two different pools.

Costume Parade and Contest
Its like a family day. Owners are encouraged to dress in the same theme, color or any matching costumes with their fur kids and stand a chance to win prizes!

Catwalk Show by Miss Malaysia Petite Spokesperson
Witness how much beautiful petite women love their fur kids. They will be performing their catwalk, or their walk-with-cat.

Hammock Area!
Watch the skies with your fur kids. It is the BEST place to spend time talking to them.

Camp with your Pets
On 30th & 1st October, families and their pets can also choose to camp OVERNIGHT under the stars in a tent, or go kayaking with their pets in the lake. What's better to spend a weekend? :)

Adoption Drive!
My Pets Carnival will involve alot of NGOs at the booths to create awareness on strays and to promote love for animals in general.

LED Lighting
It will be a very special moment for your fur kids!!!

Magic Shows, Children Colouring Contest & Games
A fun fair experience with your fur kids!and stand to win amazing prices of pet products for your fur kids to enjoy!

Inflatable Balloon, Backdrop/Photo Wall and Welcome Tent
These are custom-made decors for the Carnival in the park!

Flea Market, Food Truck, and Food Stalls
Just enjoy your day and shop for items for both yourself and your fur kids.

Quick pic with Mr Johnson Low and his 4-months old fur baby.
I miss my Xiao Jie Jie.

I am so looking forward to attend the My Pets Carnival 2017 with my Xiao Jie Jie (aka Lady in English)

Who is going?
Comment below!

Any questions, directly visit:
Contact Miss Wai at 010-899 7106


(Review) SIP Wine & Bar, Empire Damansara

Hello lovelies!
My August was pretty hectic and I am glad there are some food involved ^^


I am super thankful to be included in this round of food review.
Thank you Betty & Racheal & nice seeing you all!

Anyone been to SIP Wine & Bar before?
Its actually my first time here coz I don't really frequent the area.

Anyways, this is the exterior.

You can choose to sit indoor or outdoor.

Interior is dimmer.
A nice place for friends & family to catch up over dinner and/or wine.

It'd be a bonus point for those who lovessss wine!!!

This is because they are having "Wine Buffet"!
It is available EVERDAY from 5pm - 11pm.

These are the available wines!
(Image credits to Leong Wai)

Guess the price for Wine Buffet!!!

Only at RM78 nett!
No joke! Lets go!

The above are the available wines & I hope you'll enjoy it as much as my friends did!
Unfortunately I did not drink coz I am driving myself.
(Better safe than sorry, they say!)

Oh, they also have a 50% discount for second order of maincourse!!

Food Time:

Soups, Salads, Starters

Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread  |  RM17.00

Its the classic mushroom soup served with 2 slices of toasted garlic bread. It would be great if there is less pepper involved. I love garlic bread <3

Tomato Brushetta  |  RM12.00

Tomatoes & olives placed delicately on top of toasted bread. Surprisingly I like it coz I taste a pinch of spiciness. It is very appetite-opening for me.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken  |  RM22.00

My kind of salad coz I love sour-based sauce and eating with the teriyaki chicken balances out the sourness. But if you happen to finish your chicken first and then only have the remaining greens, it will be too sour for you IF you don't fancy sour food.

Creamy Chicken Breast  |  RM25.00

Chicken breast cubes cooked to perfection using in-house garlic butter sauce served with sides of salad. It is alright but it would be great if the sauce is more concentrated.


Spicy Tuna Pizza  |  RM35.00

In-house thousand island sauce, tuna, onions and red chillie.
Its tuna is similar to Ayam brand spicy tuna. Not my usual choice but a nice change once a while.

Diavola Pizza  |  RM34.00

In-house BBQ sauce, beef bacon, onions, and red chillies.
I did not try this coz I cannot take beef. This was finished fast!

