(Review) My First Name Card from IdeaBee Creative

Hi guys.

This is not a sponsored post.
I just feel like reviewing it in case you are searching for one.

It has been the longest time.
I have been searching and wanting to design my own card.
Just because I feel like I NEEDed it.

Then I had a little talk one day with my friend Sienny.
I was actually recommended by my friend Sienny who was sponsored for it and her card looks amazing. She is someone who speaks her mind so I trust her recommendation!
The main reason I have decided to approach IdeaBee Creative was because she swears by for their awesome service tho it may be somewhat pricey IMO. Her name card was actually designed by Patricia, the founder of IdeaBee Creative. Sienny told me that Patricia actually went to her blog to take her hand drawn art and put that as the main design of her card. This is a very warming move and makes the owner of the card feels like they OWN the card. So I ignored the price part and just go with it.

The special thing is the hot stamping service. You can either choose Gold or Silver.
Love this, just imagining my card to look chic!
I like how it says it is a 1-stop Design & Print partner.

Read on below to find out how my purchase and product experience is!!

19th May 2017        I whatsapp-ed Patricia + also emailed her my design.
 19th May 2017                 She sent me the re-designed version of my card.
21st May 2017                   I made an online transaction for my purchase.
28th May 2017   Patricia informed me that she have sent it to the courier.
31st May 2017                                                           I received my parcel.

In short, it takes about 10 days for my not-in-a-rush order to reach me.

She informed me of two choices that they have, with at least an order of 2 Boxes:
RM60/box of 100 pieces with matt laminate finish on both sides + including design fees. 
If more than 3 boxes than it'll cost RM55/box

My Choice:
RM120 for 2 boxes + RM10 for 4 rounded corners
Size: 8.5cm x 5.4cm
Paper: 260g art card
Finishing: Matt laminate finish on both sides + silver hot stamping 1 side
*Inclusive of free delivery & design*

I also asked her to help me re-design where necessary coz its my first time designing my Blogger Name Card using Canva.

My Card:

I like how efficient she is in replying my messages and the re-designing part. Just minor editing and that's it. 10 days for them to print and deliver sounds okay to me as I wasn't in a hurry. Although it came Without my wanted 4 rounded corners, it seems okay. Patricia quickly refunded me the money when I informed her about my issue. Price-wise I think it was a on the high end, most probably coz of the hot stamping thing. Will need to do more affordable printing without hot stamping coz not everyone will bother to keep your card anyways! (I was told!)

Anyways, do comment below what you think on the end product and price as I have not really surveyed around.

Thanks for reading till the end.

No code or anything but comment and recommendation will be very much appreciated.

If you are interested for hot stamping name card like mine or other enquiry, contact:
ideabee.creative@gmail.com or Whatsapp to 016-263 5775



  1. wahh so cantik. will defo visit their page after I change to dotcom. hahahah

  2. Ohnwow.. love your name cards.. so pretty leh.....