(Event) Alma Lasers to Launch Accent Prime

Wonderful morning (27th March 2017) coz I got to doll up abit today. Well, it's more than a bit for me coz I don't usually go for foundation. However the event was at Aloft, KL Sentral so I cannot skip it. Haha. I also cannot look too haggard, you know la my sleeping biological clock is not working well.


Anyways, thanks for the invitation Sam! (and Otomen!)
Accent Prime features the brand new, ALMA LASERS

With pretty Elena

Of course. 
It ain't the normal ones with down time and so on.

Doctor Pablo explains about the difference and unique features of the Alma Lasers hand pieces.

This has around 7-8 different hand pieces for treating different parts of your concern:
Face (That V shape)
Wherever la... too much to list.

Oh. If you have read my Cryo-Lipolysis blog.
You might be wondering how it is different?
Thin people may not qualify for Cryo-lipolysis as they do not contain a certain thickness of fat layer while for Alma Laser, any people with any layer of fats can do it.

Combined Technologies:
Dielectric Heating + Impedance Matching + UniPolar + Depth Control + Cold Shear Wave™ & Hot Ultrasound + Microplasma™ + IMPACT™ (Trans Epidermal Delivery) 
Selective (Focused treatment at multiple depths thus surrounding tissue is unharmed)
Safe (for all skin types (1-6) & for thin and delicate areas eg face, neck, and decollete areas)
Combined Technologies (yields faster, longer lasting results with fewer treatment sessions) Comfortable (with cooling system and gradual heating)
No Downtime

Body and Face Contouring (Hand pieces - UltraSpeed; UltraFace; UltraBody; UniBody)
Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation (Hand pieces - Microplasma; Microplasma + IMPACT)
Skin Tightening (Hand pieces - CoaxiPolar; UniLarge; UniFace; Periorbital; Tune Body; Tune Face)
Cellulite (Hand pieces - UniForm; UniLarge)

Image from Brochure

It is officially launched with Datin, Drs and various celebrities guest.
Thanks again HealMatrix Sdn Bhd for the invite!


Only 20 mins (but for complicated ones take maximum 45 minutes)
Combined technologies forenhanced, long lasting result
clinically proven in extensive studies
fast easy to use, plug and play technology
no disposables

Not everyone can afford (One session per area around 12K)

P.s Stay tuned for my complimentary facial and toning seasions!


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