(Event) Sunday lunch with Ahoy Cafe, SS15 Subang

Ahoy everyone.

They say this is saying "Hi!" the pirate way.

I had lunch last sunday with new and old friends at Ahoy Cafe.

Thanks for the invite Zayani! <3

Pic credits to Cici
There are various seating corners depending on your mood and availability. Sit on the low tables for a more comfy and casual style while there are normal seats and high tables or even lazy chairs and boat seats too!

The door of the toilet is so nice! Love the details in the cafe.

Ahoy Cafe specializes more in Desserts but also serves proper meal portion in affordable prices (more Westerns and also got fusion too!).
FYI, the cafe is pork free.

For today's post it'll focus more on desserts!!! but I will go through some main dishes and beverages as well!


Choco Berry Frappe   RM16

Passion Berry Yogurt Smoothie   RM13 

Mint Hot Chocolate   RM12

Matcha Coffee Latte   RM11

I love my mint hot chocolate coz it is of rich chocolate and mint that resembles very closely to the Andes Mint Parfait. The green tea used is from Japan. The frappe and smoothie is loved by all age, especially my friend's kiddo!  

Main Course

Fish and Chips   RM19

I love dipping the sour dip sauce coz it has been awhile I have had fish and chips. It is also yum as the outside is crispy with bread crumbs and moist of fish is maintained on the inside.

Smoked Duck Carbonara Spaghetti   RM22

This is the recommended dish by the boss. My friend Cici loves it coz she says its not too concentrated or so.

Vege Aglio Olio Spaghetti   RM16
I find it okay ^^
FYI, if you really don't eat any ingredients or so you can tell them when you order.

Home Made Creamy Mushroom Soup with Toasted Bread   RM9

It was made from scratch as you can bite and have mushroom cubes at your every scoop! Love the bread that comes with it as some place you gotta purchase it separately.

Chicken Kimchi Spaghetti   RM16

According to the menu it is a Must Must Try if you are there. Of course we had to order it coz I love kimchi. This is the fusion I was talking about! I think kimchi fan would love this dish! But for neutral fans maybe just feels that it is an okay dish.

Smoked Salmon Salad   RM16

It would be really great if I can add more salmon pieces in this dish as I am less of a leafy eater. Lolz.

Grilled Chicken Chop with Hot & Spicy   RM16.50

The sauce is made by chef and is real spicy! I didn't have this coz I am also cutting down on spicy intake due to my recent active acne situation. Zayani's husband finish the whole plate! Will need to try this the next time I visit! ^^


Twin Waffle   RM24.90

Great for those who loves both waffles and ice cream together.
It is so prettily decorated and instagram-able!

Pango Yogurt   RM11.90

It is of fresh mango, yogurt, passion fruit jelly, sponge cake. Super healthy and fresh made on a daily basis! Suitable for those on diet coz yogurt is healthy and lighter compared to traditional cakes!

Brown Iceland   RM18.50

It is of brownie, vanilla ice cream with espresso poured all over it. Each bite must have brownie and ice cream to get the full heavenly taste!

Chocolate Angel Falls   RM23.90
*need to order before you come visit!*

Basically it is a very creative Molten Lava Cake you have outside. Just that this is standing on the moon-shaped biscuit. Once you cut open the chocolate lava inside it leaks down to the ice cream and you basically crush everything including the biscuits and mix it up and eat. YUMMMZZZ!!!

Matcha Angel Falls   RM24.90
*need to order before you come visit!*

A green tea version of the Chocolate Angel Falls above. Super recommended for green tea lovers! Green tea version is more YUMMMZZZ for me! <3

Mocha Cornette Cheese Cake   RM21.90

Base of chocolate and coffee biscuit, Mid is of chocolate cheese cream, Top is of Chocolate Ganache and caramelized nut.

FYI, you can also preorder 9-inch cakes in about RM1XX depending on the flavor you want.

For more info on Ahoy Cafe,
Address: 74, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya
Call: 019- 914 1334 (Whatsapp Only!)

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