(Event) Hands on Session at Nailroom x Sally Hansen

Last Thursday (6th April) was a very fun day!

I must admit I was beyond cloud nine when I see "Sally Hansen" and "nail art" in my inbox. Without really looking at the agenda of the day, I immediately said yes to the inivitation.

I love doing my nails at home. Even if I am doing it myself, I enjoyed it. The only downside is that when I am doing it at home, my polish somehow never truly dries. Consequently, I never really had super polished nails.
Thinking of getting myself a super cooling fan!!!


The palce was slightly hard to find  but the security was really good. You won't get lost coz there are plenty of security guards and signs for your convenience.

We took an escalator that looks slightly run down.
I was glad that the interior of Nailroom looks so inviting and clean.

The whole place looks very comfy and fun for a girls day out! Your children can join in the fun or even sleep while waiting for you.

The first DIY Nail Buffet Studio in Malaysia.
Manicurists available for guidance.
Sally Hansen nail polishes, tools, & accessories needed are provided to transform your nails to a masterpiece. There is even digital nail art printing! Wooo! Must try the next visit!
Time for You to pamper Yourself.
Various stickers, water decals, templates (for stamping), make up brushes and more available!
Come with your friends, siblings or call them up for your bridesmaids!!

So spacious and well lit. All of us here are on our way being a manicurist! ^^

Nail polish, tools and most stuff you use there are from Sally Hansen.  Its rounded and more volume head makes the !

Shelves are so pretty with real hydrangeas! Not 1, but a few bouquets! So pretty!

So comfy and friendly. Lighting also not bad ^^ for pics but of course I did edit all of my pics here.
Before our lesson begin, we are introduced to this New product by Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab (Retails: RM39.90)
It simply is the sleeping mask for your nails (especially great if apply the night before to achieve a smooth and healthy nail bed the next nail appointment ^^)
It can be applied multiple times in a day (3-4 times) depending on your nails.
It is scented too and does not have that artificial polish smell.
Contains black orchid for moisture and algae for anti-aging properties.
How-to: It is more than a cuticle oil. It's specially for moisturizing brittle, dry nail beds. Also can moisturized cuticle. Especially useful during resting period of gel nails.

The seating arrangement

Trying to capture my flatlay 

Here are some designs that you can consider!
The fan works so great! My nails dry fast!

Color choices! Not too much but not too limited too!
The one in silver handle are already infused with base coat elemnts so a base coat polish isn't available (since it is not necessary). However the ones in black handle does not have base coat properties in them so I try to avoid them. Lol.

Start off by shortening and shaping your nails with the filer #1. Shape and file nail edge with #3. Smooth and remove ridges with #5. Buff and even nail surface with #2. Shine for brilliant finish with #4. Soak nail in #6 for a clean canvas. 
*sorry for the numbering, just realized*

Wipe dry. Apply and massage this Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab to nail beds and cuticles.

I chose the purple but the glitter I changed to a slightly semi-see through milky color.

Water decal:
1) choose design
2) soak the nail you are going to work with later
3) peel of plastic seal and soak design in water
4) slide the design on your hand and pick up the design
5) place it on your nails
6) dab away excess moiture for design to stick
7) remove any decal outside of nails using a brush soaked in nail polish remover 

I did not manage to capture the step-by-step of nail stamping:
1) choose a template with the design you want
2) apply the color onto the template
3) use a card to remove excess polish
4) use your stamper and go over the design with polish
5) using the hole of the stamper, you can see where your designs will be. (Press down and roll left and right)

It may look messy but it was easy to clean. While its still wet, you may use cellophone tape to clean your hands and also stamper without using nail polish remover.

My production!

Don't trim your nails with a nail clipper, instead file it short (in one direction).
Having nail polish on is good as it helps seals moisture in nail bed (EXCEPT Gel nails).
Coloured nails needs to be removed within a week to avoid the color transferred into your nails.

Follow their facebook page (HERE) for weekly tutorials in using household items to do your nail art! ^^


This is the price list!
We did some math and this is very affodable compared to your monthly nail appointments that could easily cost from RM35 (express with normal nail polish) and above. But here, its only RM14 for 2 nail colors for 1 hour. The gel nails (without design) done by manicurist can easily cost around RM110, but here at nailroom, its only RM35.
See how much you can save and you need not buy a mini nail home salon anymore.

Overall, I like the concept of Nailroom Do-it-yourself Nail Buffet Studio concept.
It is a very therapeutic & affordable experience.

Items sold here are affordable and patterns are definitely unique.
A sense of accomplishment coz I can never achieve that smooth application. (maybe blame the brands that I splurge on last time, lol)

A quick selfie with Christine. Thanks for having me!
(I gotta paint away my eyes coz that day my eyes don't allow me to wear contact lens)

Would re-visit soon ^^

No. D-3A-48, Level 3A, Block Dahlia, 10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya Sprint PJU 6A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operation Hours:
Monday to Friday : 10am - 6pm
Weekends: By appointment only


For more information, visit:
Email: info@nailroom.my
Tel.: +603 7497 5596 or +6017 2255 077

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