Neutrogena Happy Kit -- First Impressions

On 29/3/2017, I happily received my Happy Skin 24/7 Kit from Neutrogena.
So thankful to be part of the Neutrogena Beauty Squad.

Feels so loved. And of course, I gotta review them.
I honestly don't like it when the product smells toooooooo strong or perfumey or when it has no smell at all. No smell is good imo but I quite like the smell of Neutrogena tube products. 
It is slightly perfumey to me but in a "fresh" way. Lol.
Let's just call it the "neutrogena smell" ok?

Let's jump to the product one-by-one.


#1 : Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser

Tried for the first time in the noon on the 29/3/2017.
Packaging: Normal tube and easy to control the amount you want.
Smells: "Neutrogena smell" 
Texture: Cream 
Lather: Very easy
Cleaning effect: Good
Natural oil: Face feels clean but still needs moisturiser after
Rating: 4/5
Recommended: For dry skin

#2 : Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam

Tried for the first time at night on the 29/3/2017
Packaging: Love the vacuum packaging
Smells: citrusy floral smell but once lather it smells like baby shower products
Texture: gel-ish that later bubbles up upon water contact 
Lather: Very easy but thin bubbles
Cleaning effect: Good
(but eye area especially at waterline I dare not try. Gonna stick back to point removers, lol.)
Natural oil: face is moisturised & clean
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended: for dry skin.

#3 : Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Tried for the first time at night on the 30/3/2017
Packaging: Normal tube and easy to control the amount you want.
Smells: a slightly fruity smell
Texture: sandy feel that dissolves upon ckntact with water
Lather: No
Cleaning effect: Good
Natural oil: Face feels smooth but moisturizer is needed 
Rating: 4/5
Recommended: Eliminate blackheads

I most love the Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam the most coz firstly it is very unique.
Well, my first 2-in-1 make up remover and cleanser. It does a pretty good job for both and does not dry out my face. The packaging is also vacuum pump kind which comes in really handy and convenient. Now I can ensure that not a drop will go to waste like the tube bottles.

One lesser bottle to carry.
One step lesser to complete my skin care routine.
Thank you Neutrogena for coming up with such an effective yet unique idea.

P.s. Each cleanser has similar cleaning properties and here I am rating based on my preference (obviously!) and skin condition.


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