(Review) Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse by ARWIN/Biochem

Honestly said, I have not heard of ARWIN or Biochem before but it sounds quite aesthetically pleasant to my ears.

About ARWIN/Biochem:
"Both ARWIN and Biochem are brands of ARWIN Group. All product are 100% made in Taiwan (MIT) including R&D, production, packaging, sales and delivery, to provide customer an authemtic brand from Taiwan. ARWIN Group maintains good quality reputation for 34 years, customers are able to enjoy the luxury skin care product from ARWIN/Biochem with affordable price."

I was contacted about doing a review for their Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse by Arwin/Biochem and immediately said yes coz its R O S E

Well. I love its smell. So I am looking forward to trying the product. 

Moreover, it is a 2-in-1 make up remover and cleanser that brightens up the face.

I picked the product on 13/04/2017.
Today is the ninth day of using it and below is my honest opinion about the product. I can let you try if you want but lemme know first :)
(If I meet you and you feel like cleansing your face then I can let you try, lol. Sorry I don't have extra to give out! But read on to see where you can purchase it at great deals!!!)

Once I cut open the flyer, rose smell gushed out.


It is mousse type so I don't need to waste time to lather myself.


Brand: ARWIN/Biochem
Item: Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse
Content: 250 ml
Origin: Taiwan

Claims to: Double effect cleansing and make up removing. Whitens (as it unloads 2 amino acids with mousse) & Nourishes with upgraded Vitamin B12 (this extra nutrition brings overall suppleness to skin). Damascus Rose water brings a pleasant scent, as if you walk into a Bulgarian rose garden.

Sturdy see-through plastic with pink-ish liquid inside the bottle
Easy to dispense (smells like rose) and definitely hygienic

But somehow the liquid manage to leak when I open the flyer.
(My bottle does that which is a bit annoying to me coz I pity the product go to waste slightly)

Damascus Rose Water
Hyaluronic Acid
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate
Vitamin B12

At first I did not really trust its effectiveness in removing my foundation coz I wet my face before applying the mousse on my face thus I think it was less effective. A few days ago I straight apply the mousse on my make up face and it works after that. Glad that I took some time before publishing it or not it would be a totally different thing.
(Head on over my fb for a quick video of me removing my make up!)
It does not leave the face feeling tight surprisingly! ^^
My face does look brighter after wash up and feels clean.
When it is dispensed it smells like a mix of both rose and baby powder smell.

It is also sold on 11street, at RM73.10 for a 250ml of upgraded version of cleansing mousse.
To save more, you can purchase it with friends/family who loves rose too at RM92.07 at 11street too!
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