(Review) Facial with Beaute Library

The other day I went for a facial at
Beauté Library, MyTOWN, KL.
It is at Level 2, L2-09.

I parked conveniently at Ikea (also can park at MyTOWN if you want coz there are plenty of parking spaces at both buildings!) and walked to MyTOWN.
Grabbed brunch after that. Yummy! ^^
Liking the colors coz easy to spot.

1. Entrance
2. Consultation room
3. Facial room
4. Call button, first time seeing it ^^

Upon arrival, I was led to the consultation room while they register my info and I fill in my form of concerns. Of course I cannot expect all my concerns to be rectified in a session but a glow and de-clogged pores would be great!

Shortly the staff, Grace, attended me. She scanned and captured my skin condition.
My nose was dirty and there are active acnes on my forehead. *sigh*
I admit to her that my last facial was in December 2016. Lol.
So it was nice that this facial came in just the right time! ^^

Today I will be trying out the Beauté Floral Essential Hydrating Enriching Facial Treatment worth rm880 (150minutes).
It basically helps in hydrationclear pores as well as to increase collagen production. 

Consultation (She says my forehead is oily and nose is dry)
Welcome massage (Aka point massage on face)
Milk Cleanser (Removes make up and excess oil)
Cleanser (Cleans the face and check skin condition. Apparently my forehead is oily she says but it actually peels some time and I always thought its because my inner skin is dry)
Scrub (Remove dead cells)
Shape eyebrows (It was really nice for her to ask if I want to shave or pluck)
Steam (Open pores for the next step)
Extraction (Both tools and squeezing; she did inform me when certain parts are gonna be more painful due to inflammation)
Hydrating cream mask (Applied for 10 minutes. It has a minty cooling effect and some parts I felt some tingling sensation. Later I asked her and she says its because of dehydration and wound)
Gel massage for face (You can choose if you wanna go for machine/manual)
Shoulder massage (I skipped this coz I find it ticklish!)
Mask powder chamomile (It is applied for 10 minutes. Chamomile is especially suitable for sensitive skin and calming properties)
Rose Toner (to shrink pores and neutralize our skin pH)
Moisturizer (locks in the hydration!)
Sun block (protect your skin from UVA and UVB)

My Before & After Facial:

1. Before facial. With eyebrow powder, eyelid sticker, and lip balm
2. After the Cleansing step and my eyebrows shaped.
3. After the Extraction step. A lot of blackheads and whiteheads have been extracted. Thank you. Redness can be obviously seen.
4. After facial.
5. Close up after facial face. Omg. *head hides in pit hole*

Overall it is a very hydratingrefreshing and rejuvenating experience. Recommended for those with dry skin. I like how the beautician explains what is happening to my skin and all that. She also never fails to inform me what step she is doing and all which gives a very assuring feeling that I am in safe hands. Right after the treatment I was then led to the consultation room once again and scanned my skin for a before-after comparison. Definitely cleaner pores and some what glowing skin at non-red areas.

She also did ask me to buy a package for facial but I turned down. 
It was surprising that she did not give the "black" face or what.
Thank you.

If you really wanna ask what I don't like. It would be the room is slightly small and personal (which is good) but bearable. Other than that I think the facial treatment was just normal hydrating facial for costing RM880 per session as for a price like this I would expect so much more from my before-after pics. 

Back to my after facial experience. Other than redness, I actually felt tingly especially in the hot hot Ikea parking space.

At night. The redness is no longer there but the marks are. However, my skin was super smooth. But the smoothness did not last too long.

Anyhow, if you are interested in the facial or any of their services, you can call and enquire or even visit the store nearest to you. They have 7 outlets altogether.
Don't be shy to tell them your budget though, they should be helpful. Like mine did.

For more information:

Thanks for reading and signing out with love,

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