(Event) "See Better. Live Better." with Bausch & Lomb

Super sweet and fast interview session with Ms. Alice Tan. I was really looking forward to the product. Bausch & Lomb is really generous and thank you!

About Bausch & Lomb:

A Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. company. A leading global eye health organization that is solely focused on protecting, enhancing, and restoring people's eyesight. They develop, manufacture and market brands such as Biotrue, PureVision, SofLens, Lacelle, Renu and many more.

Basically Ms Alice introduced to us this new product that was launched a few months ago.
She also gave us tips and answers our questions about lenses and the importance of our eyes.

Things to look for in lenses:

Lifestyle of individual (frequency of wear)

Brand: Bausch & Lomb 
Item: Biotrue Dailies
Content: 30 soft contact lenses

Biotrue lenses is designed to work like the eye for a comfortable vision throughout the day. To work similarly to our eye, it is made of Hypergel. Hypergel is great as it contains 78% water & mimics lipid layer of the tear film to retain moisture.

Why Biotrue dailies stand out?

Matches water content of cornea (78% water content)

Mimics lipid layer of the tear film (16 hours of moisture)

Meets oxygen level the open eye needs (100% oxygen consumption)
First Dailies to provide UV protection (Blocks 70% of UVA and 95% of UVB radiation)

In simple terms, it means that hypergel is great in maintaining the moisture and supply of oxygen to our eyes, thus eye complications can be greatly reduced.

Tips in caring your lenses/eyes:

Best to stay away from regular UV-absorbing eye wear (goggles, sunglasses) for a complete protection.
Lenses with higher water content is only more comfortable at the first few hours but tends to become drier faster too (with Hypergel*, it reduces dehydration)
In general one should not wear for more than 8 hours (but different eyes have different tolerance)
Super dry eyes with lens should apply eye drops and a light massage before removing lenses.
Correct way to remove contact lenses is by pushing it to the side of your eye then only pinch it out.

Ms. Alice then shared with us what they found in their survey.
16 hours wear of Biotrue ONEday daily lens, water loss is only 1.5%.
16 hours wear of other leading brands of dailies , water loss from 4% - 7%.

Tried and Tested by Bee Lee:

With eyebrow powder and eyeliner at tail end.
Smoothened my face and contoured my nose.
No other edit. See how my eyes twinkle.
Just feeling good all day long!

On 28 April 2017 I wore the Biotrue ONEday lens at 11.00am - 9.00pm.
On 3 May 2017 I wore the Biotrue ONEday lens for about 8 hours with super tired eyes


More slippery and a different blue hue compared to usual colorless lens I've worn. Once worn, it has a really comfy feeling and feels really not there. Afraid I would forget that I am actually wearing lenses and sleep with it. OMG. But I didn't no worries ^^
Upon removal, my eyes felt a very minimal dryness. Also, I did not use eye drops which I usually do a few times a day when wearing other contact lenses of other brands.
On my usual tired-dry-eyes day, I normally cannot insert contact lens and also feels pain. But on the 3rd May 2017, I was actually surprise that I feel comfy with the lens inside my dry eyes. Of course my eyes felt tired after some time later. Thanks for creating these hypergel ONEday lens, they saved me!

For your information:

1 box of Biotrue ONEday Daily lens retails at RM125 per box of 30 pieces. Available at all leading optical outlets nationwide.
Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution is available in Twin pack (355ml x 2) priced at RM61.50


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  1. As much as I love Bausch and Lomb, this contact lens doesn't really suits me. Eyes pretty dry at the end day and was unable to wear contact lens the next day