(Review) ALL Photo Enthusiasts Babies from The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Bash

Since it is a chill day for me, I would like to cover on miscellaneous stuff we got from The Butterfly Party!

This is the last part of the Birthday unboxing and shoutout post!


Thank you to G&G Studiobooth for the pretty pics offline and online.
There are alot of props and makes it a very memorable and fun event!

Here, the printing is tailored to the theme of The Butterfly Project -
Gold & that logo Butterfly designed! *pretty*

The charges was reasonable as the backdrop comes with props too!
Look at how pretty the result was! and the printing!

 Do visit G&G Studiobooth website for more information!
They not only do pics printing but also GIFs and more!

Hon Leong 016 528 5810
Ling Ching 017 870 7290


23, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 6,
Sri Edaran Light Industrial Park, Batu 7 1/2,
52100 Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur.


Next, we also got vouchers from Photobook Malaysia.

Simple Book 6x6 Hardcover 20 pages  RM79
50x4R prints                                                 RM25

Since Photobook Malaysia is now available on iOS & Android, printing photographs are much easier and convenient!

I personally love to take tonnes of photos and sometimes do not have the space to save it.
So now I can just have them printed wherever and whenever I want (as long as there is stable internet connection!) and also free up my space! ^^

Will be printing mine soon to remember my amazing JUNE 2017!
Will update here again when I have ordered it!

What are you waiting for? :)

For more info, visit Photobook Malaysia.

Signing out with love and appreciation,

(Blog Detox X TBP) My Favorite Sheet Mask

Monthly blog detox is fun coz it helps me clear my stock a bit faster ^^
The first one I didn't manage to post but yes, making sure I join this round.

Since it is suppose to be free and easy and I am still in a holiday mood, here you go! ^^

A short & sweet read!

Currently I don't really have a favorite Sheet Mask.....does Gel Mask count?

Coz I LOVE this Gel mask!

Its from the brand of Gobdigoun. This is its Placenta Power Cellulose Gel Mask

(Full review is here!)

Can Althea bring them in?
Meanwhile, I will be asking my friend to buy this for me when they visit Korea. :)
I am running low on this and am feeling abit emo RN.
Also can get it online at  their websiteFacebook English Page, or straight to product page for this awesome Bio Cellulose Gel Mask.

The main reason of it being my favorite is I can even play games, blog, & do house chores without worrying that it'll fall or what. Essence/cream are not drippy and moisturised my face well! It does not dry halfway so it is all good.

I made my siblings and mama try it, they love it!

Do comment below if you have tried this or other sheet mask brand you absolutely love! ^^

Signing out,

P.S. For related read, search label "Gobdigoun".

Butterfly Soiree at Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI X

If you have been following my Instagram (@beeleec) , then you would have seen me spamming some bits and pieces of my "tai-tai" life!

03.06.2017 (Saturday)

Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI

I wanna go to Posh! Nail Spa soon. Anyone wanna tag along? :)
My happy face after our express mani/pedi, dessert-ing and drinking session ^^
(Pic credits to Lee Yann)

Its an annual spa party with The Butterfly Project!
It's also an exciting day to catch up with fellow butterflies and brand, indulge in decadent desserts & Moscato wine as well as pamper ourselves with mani/pedi!
 Read on to find out what Posh! Nail Spa has in store for you.

Look at this big frame of wall. They are gonna fill it up with more nail designs and stuff!

Other than seeing nail polishes (various mani/pedi services) there are also makeup brushes (as they too provide make up service). Read till below to see why Posh! Nail Spa is the one-stop heaven for all girls!
(Pic credits to Lee Yann)

The Posh! Nail Spa Team
(Left to Right) Rachel, Ms Sereen (
owner of Posh! Nail Spa), Posh staff

(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)

Our bubbly Sydney (MC) and owner of Posh! Nail Spa, Ms Sereen.
(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)

Firstly I gotta introduce you to the founder of Posh! Nail Spa, Ms Sereen Eng, so humble.
6 years AGO, she started with her first store at TTDI, a room-sized store with 2 chairs & 1 staff.
6 years NOW, she has 4 outlets in total at TTDI, Nu Sentral, SS2, and Damansara Heights.
I have not been to this outlet before but it was an inspiring story to see how the shop and lady boss have grown and matured. Just like metamorphosis!
Apparently the old store looks like this, found it randomly at Nurlina's Blog.

