(Event) Tropical Hipster & Perikiki with Clio Club, Sunway Pyramid

An exciting Tuesday to be at the launch of Club Clio...thanks to Aimi!

Upon arrival I am welcome by the relaxing beach theme. From food, to decor and also makeup! <3

Here we are participating in the body coloring activity on the buff guys *shy* using Peripera Perikiki long lasting collection.

YanRu and I.

These are the Summer CLIO Tropical Hipster Collection featuring velvety textures and seductive colors.

Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact (Mint Color) - Effectively covers and corrects the uneven skin tone for a flawless, matte, and silky veil.
Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion (Limited Edition) - Flawless, matte, and long lasting makeup, which does not require touch up. 3 shades.

Mad Matte Liquid Lip (Limited Edition) - Long lasting liquid lip that comes in 6 colors. Highly pigmented and has a matte finishing. It has a tattooed effect thus won't be gone easily after drinking.

Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Waterproof (Includes Kill Cover Pro Artisit Fix Mist 55ml) - The fluorescent pen type with the angular pen tip can fill in eyebrows easily with the wide surface and express the intricate brow contour with the thin side. 

Waterproof Pen Liner Kill (Black, Brown) - A thin and soft pen brush tip, great for beginners too!

Color Coating Cara Waterproof - Curling mascara with vivid colors (Metal Red, Black Pearl, Copper Bronze). 

Body Tattoo
Nail Sticker

Steven Sunny demonstrated the Tropical Hipster Makeup on Mia Chai
The finishing is so effortless and flawless.

___Moving On___

These are the Peripera Perikiki Collection.
Its also the limited edition Summer Collection formulated with waterproof formula.

Ink The Velvet (with hat figurine) - a whipped cream texture that instantly give a vivid matte color without making chapped lips visible. It also has lasting moisturizing effect.
Ink The Airy Velvet (with hat figurine) - a creamy, lightweight coverage. Colors are pigmented. They also have 2 NEON colors that can be used under places with blue light, SO COOL!

No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion - Matify the skin as well as controlling oil and sebum, conceals pores and even out skin texture. With SPF50++ PA+++ it effectively block UVB rays (prevent skin again!)
Ink Lasting Pink Cushion - The perfect pink base filter for smooth, natural and fresh skin all day! Available in 3 shades. More suitable for people with dry skin.
Ink Lasting Mint Cushion - The soft blur effect smooth the skin (like a primer), covers uneven skin tone and blemishes perfectly, a perfect canvas for flawless skin.

Eye Shadow:
Ink Fitting Eyes - Very pigmented, highly adhering & long lasting! 

Ink Brow Tattoo Gel - Simplifies morning makeup as it keeps the nrows intact all day. Available in 3 colors, Light Brown, Brown and Gray Brown. 

Waterproof, no smudge, & perfect curling for your summer! They come in a special set.
#1 Ink Black Cara Volume Setting + Ink Color Cara Aqua Blue (NEW)
#2 Ink Black Cara Volume Setting + Ink Color Cara Black Espresso

Steven Sunny demonstrated the Perikiki Makeup on Hannah Wan (Muse Search 2017)

She have naturally light brows.

One down, one to go ^^

Her sinchan brows.


Peeling the brow tattoo.

Ta-daa....the soft natural brows revealed ^^
Steven Sunny said it can last for 2-3 days before you need to apply it again, thus a shorter time for your makeup routine. So tempted to get this!!! ^^

Steven Sunny used the Ink Lasting Mint Cushion to achieve a more flawless and fresh canvas.

Next, apply No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion from face, neck, and arms to protect yourself from UVB Rays.

Everyone is just so excited with the hat figurines. So, he decided to use both ^^

See how pigmented it is!!

The finish look on Hannah Wan by Steven Sunny.

A group pic with the pretty blogger friends ^^

Here are the goodies I got. 
Will be reviewing them when I use it. Stay tuned! <3



  1. cute stuff. love the unicorn <3

  2. The guy is so lucky because so many pretty women surrounding him.
    He should feel proud. haha

  3. Did you try the eyebrow tint? I would really like to know if mine is jus defective as it does not tint at all =(

  4. Glad I met you there. Curious what figurine you got? =D

  5. Wao.. i love their packaging.
    May i know the price range?

  6. the unicorn so cute!!! HAHA am waiting your after use blog post

  7. Omg I want to stick a kiss sticker on those hawt guys too XD *piaked* Anyway, I checked out Clio today and it was so damn freaking cute!! Those Perikikis! and have you seen the bb cushion too! Need alot of self control not to buy any of them XD