(Personal) Planning our Wedding, Proposal & ROM

Honestly, he and I are of really different background and perspectives. But somehow I guess our principal was similar and most importantly, he tolerates me more than I did and I was just too lazy to meet more new people. I felt comfortable with him and I guess I liked him. Love is just a very strong word to use at the beginning of our relationship. We did not express much but we know what we both are thinking & feeling (sometimes only la, coz I can safely tell you even sometimes I did not know what I want).
Him, always loving the greens

While I like the city life more ^^
Coz of my past bad experiences with green places where I developed really bad allergic reactions, I know I cannot say its the greens fault but more of the cleanliness of the place.

Early of 2016, we did a serious talk on the topic of marriage. On 15th June 2016, we went and settle & book our ROM stuff. And quickly scout for engagement ring and wedding bands

This (I think) was one of the first bunch he got for me. I was surprised ^^ Thank you baby!
1 is enough actually coz eventually it will die, wasted.
He is practical but he knew I liked blue roses (at that time) and still bought it.

He is much more conservative than I personally think I am. We don't always agree with each other but we learn to communicate to one another one moment at a time. Throughout this whole marriage planning, ring scouting and all, I did learn stuff. I don't know about him coz probably guys don't think about all this sentimental-ish, little stuffs. Instead, earn the bucks and cover the accumulating expenses (just my opinion, coz my hubby behaves that way and he is the bread winner of the house).

I cannot thank you enough for his toleration and care but I also get irritated easily *gotta learn to breathe and change for the better*

Proposal :

Anyway, he didn't really propose in the desired manner (the typical romantic pisces ideal proposal way: bend on one knee with ring and confession or some mini surprise) but oh well....I can always ask him to propose in the near future since many took wedding photograph again 1 year or 10 years later of their marriage. But I guess we can take it the casual way.
I actually kept hinting him obviously for him to say something or not the box and the ring will be sitting in the drawer forever. Lol. 
One night, I hinted again and he asked me to bring the box over.
He then looks at the diamond ring and complemented it.
*signals for my hand*
And just slip it in.
I took it out and he asked me why?
I said, it is not even a proposal man, just slipping in. I also know.
Then he asked me what he should say? I demo a bit and he copied the first word and stopped. Lol,
Is there any 5 minute proposal + lower his "big man" behavior class for him?
So technically I and him proposed to me that night

Anyways, he have his soft and loving side just that he rarely shows it all out. That is why I like him and love him for who he is. But really, sometimes, I will just *flip the table*, same goes to him. 
Getting a businessman like him, he is just less sensitive while I am the other way round.
FYI, sensitive and sticky is two different thing. Luckily we both aren't too sticky and love some alone time from time to time.
A girl cannot demand too much when the economy is bad...lol. 
So when I choose my ring, I based it on our finance and something classic with quality.

I started scouting for recommended brands of rings for engagement as well as wedding bands online.

Cartier & alike are known for their quality and price

Tiffany & co engagement ring of 0.3carat quality can easily go up to 10k

Habib seems okay but some blog I read said that the clasp of the diamond ain't that strong so I looked away

Say no to Poh Kong and such

More recommended to scout Diamond & Platinum (D&P) and also SK. D&P was so expensive. 1 pair of wedding bands cost around RM10k while I got a more affordable deal and quite ok quality at SK for around near RM7k.

In the end, we got both our wedding bands and my engagement ring at SK. It comes with a free dinner wallet, a couple watch, and a proper box to store our wedding bands for photo shoot. Also, there is free one time engraving service but we haven't thought of what to engrave yet so it's on hold. *typical Malaysians that needs and will request for free stuff shamelessly since we spent so much*
(but luckily the request are done by him! ^^)

ROM (15/06/2016):
(We went the troublesome way)

1) We went to Persatuan Hokkien Klang (we were told about this place) saying we wanna get married. They gave us a form and list of items to bring later and said we need to go register at (2) first.
2) Go to JPN, get a form saying that you are getting married and fill in personal details. But need to have it signed at (3). 
3) Go to Commisioner of Oath, to say the oath. RM 4 (x2) per person.
4) Go back to JPN, queue. The staff will get our respecitve ICs and check if we have any marriages before that etc. And congrats! RM20
5) Go back to Persatuan Hokkien Klang with Photostated IC (groom, groom's witness, bride, bride's witness) in one A4 paper of 2 copies and fill up form. Choose the date of ROM (only Saturdays available so I chose 15th October 2016). Pay RM84.40.

On the day of ROM, wear nicer and make up (some even went to set their hair and make up) but I was too lazy and had a very light and easy make up by myself. Bring your rings (coz you are gonna exchange it later) and a hand bouquet (I was told most people use fake bouquets; that day I think out of 10 couples, 10 also brought flowers which I totally forgot and asked hubby to get one last minute, since he is late).

Last minute flower arrangement, cannot complain.
I just do not like the glitter man.

A pic with family coz they have traveled all the way from Seremban with me just for this ROM.
Did not post his side of the fam yet coz I have not asked for permission.
If you have been following my IG, you should have seen my pic of ROM with love.

A post celebration with my middle school sisters!
Thanks so much for the bouquet, treat and wines ...!

This is a set from Morgansfield.
It was ginormous.
We shared among 4 of us and had a bottle of red wine too.

We didn't manage to finish all of it unfortunately. 

A bouquet of babybreathes from my girls/sisters<3

Pre-wedding package at next post, stay tuned! ^^

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