(Event) Beautiful Legs with OSIM uStiletto, featuring Jojo Goh

I never thought that a massaging brand can come out with such interactive and fun session for the launch of Asia's first foot massager that backs up the whole of my calf too!!

Before that, I would like to quote how pretty their invitation card was
Image taken by pretty blogger Lee Yan. So pretty!

Upon arriving the private event,

Thanks Chan for the invite! <3

"Life is a pair of high heels, no pain no gain!"
Very true for me since I need to borrow some height especially when I wear long pants or long dress.
A pair of good heels goes a longgggg way!

So much girls are willing to go through the pain for the pleasure and confidence that comes with wearing the Right heels!

We are then led to the first secret room, and this is what we see!

Sexy legs is all you need if you do not own a monstrous figure or beauty!
Super creative-nya!

Next room, is the designs of the all new uStiletto by OSIM.

Elegant (Gao Ya Nv Wang) - red heels
Kawaii Queen (Qiao Pi Nv Wang) - most pink
Queen of Home/Homemaker (Ai Jia Nv Wang) - nude heels with dull floral pink design

I personally like the Queen of Home the most coz it gives me a feeling of tranquility and demure! While the elegant design gives a feeling of power and kawaii....well....sweet but not really my style but there are definitely people who can't decide which designs they want.

Pic credit to Lee Yan

Read on to see whst this beautiful machine with a boot like structure can do for achieving "Beautiful Legs" !

What's so special about this massager machine?

S-Tone Airbags
It is strategically positioned so that they can massage your ankles, soles and calves separately. Intense airbag massage effectively melts away the tension caused by wearing stilettos, relieving muscle aches and strains for lighter footsteps.

S-Care Rollers

Reflex rollers are situated on the toes, ankles and arches of the feet stimulating vital reflex points, relieving pressure that builds up in these areas while encouraging positive flow of energy throughout the body better for overall health and well being.

5 beautifying leg massage programs:
1) Pamper - a combination of gentle and comfortable massage techniques to soothe any discomfort that arises from wearing stilettos. It is the perfect choice for users new to leg massage.
2) Relief - Agile kneading and pressing massage to relive the tension accumulated on tired legs and ankles after a day of walking on stilettos.
3) Beauty - Intense airbag massage improves circulation and metabolism in the legs, achieving healthier and beautiful legs that you have always desired.
4) Reflexology - Strong massage helps to improve metabolism for better well being, giving you a healthy glow that shines from within.
5) Sleep - Ideal pre-bedtime massage to ease tension accumulated over the day and prepare the body and mind for a restful good night's sleep. 

A quick interview session with Jojo and she is so down to earth! She definitely is a foot massager queen coz she uses High mode for reflexology while I am at Low and already feel pain for the front part of my foot only. Others are great!

My thoughts:
I tried the relexology....most pressure and pain especially at the front of my feet part. It was like someone trying to crush my foot. and I was doing the lightest pressure so you can see how little tolerance I have to pain when it comes to foot massage. But Jojo and other girls who goes for frequent foot massagers love the most high level ones. Wow!!!
I most love the pressure applied on my calf coz its a whole grip which is nice and warm!!

Beauty mode is much more relaxed

As for sleeping mode there are feedback like they were walking on clouds and could sleep while they were being massaged.

It will be launched in May 2017 and go try for yourself okay? ^^

A selfie with Jojo is s must! Too pretty and kind. Her skin is wow!

Some desserts after! Love the chocolate one with gold sheen! They also served tiramisu cubes in dark chocolate, so yum!

Selfie with Elana's camera!

For more information/purchase of uStiletto:
Hotline: 1800-88-9898


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