(Event) The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Round 2!!



2nd party, this round hosted by TBP itself.
The first birthday bash was hosted by Jerlynn'L, here.

Everyone appears in cute pastel colors. Love Love the make up!! Omg!!
Keep on reading to see their beautiful and happy faces!
No kidding! EVERYONE was super duper HAPPY!

That day I was in a hurry to come out so I did not really have the time to do it well. >.<"

Was there early so I met MsJasJas for the first time. She is cute! Thanks for the company that day!!


At 3pm, we headed to Hello Deer Space. So pretty.....

Before I go in with the story of the party, I would like to again thank you Tammy mamasan for the guidance since 2013. Thanks for always watching out for us fellow bloggers even if we have not met in person. Thanks for the opportunity coz you know la little caterpillars a bit hard to create content when they have just started. Thank you for not giving up on us when you work so hard in your full time job.

If you don't already know mamasan Tammy, go check her blog HERE.

In short words, I just wanna say my appreciation cause Leonard says some really touching appreciation speech too!!

Here are the people who made this all happen by volunteering their time, effort and skills in making it a happy and memorable one!!

Leonard (MC) and Sydney (Unboxing Guide)
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Anis, Tammy, Mira, Bo, Eros
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Okies, back to the venue. We walked upstairs and the first thing I see is actually:



That's the Birhtday Cake. Sooo pretty.
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Love desserts the most! <3

Wall of wishes!

Happy birthday The Butterfly Project!
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Rows of pressie

Love the interior of the place!
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Use our bags to select our seats and off we go to mingle and take pics! ^^
Love the balloons <3

Nice space right!!! <3

First stop was:

Glitz & Glam Photobooth Studio

Its countdown is quite fast but good as they provide printout as well as a digital copy to our given email!(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Look at pretty butterflies posing with the props! So cutes!
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Here is MsJasJas and I ^^

Thanks to Butterfly Project & Photobook for the free vouchers!

Self-intro section

Each of us intro ourselves and here is a candid shot taken by Eros, thank you! (Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Unboxing Time!!

Look at all their happy faces!!!
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

We were all soooooo excited to capture our unboxing/flatlay vid/pic!
Thank you Tammy Mamasan and Volunteers!!!
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Look at our kinda aligned goodies all the way to the back! ^^
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

My bag of goodies. OMG. SO SO SO SO BIG! *faint*
With G&G photo too!

Selfie with that bag! and goodies! Pic credits to Yana! Also thank you Yana for helping me set up my goodies for pic purpose! ^^ Thank you!

Group pic

Looks like a class picture.
Can I caption it as The Butterfly Project, Class of 2017!

Sounds ok?
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Shot 2: Casual/Fun
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Best Make Up Winners

Love all their make up! ALL so pretty! Gotta brush up my make up skills and be a better butterfly!!
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Best Unboxing video/pics

Congrats Shin May, Sharon and Nicole!!
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

Selfies TIME!

Even before the party started, we have all started snapping away! ^^

1st row (L-R): Aliza, Grace, Ivy
2nd row (L-R): Juneci, Angie, Lee Yan
3rd row (L-R): MsJasJas, Sin Nee, Betty

1st row (L-R): Tammy, Leonard, Eros
2nd row (L-R): Tiffany, Yana, Carmen
3rd row (L-R): Nicole, Sharon, Shin May

Behind the scene by Eros of Angie and I!
Her phone is just so good as it have beauty effect, which explains why its the only one that I need not edit. Lol.
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

With Lee Yan and Miera.
They are like my senior coz I just started attending events last Dec.
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)

With pretty butterflies, MsJasJas (flew all the way from Penang!), Ivy (aka hiphippopo), and Betty (super experienced blogger!)
(Image credits to Eros aka fishmeatdie)


Once again, I am really grateful for being a part of this wonderful beauty community!
Thanks to all sponsors.
Stay tuned for my review! It shall be a helpful one I hope...



  1. Glad you had a great time + like the photos! See ya next event! ��

    1. Thanks for being the most awesome photographer Eros! See you soon ^^

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