Haiwaiana Pizza  |  RM34.00

In-house garlic butter sauce, chicken ham, and pineapple.
Cheese, pineapple & ham topping. Its okay but I would prefer a crispier ham topping. Other than that its good :)

Half Moon  |  RM37.00

Gigantic pastry (currypuff-like) stuffed with beef salami, mushrooms, onions & cheese paired with in-house pomodori and garlic butter sauce.
You are supposed to mix the two sauces together when eating. My friend love it! Sorry, my eyes are glued to the cheese.... XD


Creamy Carbonara  |  RM28.00

Linguine cooked with creamy in-house carbonara sauce, chicken slices, and topped with generous amount of crispy chicken ham strips. Sauce to my tastebuds is actually quite similar to Creamy Chicken Breast dish.

Seafood Oglio with White Wine Sauce  |  RM40.00

Linguine cooked to perfection in white wine with tremendous toppings of prawns, clams and squids. I never order seafood oglio before this but I am fine with its slightly spicy spaghetti.

Beef Bolognese  |  RM25.00

Linguine cooked with in-house bolognese sauce and diced beef.
I did not try this too but it looks yummy.


Tower Sandwich  |  RM25.00

4-layered toasted bread with fried egg, salad and fried chicken ; with a huge mountain of crinkle-cut chips in the centre! Such a generous portion!

Red Wine Beef Burger  |  RM45.00

In-house beef patty marinated with dry red wine. Served with salad, sautéed onions and mushrooms, melted mozzarella chesse and chips. This....I was so tempted to have it but I cannot!

Fish and Chips  |  RM28.00

Crispy dory fillet paired with lime aveoli; with sides of chips and salad.

They also do serve finger food like Anchovies and Sausages , Nachos with Chicken , Mutton Masala , Drunken Chicken , and Sip's Wings ; ranging from RM15 - RM30.

I personally would recommend you to go for the pizzas coz I loveeeee thin crust!
I would come back for its salad and pizza!!!
Overall the price are justified by its portion.
I personally think smaller eaters can actually share 1 dish.
What do you think?

That's all for this post!
Comment below your favorite wine from them so I can try in my next visit ^^



G 20, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara,
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

(Launch) (Review) IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash from Korea

Hello lovelies, finally I am back with a beauty blog post.

Feels so happy and excited coz I am still intrigued by what I spat out after gargling this Premium Mouthwash from Korea.

Say Hi to IBKEEO!

Have you heard of it or seen it before?
If not, its okay coz it is just launched one month ago.
To be really honest, I like how the bosses ask for feedbacks with an open mind.

Anyway, this is the packaging.

A sturdy 300ml plastic bottle that uses premium ingredients, thus the price may be slightly steeper than the ones already in the market.

They will be launching more portable sizes as well as a new flavor too!
So stay tuned!

About IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash:
It is made in Korea and has been a trusted quality with the Korea Clinical Certification.
Its different to the ones in the market as your oral hygiene is VISIBLE to your naked eye!

Many times (for me at least), plaques form easily even when I brushed my teeth two times a day. According to Dr Stan Waller from a private dental practice in New York, the best oral hygiene is achieved via a clean tongue. But how many of you out there have the habit of cleaning your tongue? (I don't). It is further explained that our tongue is like a carpet with a thousands of fibers - forming a "net" that constantly captures bacteria and food WITHOUT acknowledging it. Thus, one has to have a good quality oral hygiene solution to ensure total oral cleanliness.

IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash kills 99.9% oral bacteria in 30 Seconds!!!
~Freshens breath~
~Removes oral germs~
~Prevents tooth decay~

People with severe bad breathe can see significant result within 3-7 days of usage.
For teeth brightening effect, one can see the result in 3-5 weeks time.
For improving bleeding gums, gargle for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Before I go on with the result, lemme quickly brief you on its pricey ingredients & function:

Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Citric Acid, Allantoin, Sodium Benzoate, Flavor, Xylitol, Caramel, Malic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Fluoride, Menthol, Sodium Saccharin, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Paeonia Lactiflora Bark / Sap Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glaba (Licorice) Root Extract.