I really like the new concept of Posh! Nail Spa.
Ms Sereen said that she have learned to groom herself and her brand by giving a more sophisticated look for a lasting impression. TTDI is the first to be renovated and the other outlets too will follow! How exciting! <3
Read on to see how instagram-mable the place is!

Posing with the amazing desserts that tastes as good as it looks from La Rose Noire Malaysia & Moscato wine from Wine Talk Malaysia.
(Pic credits to Lee Yann)

These are their awards and looking forward to see their shelf fill up with more awards and designs!

They also have a hidden door which I almost fell (before they told us of the hidden door!) but it was a wonderful surprise at it leads to the other room for private pampering function :)
Psst....what a wonderful surprise for your girlfriends!! Yes? ;)

The private room has really good natural lighting and the subsequent room divided by a black curtain was the make up room! Love that mirror omg! <3

Posing again! Too much places for good photos! OMG!
Love the place sooo much!

This is the private room for function with natural lighting.
The curtain has done a good job for being another background!
I did tweak some contrast and so forth before posting!
(Pic credits to Carmen)

Behind the curtain is the awesome make up room!
Lighting makes everything better. Selfie more if you are here! ^^

Another shot coz 1 is not enough!
Would like to come and try their other services!
Soon! <3
There are another at least 4 or 5 shelves-full like this!

Their choices of nail polish are not only limited to the famous OPI, but also Cuccio, LACC & ORLY.

Almost everywhere are great instagram-mable spots!
Even their floor tiles! No kidding!
Some of my tai-tai friends used to shoot flatlay of their pedi and etc.
So creative!

This is their booklets of service and charges.
Very detailed and can be tailored to your needs.
(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)

I love love this clock!
So creative, unique and my first time seeing it!
(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)

While waiting for the nails to dry, why not have some mini photo shoot!
(Pic credits to Lee Yann)

Lee Yann actually found the spot so we had a few shots there too!
Go find this spot and share your photo with me! ^^

In real life I think strangers may think we look weird. Seeing the pic now, it actually looks artsy! ^^
(Pic credits to Lee Yann)

Another shot!
Love the printing!
(Pic credits to Lee Yann)

As I did manicure, I can't exactly use my fingers much. ^^
Luckily Lee Yann is there to help!
(Pic & letter arrangement credits to Lee Yann)

In Posh! Nail Spa (TTDI branch), there are 6 pedicure chairs and 3 manicure seats.

Did I tell you I actually did my manicure last coz I was just so eager to try the desserts!
At the point of shooting I was actually really tempted to just snatch the macaroon from its tower! XD 
I headed around for more photo shoot with Carmen and tried the amazing Macaron, Petit Four, Petit Clair, & Les Chouchous from La Rose Noire.

Macaroon in choc-banana was my first grab.
So refreshingly yummy.
LOVE them the most!

On the left is Les ChouChous and on the right is Petit Four.
Les ChouChous is puff-like with various topping too.

Petit Four in salted caramel (the one beside the yellow topping one) was recommended by Carmen and it was not overly sweet. Love it too. A caramel fan must have this!
(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)

Lastly, I tried these pretty dessert called the Petit Clair!

All colors look amazing!! My first choice is the chocolate one.
Turns out it is of dark chocolate that's why I love it more!
The bottom looks like chocolate biscuit fingers but the inside was a surprising twist as its of some sour filing like pineapple.

