(Event) The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday hosted by Jerlynn'L

Hello beautiful people!

Such a pretty design!

Feeling so bubbly while drafting this post.

On 29/04/2017 at 3pm, we were gathered in Hello Deer space. It was prettily decorated and I felt so blessed to be called a Butterfly. The party is hosted by brand friend, Jerlynn'L! Thanks for spoiling us with a full protection from your Signature Collection! I hereby would like to thank you Mamasan Tammy for always answer my uncertainties and the opportunities given by The Butterfly Project.

The Butterfly Project is my first blog group that I joined and grown. Still lots to learn and most importantly, I feel inspired by blog posts shared in the group from time to time. ^^ Also glad that I have better content to write and meet like minded individuals!


Upon arrival, I see

Two rows of tables with pressie on each side!

At the front is the Birthday cake from Wondermilk (downstairs!) And the flowery bunch is the air freshener given to us. I hope you can smell it too omg. Just so nice, sweet but not overwhelming.

A pic by photographer of the day, Eros (blogger, go visit his blog!)
Thank you!
#ootdblee #yellow #garden #flowercrown 

I purposely slanted this pic coz I cannot really straighten to my preference. Oh well.
Love the natural extract that is Safe for Family, One Brand fits All, & 4x Ceramide III

The founder of Butterfly Project Malaysia gave a speech too. I took a shot in my Instagram story. Thank you for not giving up on the community when you are so so occupied yourself.
Also thank you to the volunteers who made sure the event happened!

The crowd & love the lighting!

A group pic by Eros

With the host, emcee Leonard, and photographer Eros

Lunch was served but I forgot to take pic of the food.

Love the snacks 

and cupcakes

A collage of pretty butterflies I met.
Top (L-R): Joanne, Sin Nee, Fateen
Mid (L-R): Tammy mamasan, Rawlins (as Maleficent!) and Grace (as Belle!)
Bottom (L-R): Cici, Kelly, Nicole
There are more that I didn't manage to selfie with. Paiseh and nice meeting all of you <3


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  1. Hey Bee, nice meeting you at the Party. :)

    1. Hi Mira! Glad to meet you! Seeing you soon?:)