Main Functions:
Ginseng - High antioxidants & prevent tooth decay
Sodium Fluoride - Prevents tooth decay & freshens breath
White Peony - Anti-bacterial & restricts growth of bacteria
Tea Tree - Helps remove protein leftover & removes bad breath
Licorice - Activates salivary glands to prevent dry mouth & keeps mouth clean
Allantoin - Teeth brightening and strengthening & prevents dental / gum diseases

Who Should Use:
The night owl
Office Workers
Loves to smile
People with braces
Children (6 years and above!!!)

Fill 10-15ml (at the inner line of cap!) of mouthwash into cap. Gargle and rinse for about 30 seconds.
The longer you gargle, the better the effect!

Tried & Tested:
To justify the price for the consumers (you & I), I would like to challenge myself for 2 weeks and tell you my verdict! An impression review first since it is now only 1 week of usage ^^

This is how it looks like right after I poured 1/3 of it from my cap to this plastic cup.

The most unglam moment but yeah...you can see the result of the black solidified particiles under my bubbles. XD

Very similar to Ginseng candies!!!

A very sweet ginseng taste (coz of the caramel and ginseng extract used!) and leave a nice ginseng after taste and minty sensation WITHOUT the stinging / burning sensation when I used the other brands already in the market.
*Please remind your kids and yourself to NOT SWALLOW!*

It does keep my mouth feel clean and fresh for quite long. To be more thrifty, I only use at least two times a day. Comparing to the other brands already in the market, I find IBKEEO more effective in curbing my bad breathe especially when I wake up first thing in the morning.

I purposely went and test with the stinkiest food I can find in my fridge.

Here we go....
*petai test!*
(Petai is actually the stinky bean many Malaysians would know and come to love)

Usually right after you eat it leaves a pungent breathe.
So I gargled the IBKEEO mouthwash at night and I am surprised to still feel and smell fresh.
The next morning I am more wow coz usually when I gargle with brand X, I will wake up with "petai" smell. But IBKEEO mouhwash preventeed me from having the "petai" breathe.

Interesting questions answered!!!
(If you still have questions, you may comment below or pm them directly at their Official Facebook Page!!)

Q: How many times can be used in this 300ml bottle?
Smaller mouths can use about 54 times.
Bigger mouths can use about 30-40 times.

Q: How many times to use in a day?
A: Twice a day is sufficient.

Q: Can people with artificial teeth use this product?
A: Yes.
*tips: try soaking artificial teeth overnight with IBKEEO, and you shall see the slight lightening effect!*

Q: How many sizes are there?
A: Since it is only launched, there are only one size, i.e 300ml. But we are coming out with more portable sizes

Q: Is this the only flavor?
A: New flavor is on the way!

For more information, pop by:


(Event) Ageless International Beauty Pageant (AIBP) & Signing Ceremony 2017

Firstly I would like to thank you Ainul (PR from GCMA) for the invite. It was an eye opening experience.

Have you heard of this Ageless International Beauty Pageant?
Read more below!

Its different from the normal pageants as the ones I know of requires you to be at the younger age range. For this Ageless International Beauty Pageant (AIBP), one has to be at least 35 or more to be qualified to join. And what they will be judged on will be mentioned below! ^^


On 20th August 2017, I witnessed the collaboration between Qui Production Group & De BEAUTY, the official second edition of Malaysia's most precious and unique beauty pageant, Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017, at Selangor Turf Club.

Theme for the event, "Be A Star"

(Image NOT Mine)
A clearer pic of this year's participating contestants.

Winner will be rewarded with a RM 30,000 prize. The first, second, third, and fourth runner-ups will be receiving RM 26,000 , RM 23,000 , RM 21,500 , and RM 21,000 respectively. The winner of the Classic Ageless International title will be walking away with a prize worth RM 25,000.

(Image NOT Mine)
From L-R:
Mr Bryan Lee (Creative Director of Ageless International Beauty Pageant), Ms Ann Q and Ms Janis Chong (Founders of Ageless Beauty Pageant Management), Professor Dato' Dr. Jayles Yeoh (Deputy Vice Chancellor <Internationalisation> of Asia Metropolitan University), Jak Tan (Founder of De BEAUTY), Puan Sri Datin Seri Dr Susan Cheah (Advisor to Ageless International Beauty Pageant), Ms Joecess Lim (Women's Career Development Advisor), & Jazzmine Cheah (Brand Advisor for Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017). 