About La Rose Noire Malaysia:

(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)

Leading patisserie for 25 years.
A little history of La Rose Noire can be found here.
Available in 40 countries including Malaysia.
What makes them stand out is that their macaroons have 2 Flavors!
they supply the finest quality of desserts to hotels and so forth!
Feels so blessed to be able to savor it with wines too!

Contact (Malaysia):
La Rose Noire Website
La Rose Noire Facebook
Online enquiry for supplies/workshops: Pastry Pro
Call Dennis Khor (Asst. Brand Manager - Malaysia): 016-540 8004
Email: dennis@pastrypro.com.my

(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)

About Wine Talk Malaysia:

Lastly, we were also served Moscato wine by Wine Talk Malaysia.
It smells great and is heavenly when paired with the desserts.
However, it was just not enough for all of us. The cups were quickly taken like preys once it is filled up. With the presence of wine and desserts, the whole scene felt more 'atas'.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was constantly there? ^^

Wines sold in Wine Talk Malaysia range from RM30+ to RM162 depending on your choices.

Wine Talk Malaysia promises:
90-minute delivery (within Klang Valley)
Personally handpicked by French Sommelier

(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)


I realized I kept mentioning names of my tai-tais without letting you see their beautiful faces, so, nah, here they are!
My tai tais that day!
So great seeing you girls again!

(Left to Right): Me, Carmen, & Lee Yann
Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie, thank you!

Just wanna show you my express manicure, their instagram-mable floor tiles and cute water bottle!

A must picture with our founder of The Butterfly Project, Tammy mamasan & thank you for the soy candle! I really enjoyed a one-day tai tai life with you all!

Lastly, I would like to thank you again to the volunteers behind ensuring the event went on well!

(Pic credits to Eros, aka Fishmeatdie)


Overall Posh! Nail Spa is my preferred 1-stop pampering salon.
From manicure & pedicure to waxing, eyelash perming / extension and also make up and hair for events.

They even cater to pampering parties!
Their manicure and pedicure service are tip top!
You just have to see their list of service for yourself!
Here is their site.

If you are interested in pampering yourself, do make an appointment with any of their outlets:

Posh! Nail Spa @ TTDI
31, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7,
TTDI, 60000, Kuala Lumpur.
03 7877 1890

Posh! Nail Spa @ SS2
23, Jalan SS2/30, 47300,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
03 7877 0815

Posh! Nail Spa @ Nu Sentral 
Parkson Concourse Level
016 210 8219

Posh! Nail Spa @ Damansara Heights 
6-3A, Plaza Batai, 
Damansara Heights 59490, Kuala lumpur. (Inside Simpli Dry)
012 309 8219

Thanks again for having me that day!
Gonna pretend that I am bringing it back ^^
Coz tai tai can technically do anything she wants! XD


(Review) ALL Make Up Babies from The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Bash

Hello lovelies, I am sure by now you have seen a lot of butterflies sharing the unbag-ing of the Butterfly tote!
If you did not know what we got for The Butterfly Project second party hosted by mamasan Tammy, you may check out my selfie with the goodies at the mid of the post HERE.

Third part of the post will only cover the items like my title said, MAKE UP ONLY!

I love make up as much as I love skincare.
Make up helps to enhance my features!
Or even become another person, sometimes.
However, I will need to brush up my makeup skills.
*long way to go*

Overall, my confidence is elevated with the use of makeup coz I do not have flawless skin.
Do note that I DO NOT doll myself always, only for events, and not the FULL full make up kind.
Also, my makeup skills are all learnt a bit here and there from Youtube Beauty Gurus, Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty, Meejmuse and more!!!

So, the question for you here is, "Are you more of a Skincare person or Makeup person?"
"And WHY?"

Comment down below so I can get to know what you look forward in reading!


1028 Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara   (RM59.90)

Brand: 1028
Item: Big Eyes Mascara
Content: 8ml
Origin: Taiwan
Rating: 2.5/5

That diamond-shaped brush is love!

