(Event) Debut of Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7

Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 wass launched at Mercedes-Benz Stylo AsiaFashionFestival (MBSTYLOAFF) with 5 talented designers, themed, Happy Skin.

Healthy Skin = Happy Skin !!

It was day 2 of MBSTYLOAFF.


Press Release:

According to Julia Teo, Associate Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies, which markets Neutrogena® in Malaysia, healthy, great-looking skin is one of the things that women derives joy. “As the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand, we believe beauty starts with healthy skin – a condition which gives women a lot of positive energy in their daily lives. Imagine looking into the mirror every morning to see healthy and radiant skin, wouldn’t your mood naturally lift and your day start better? Indeed, healthy skin has the power to make one happy and that’s why our latest campaign advocates Happy Skin 24/7 with Neutrogena®,” she said.

Julia Teo, Associate Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies, which markets Neutrogena® in Malaysia

Teo added: “Through our fashion debut at Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival, we hope to demonstrate the inner-joy of having healthy, great-looking skin, a result of using Neutrogena® skincare, and share it with Malaysian women -- what better way to do this than to come up with a fashion collection, inspired by the concept of Happy Skin”!

 “It’s undeniable that women and fashion go hand in hand. Through our fashion collection, we want to tell every Malaysian woman that she can count on Neutrogena® to put her best face forward”.

Happy Skin is something that lasts through all seasons – it’s definitely not a trend. So we hope to show through our designer’s fashion collection that it’s possible to keep your skin healthy with Neutrogena®, look amazing and stay happy all the time!

Neutrogena® in Malaysia have tied up with Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee – two unique designers who draw their inspiration from things that intrigue them in creating interesting prints and colours!

Love the shoe!

Thanks to their creativity and hard work, we will see how they bring the youthfulness and joy of Neutrogena®’s Happy Skin 24/7 concept to life tonight,” continued Teo.

Kittie Yiyi’s quirky sense of humour translates into her designs, which are often joyful and loud, yet smart. The Raffles Design Institute KL graduate’s motto is: “Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it makes you happy!”

Kittie’s collection is inspired by the quintessential beach girl on a holiday. Coming from a faraway beach land, she wanders into the city in her flowy, comfy loose-fitting outfits. Her happiness is infectious – and it shows in the way she dresses. Featuring flared silhouettes, ruffles, cheerful stripes and heart-shaped prints, the collection flaunts the beach girl’s confidence in her own skin with transparent details and cut-outs.

Hazzer Wan Lee, creative director of HWL by Hazzer Wan Lee Fashion Atelier Kuala Lumpur, graduated with a degree in Fashion and Apparel Design from Herriot-Watt University, Scotland.

Hazzer’s fashion collection is inspired by the water splash -- a signature of Neutrogena® Deep Clean range of cleansing products, and the first step to Happy Skin 24/7! Fluid lines and cascading layers come together to bring out the beauty and energy of water in hues of blue, green, orange and pink. The clever incorporation and layering techniques of different materials such as denim, organdy, PU leather, cotton silk and dyed fabrics results in a unique 3D effect that mimics the movements of water.

Watch the sneak peek or the full video for the event that night of Neutrogena® Happy Skin 24/7 fashion debut at Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival 2017 online! Details at Neutrogena® Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram:


NEUTROGENA ® is a brand of health and beauty care solutions with long-standing heritage founded upon genuine relationships with dermatologist, skin experts and consumers. Products are designed to be simple yet extraordinary, high-quality products that are scientifically proven to deliver real results in the most effective and skin friendly way, keeping your skin supple, radiant and healthy.

Today, NEUTROGENA ® Corporation manufactures and markets a line of premium priced skin and hair care products which are distributed in more than 70 countries. NEUTROGENA ® believes that beauty begins with healthy skin so kick-start your healthy beauty journey with us and discover our range of cleansers, moisturizers, skin care and sun care products at www.facebook.com/myneutrogena.


The runway started with youthful, bright and colorful designs by emerging young designers of Shadow C., weihaoyong, Tuhfah.

Below are a few that caught my attention in particular!

Shadow C.

Love functional dress with pockets

I love the top!


This would look good on tall people! I like it anyways! ^^

I like this chic design and the blue color!

This OL look is great to wear from day to night!


Love that bat wing!

Not my usual style but it looks great!

Then came the collection of Kittie Yiyi

That flip!

Looks so Feminine yet Fun!

Who can say no to off shoulders? <3

Kittie's collection

Kittie's Collection

& Hazzer Wan Lee

Love the water movement for the whole outfit!

Can you see the neutrogena colors? So nice when it is expressed through the clothes!

Super love this set! It is definitely my style!!!!! <3

This gives a "black swan" vibe for me (I cannot explain why!). Love that water design at the neck that looks like necklace! 

The dress <3

Never truly adore orange clothes until I see this!

Love this outfit more! Like unicorn!

Hazzer's Collection

To end the night, here is a group picture of ...

From left to right: Ashley Goh, Assistant Brand Manager of Neutrogena® Malaysia; Christy Yong, Marketing Manager, Consumer, Johnson & Johnson; Julia Teo, Associate Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson; Hazzer Wan Lee, Local Fashion Designer; Dato’ Nancy Yeoh, President of STYLO International; Raghu Krishnan, Country Director, Consumer, Johnson & Johnson; and Kittie Yiyi, Local Fashion Designer accompanied by models with Neutrogena® Happy Skin 24/7 Collection.


Some pieces are actually really wearable for day-to-day wear and I love it!

Thanks again Cici for being my date/photographer that night!
My pics (in my Instagram : @beeleec ) from the event are all thanks to this girl <3


*The write up above are mostly from the press release given*
**All images above are not mine**
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  1. I really like the overall look you are carrying. The makeup looks really subtle and natural. Definitely going to refer this blog post to my sister