Here we are witnessing the MoU signing between Qui Production Group and De BEAUTY where they will be co-organizers for this year's edition of Ageless International Beautiful Pageant. As highlighted by Ms. Ann Q (Executive Director of Qui Production Group and Yang Xin Charity), "Ageless International Beauty Pageant isn't just another pageant - this pageant aims to inspire, motivate, and cultivate strength for the modern women through balancing family, career and societal obligations as well as responsibilities."

Mr Jak Tan (Founder of De BEAUTY) is thrilled with the partnership as co-organizers for the very first time. They hope to inspire more powerful women to participate in this pageant. Contestants for this pageant will be recruited based on the recommendations of De BEAUTY's beauty salon partners nationwide.

"We want to recognize these amazing women for their great contributions and that is why this platform is truly one-of-a-kind. This pageant goes beyond external beauty and emphasizes more on women empowerment, nurturing leadership skills and equipping them with powerful life skills that would mould them into a role models worth looking up to," exclaims Ms Jazzmine Cheah (Founder of beYOUtiful Image & Style and Brand Advisor for Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017).
Professor Dato' Dr. Jayles Yeoh (Deputy Vice Chancellor of Asia Metropolitan University) supports the movement of women empowerment in entrepreneurship via this Ageless International Beauty Pageant platform. They are honoured to present a RM 200,000 scholarship to the winners to further their business education at their university.

Meanwhile Selangor Turf Club proudly sponsors the venue for this amazing show!

The FINALE of this beauty pageant will be taking place on 21st December 2017 (Thursday), at Sunway Resort Hotel, @ 5pm.


About Ageless International Beauty Pageant:

Ageless International Beauty Pageant (AIBP) was first held last year & will be making a comeback this year. 

Here is a quick shot of all the supporting sponsors & media partners.

The main sponsors this year are Novel Furniture and Be Dazzle. Supporting sponsors are Jade Museum, Greencom Biotech, Untimate Universal Trading, 28Mall, Empro, Celmonze, Junior Lookbook, Hairdepot, Stella Maison, Vern's Sunway Resort Hotel, & Selangor Turf Club. Media partners include Asia Success Inc., T-Media Global (Moments Magazine), Business Circle, Vipec Asia (Universal Entrepreneur Magazine), Rentak Sejuta, Shang Hai Publishing (Shang Hai Magazine), AcePremier.com (Natural Health and A Healthy Lifestyle Magazine) and Share Media, Mobile App Partner One Smart Star Malaysia (Star Number), Official Photographer VdreamZ Enterprise, Official Production House Magic Hour Communication, Official Hair Sponsor Tropicana Beauty Centre & Academy, Official PR Agency Global Creative Media Agency (GCMA).

About Qui Production Group Sdn Bhd:
They aim to be the region's leading event company that satisfies clients' every need and desire.

About De BEAUTY: 
They aim to provide the best beauty and health products while striving to decelop new market and train talents.

(Image NOT Mine)
From L-R:
Winner of Ageless International Beauty Pageant (AIBP) 2016 , 1st Runner Up of AIBP 2016 , 2nd Runner Up of AIBP 2016

(Image NOT Mine)
From R-L:
3rd Runner Up of AIBP 2016 , 4th Runner Up of AIBP 2016 , 
5th Runner Up of AIBP 2016

For tickets enquiry and/or purchase, contact +6012 350 5577
Or visit their Facebook Page.

Thanks once again Ainul for the invitation!
A quick pic with the Ageless Beauty Queen 1st Runner Up 2016.
Isn't she so beautiful and elegant!

Nice seeing you again Adam! ^^

With the pretty girls, Zayani & Syafiera!
Pic credits to Fazril Hafeez aka Wanderingbalt