Lengthen my lashes.
Lashes are soft and natural to touch.
Coats each lashes effectively with the diamond-shaped brush.
Resist to touch. No fall out throughout the day (6 hours trialed by me).

Gives little volume.
It does not hold curled lashes.
Opens up my peepers for just less than an hour and its straight for the rest of the day :/

I personally would still prefer my own Benefit Roller Lash Mascara as it significantly makes my eyelashes more visible for both top and lower lashes. It also hold my curled lashes longer than 1028 Big Eye Mascara. What I like about 1028 Big Eye Mascara is that there are no clumps and most importantly my lashes are still soft to touch. <3


Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black   (RM69.90)

Brand: Dolly Wink
Item: Eye Liner
Origin: Japan
Rating: 4/5

Look at the super fine "felt" brush tip

The cloud & D is Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner.
The ugly flower and M is Mamonde liquid Eye Liner.

Achieve super fine strokes easily.
Resist to touch too. No fall out after 6 hours.
Contains beauty essences to nourish skin (as claimed).
Waterproof (Really resistant to sweat/water/tears/sebum and all coz I was cooking earlier at the California Raisins event)

None so far.

I personally prefer this Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner to Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner as one of my eyelid is thinner so a brush that can create finer strokes would be of my preference. Dolly Wink eye liner is great for a natural makeup look ^^


Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner   (RM39)
(01 Black; waterproof effect)

Brand: Mamonde
Item: Liquid Eye Liner
Content: 4ml
Origin: Korea
Rating: 3.5/5

The cloud & D is Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner.
The ugly flower and M is Mamonde liquid Eye Liner.

Super waterproof (Does require more time to remove, vs Dolly Wink)
Felt brush kind where it can draw fine (but not as fine as dolly wink!) and dark, vivid strokes.

Since the brush is softer compared to Dolly Wink, I think I personally find it slightly hard for me to control the strokes. Not a big deal though.

This would come in handy if I am creating dramatic eye look / night look. This is because of vivid strokes that last all day. I am quite confident that you would still look great after a night of partying and sweating / crying etc!


Orkid Cosmetics Matte Suede Cream Liquid Lipstick   (RM39/ea)

It is a halal beauty brand created by a local blogger.
Their matte suede lipsticks are most popular!

Here we are given 4 best new colors to try!

Thank you Orkid Cosmetics!

Brand: Orkid Cosmetics
Item: Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipstick
Content: 3.25ml
Origin: Malaysia
Rating: 3/5

All are pigmented.
Slanted wand helps in application.
Does not dry out my lips as it is enriched with Vitamin E.
Product dries up pretty fast, leaving minimal to no color transfer.
Re-application is a breeze & does not leave any patchy or uneven look to it. ^^

It is eaten away quickly during a meal leaving an unpleasant patchy lips behind. 

*Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten*
*Not tested on Animals, Vegan, Made in Malaysia*

I like the color as it is pigmented on first swatch. Slanted wand are great for application and smoothness of product that doesn't dry out my lips. <3 It is however eaten away and I am finding ways to reduce the fall as much as possible.
They did mention to try to reduce oily food intake!
If you do have tips for me, comment below!
Greatly appreciated! ^^

For more info, visit Orkid Cosmetics Website
Use code at Checkout:"ORKIDRM5" for RM5.00 off your next purchase!!
*Valid till 30th June 2017*

Swatches and description are as below:

(Top - Bottom) : Mars, Blush, Turnt, Vibes

Its more of a brown-nude color. Sis said it does not really suit me as it makes me look too mature.

California Raisin event

Its more of blushing with red undertone color. This suits me more than Vibes, but a tad bit light and slightly making me look sick-ish! Natural and feminine for everyday make up wearer though.

At Miss Chinese World 2017 Grand Final event

More bright red giving me a more energized and ready to rock an event!
This color suits me the most, as agreed by sis. ^^

A night out event over dinner, wine and beer.

