(Personal) Pre-wedding Bridal at?and other services

In case if you haven't read the previous post on how we planned our wedding / proposal story, click here ! ^^


Pre-wedding package??
I have went to the early month of bridal expo at KLCC with my family in Jan 2016.
It was super overwhelming and some of the deals seems too good to be true.
I almost, almost signed for a package in KL area but my mom and sis were signalling me to chill. So I told the person I would call my bf. After talking and all, *no, he did not really help* I told the person I still have to call him coz he was busy. Before going off, the person said she is offering me (she used her yellow card for me , which is limited to each sales person) more reduction and a much lower deposit (what I want to give is up to me, wtf, so I feel stressed) but I told her I needed a walk to think and will come back later if I have decided on anything. This was from the 3rd and last booth I stopped by. Each booth takes AT LEAST 30 minutes and is really draining coz you needed to have full attention and memory in the deals they offer. Although they write down the deals, you cannot take a pic or take the paper.

In the end, I googled the shop in FB, but turned out the review wasn't that good (eg. wat they promised is not fulfilled in the end, staff aren't that friendly, not many clothes choice etc) so I felt relieved walking away.

Then, bf and I went to SS2 and walked into 3 shops. Annie Loseaou was one and the only shop I remember coz of the lace, simplistic, korean, vintage feel that I like but the choice was a little limited and expensive for us so we gave up.

We then wanted to head into another store but right across the street was a banner stating "SALES", so I dragged him over and want to check the place out.


The exterior looked not that wow.
But the staff who attended us was very talkative and friendly.
Bf wasn't bored by him (Mr. S) and the price seems affordable so we signed the package.
I must say that the VVIP dresses are beautiful!

It was on offer or something for a near 4K. but after adding another 1500 for the stupid 20 pics of MV (coz initially we did not plan to hire photographer for our actual day, that is why I said yes to it, *sigh*) and some other special effect photos, so amounting to over RM6k. (Feels ridiculous signing the package in the first place!!)  If you don't choose the VVIP dresses (that looks obviously better!) then it won't be another few Ks but, yes, I did asked for some upgrades. *complain to you later*

Anyway, each dresses from the VVIP room are super expensive, at RM800 per dress. I have upgraded 3 of it coz they were like at least a must you know.

Anyway, the sales person at first appears really friendly.
He became more pushy especially when I came to try the gowns (24 June 2016).

I personally helped my two sisters chose wedding gowns. Thought it was not much of a hassle till I am the one choosing it.

FYI, be careful with the sales person when he/she choose for you coz mine kept taking new ones or VVIP dresses that I gotta pay extra. So it was a bitter sweet memory for me at that time and after that. And, I was later informed that if I were to choose a white super flowy and long dress for outdoor, I would be charge another RM300 or so coz they need to do laundry and so on. I was pretty solid tho coz I told the person one cent also I don't want to add anymore. Sis said the person's face became black but I was too emo to be bothered by.

Then in the end I don't choose that long flowy one and chose one like a greek-ish and no need to pay for upgrade dress. On that day of the photoshoot, apparently, if my dress is not the flowy kind, I will be given a super long veil! OMG, that sales person didn't even say WTF! Luckily I was solid enough and stick to a non-upgrade dress in the end.

So in total I chose: 1 for outdoor. 2 for indoor. 1 for raining setting.

On 30 June 2017, I met my MUA (FB: Xiaoyan) at the studio. She was nice. She did tell me what will be charged and what not. So I like her. BUT, I think she was not super thorough with her work. Example, she applied fake lashes and didn't apply a layer of mascara to at least stick the real and fake eyelash together for the photoshoot. Not only that, she made my uneven brows MORE obvious (which explains why in my photography book I do not have much pics taken with my face facing the front) ! Third point I think it is the sales person fault coz he mentioned to me that I must ask my MUA for the body foundation (RM110 for one full bottle and a sponge) and that it will be used for more that half a bottle for sure. When I asked my MUA, she seems surprised and during the application, it was lazy and "sui bian". just a layer or two and not thorough. At the end of the photoshoot, there was still more than 3/4 of the bottle of body foundation. WTH. >.<" (So it is Mr. S fault!!)
So never never use theirs coz it was quite diluted and weird. I would rather pay abit more and ask them to use their foundation or something like that or purchase from Supermodelsecret online or offline store and get some whitening lotion thingy.

Nonetheless, she was quite rough when she brush the blusher with her brush on my cheeks. OMG. However, she was very patient with evening out my double eyelid. Makeup was overall wonderful for picture!! (It was my first time ever having such FULL ON make up).

Next I met my photographer (Takki) & assistant (Banina) who was very easy to work with. I thought it will be really stressful. Glad it was the other way round. Looking forward to the pictures!! :)

Below are some photos of us for the pre-wedding pics. Only the red one is the VVIP dress.
Outdoor scenes are all in Shah Alam park itself.
Thanks Takki for making us look great! ^^

Nails at BeeQNails
How I came about this awesome nail parlour was a random hashtag search in Instagram, #weddingnails #bridalnails ... and boom! It's like fate! A test of faith and believe in things and random people. Glad I got a reply from them on Whatsapp on the same evening and quickly I made an appointment with them.

It was actually a very nervous experience coz it was my virgin gel mani experience. (Full story and review HERE)

Outcome. Simplistic yet glam. Thank you! Love it so much!
Cost for my design:
110 for gel mani
75 for design (the one I chose with jewel)
It was awesome and removal is FOC too!
Service was 5 star for me ! ^^

Purchased nubra, heels (from Esarli) and dyed my hair at May (Seremban)


Thanks for reading lovelies. 
And sorry for the complains. I needed to!

P.S If they say its better to buy nubra and whatever at their place, it is okay to turn it down coz what you get at their place is much more expensive than the ones you get outside yourself. The sales person who attended me just scared me out with terrible stories of brides who purchased face ampoules, nubra and so on outside their store. Consequently, I agreed with him saying that I need body foundation from their  MUA that costs RM110 and technically doesn't cover much and ALOT is left. Not like what he says.... >.<" I just hope that the sales person won't be so pushy and blabs some weird negative experiences of brides to their customers and make them unconsciously pay more than what they actually need. 
*just sharing my experience*




  1. Waa the price I would say it was really expensive!!! But Thank Goodness the photos turns out well =) Simplicity for nails is all that we need kudos on that!!

    1. I agree!!! Yes, thank god they turn out ok ^^ Thanks babe! ^^

  2. This is I what I called people charged you once in a lifetime.....that's why the price turns out to be that high. But in fact, you enjoyed it right ?

    1. But some stuff are not charged that way if I do it at another place. A really bitter moment actually. Glad that I encounter this so I can help my friends and fam around me to avoid such bad encounter.

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