(Blog Detox X TBP) My Favorite Sheet Mask

Monthly blog detox is fun coz it helps me clear my stock a bit faster ^^
The first one I didn't manage to post but yes, making sure I join this round.

Since it is suppose to be free and easy and I am still in a holiday mood, here you go! ^^

A short & sweet read!

Currently I don't really have a favorite Sheet Mask.....does Gel Mask count?

Coz I LOVE this Gel mask!

Its from the brand of Gobdigoun. This is its Placenta Power Cellulose Gel Mask

(Full review is here!)

Can Althea bring them in?
Meanwhile, I will be asking my friend to buy this for me when they visit Korea. :)
I am running low on this and am feeling abit emo RN.
Also can get it online at  their websiteFacebook English Page, or straight to product page for this awesome Bio Cellulose Gel Mask.

The main reason of it being my favorite is I can even play games, blog, & do house chores without worrying that it'll fall or what. Essence/cream are not drippy and moisturised my face well! It does not dry halfway so it is all good.

I made my siblings and mama try it, they love it!

Do comment below if you have tried this or other sheet mask brand you absolutely love! ^^

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P.S. For related read, search label "Gobdigoun".

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