A dark brown tone.
Avid lippies I know of super love this.
I like browns just that I am not a constant make up wearer so I am actually afraid that I may not be able to pull off the look!
I actually like it!
What do you think?
A night out over dinner, cocktails, & mocktails

So which color suits me the most?
Comment down below! ^^


W. Lab Pocket Shadow Palette Blooming   (RM90)

Goddess-like colors formulated from the beauty of flowers and made with various flower extracts.

Let your natural beauty bloom with this palette of 10 beautiful colors.

Casing so pretty! Love that it is clean and chic with rose gold embossed wordings

Like how it came with a brush and also clear labeling of each color.

I like the colors a lot. 3 matte & 7 shimmer eye shadows.
I use the matte one 3-ways: As base of the eyes, filling in brows & contouring.
7 shiny ones that can be used to awaken the eyes (apply at inner corner of eyes) and various eye make up can be create from day to night event

Brand: W. Lab
Item: Eye Shadow Palette
Content: 10g
Origin: Korea
Rating: 4/5

Blooming palette of 10 beautiful colors.

Colors are buildable and vibrant.
Colors are quite easily picked up.
Brushes are ok to use, but I like to use mine from Cyber Color, duo brush.
Since it came in both matte and shimmer, it has multiple uses, not limited just as eye shadow.
Various eye make up can be created from this palette!

Some fall out, especially the shimmer ones.
Matte ones are slightly more pigmented than the shimmery ones.

I love how versatile this palette can be used.
Now I have quite a few palettes and feel blessed already.
Just need to brush up my skill and learn more tricks in creating beautiful eye shadow.

For more info, visit W. Lab Website


Wanderlust Things Unicorn Face Makeup Brush   (RM89)

I fell in love with the brushes omg.
The first thing I felt is they are just toooo pretty to use!
Thanks Wanderlust Things for my first unicorn brushes ever and I got their face set!
Have been scouting for one quite a few weeks back.

Some of my friends got the eye set. At first I was like, "Good! Coz I don't really apply much eye shadows." Then I felt, "I need to get the eyes set too! Coz have been playing with eye shadows lately and loving it!

Wanderlust Things offer more than just unicorn brushes, but let's focus on unicorn brushes first!

Feels like a happy unicorn!

Key in code if you would like to get any items from them:
"BUTTERFLY 45" for a 10% discount code before you check out Wanderlust Things!

Unicorn Face Makeup Brush Set includes (L-R):
Highlight Brush
Contour Brush
Foundation Brush
Powder Brush
Blush Brush
*I am not sure if I labelled correctly or not*

My bunny loves unicorn too!
Coz they are as soft and attractive as my bunny here!
The beautiful bristles are synthetic with a sturdy matte horn handle.

Two is not enough.
You may use it for different purpose too and not limiting to what brush it actually is, I think.

She just needs three more.
Greedy bunny! Lol

Brand: Wanderlust Things
Item: Unicorn Face Makeup Brush
Content: 5 pieces
Origin: Malaysia

They are soft and pretty.
Easy to use and picks up powder nicely.

It would be great if they have a card (physical / online) noting which brush is which as beginner or noobs like me cannot 100% recognize what it is for and just use as I go.
Brush quality and use is great so far!

Not much experience with brushes coz I use only 4 brushes (of my own) for my full make up routine, most of the time.
Base on my shallow experience in brushes, I personally think they are really aesthetically beautiful to the eyes, soft to the skin and good to use (if I really really need to use it I will, gonna go clean them now coz just tried them ^^) but it is a definite collectible for make up junkie! <3

Their shop just has the cutest thing!
Lip / Moustache pacifier, harry potter brush, pet & owner best friend tag etc....

For more info, visit WanderLustThings Website


Thanks for reading lovelies!
As usual, share with me your favorite product and your experiences if any! Would love to read and if there are any recommendations of product, comment comment!
Much appreciated! <3

"There is no too much of make up stuffs for us girls!"