(Review) Facial at DEWS

First week of July, how was it for you so far?
Mine was just tiring but productive ^^


Remember I last mentioned the Grand Launching of De Era Wellness Specialist on 31st March 2017?

I am back again on 23rd June 2017 (Friday) to try out their Beaumax Oxygen with Aqua Skin.
Its for hydration purposes.
Just what my skin needs.

DEWS, Kota Damansara 

Above is their operating hours.
For more info, head to DEWS Official Website

Take the stairs or lift. One stop center for your holistic well being!

After consultation, I was led to this room.
It would be wonderful if I have a friend or sister with me that day.

She first removed my make up and it was very mild and gentle.

Next, she cleansed my skin.
I don't remember the smell but I know it smells good.

Then she applied exfoliator on my face. Massage a bit.
Steams my face with the exfoliator still on my face.
After a good few minutes of steam, she continued a light massage of the exfoliator.
Cleanse with water. 

Anyways, my face is now more ready than ever for extraction!
My face is quite congested but she did a great job in extracting all that she can.
The steaming and exfoliation step really help to ease a lot of pain in the extraction process!
The beautician also informed me when she is gonna be more rough or what so I know when to tense myself to be more prepared for the upcoming pain.

After extraction step comes the brows shaping step. The beautician shapes my brows with both scissors and blades. It was all good until I felt some sharp pain. I though my skin was just sensitive so I did not bother.

She then applied soothing gel which became cooler as she used a metal tool to massage my face. This helps to soothe the redness from the extraction step. She continued massaging my face with her hands. The gel has a refreshing cucumber smell. Me likey! ^^
She then gave me shoulder massages which by the way was really reallly painful. I did not tell her coz I think sometimes its good to have pain or not it won't be as effective. She was pushing so hard at my very very very stiff shoulders. 

She then wipe away the gel thing and got a tube thing that sprays salt water for reducing inflammation.
Next, with the same tube thing, I was sprayed serum.

That's not the end, she applied the oxygen mask on my face. I don't even remember what happened afterwards as I have already dozed off. By the time I awoke, she was about to remove my mask. It is like the modeling clay type which is very moisturized and can be removed in one go!

Thank You DEWS for the amazing moisturizing facial!
Would definitely come back for it when my face needs that boost for moisture.

Oh, in case if you are wondering, they use their own skincare range.
They also sell them if you are interested.

Once I got out of DEWS and feeling sleepy, I took a selfie for comparison.
The overall skin tone may look worse but do keep in mind it is taken at different hour of the day. Both are not edited. Only natural lighting and covered my eyes coz they were just sooo tired and one is without makeup.

Left - Only basic skincare without base makeup. I only did my eye brows & eye liner.
Right - Super bare face.

When I got into my car, I noticed a scratched mark under my right eyebrow. No wonder when she applied the toner and moisturizer at the end of the session I felt some stinging pain. I felt that before but thought its me being sensitive.
Anyhow, my face was more smooth, bouncy and moisturised.
This effect lasted for about 2 days for me.


As usual, thanks for reading lovelies.

For more information:

1-2, Jalan PJU 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.
Tel.: +60361431889
80, Hala Bercham Timur 11, Bercham Height, 31400 Bercham, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel.: +6052261708



  1. bestnyaaa. should go and try Dews Spa Boutiqe . and tempat dia pun cantik sangat

    1. babe dah pergi buat facial? :) relax betul!! ^^