(Event) Indobowl at Tryst Cafe, SS15

Saturday lunch with new and old foodie "kaki"-s at Tryst Cafe.

Thanks for the invite Stella (on my right) !
Nice meeting all of you and also seeing some familiar faces ^^

We are not ordering just any ordinary cafe food.
Instead, we are having Indonesian food!

Guess what?



No! Its not the same as the one in Mamak!

Read on below to find out how affordable, yummy and healthy it can be compared to the one served in Mamak!

Tryst Cafe.

Firstly, it is called, "Indobowl"

It simply means a bowlful of yummy Indomie with Signature Sambal & egg!

Indobowl is inspired by Indonesian gourmet where different cafes serve different type of toppings and fillings for their Indomie dishes.
Key ingredient is the variety of sambal of course.

Through the cafe hopping in Indonesia, they have tried over 30 sambal flavors with Indomie.
They have decided to start off with two flavors of sambal and launching others soon. Soupy soto sambal is one of it and I am looking forward to it <3 <3 <3

Their Signature Sambal are homemade so you can only taste it here!
It is akso freshly made therefore more healthy and happy for your body!
Check the price below and compare it to Mamak's Indomie, ok?

Where to get Indowbowl?
Indobowl kiosk @ sunway mentari 
Indobowl cafe collab with cafes (starting at Tryst cafe!)

Coming soon!
Indonesian sate (with or without sauce) and desserts..
Sambal will be sold soon.

Sambal can be prepared with:
Steam fish
Fried rice

Wanna test your spicyness level? Go join the...
Pedas mampus Challenge --- basically its like fire noodle Challenge! :)

Check out the Indobowl Menu!

Signature Sambal:
Green (less spicy) - of bell pepper and not so spicy but may be spicy for most non-spicy eaters. Contain skin of chillie jeruk-ish not finely blended.
Red (super spicy)- more spicy but sweeter base. Slightly prolong spicy taste. Contains chillie skin not finely blended too.

Indobowl with Signature Sambal and Egg cost only RM5.90 (more affordable than mamak's indomie right?)
For extra toppings:
Additional sambal: RM3
Additional egg: RM2
Additional Indomie serving: RM3
Grilled/Battered Chicken Chop: RM12
Grilled Rib Eye Steak 100g: RM14
Grilled Lamb Rack 100g: RM18
Grilled Salmon 100g: RM21
Grilled Sausage: RM3
Tempura Prawns 5pcs: RM10
Grilled Chicken Breazt 100g: RM7
Grilled Meat Ball 4pcs: RM7

Mambo Jumbo Indobowl Grilled Platter   RM80
Consist of: 4 servings of Indomie, Signature Sambal, 4 Eggs, Grilled Rib Eye Steak, Lamb Rack, Grilled Chicken Chop & Grilled Salmon.
Thoughts: its a great platter if coming in a group of big eaters. Portion are generous in my opinion.

Oh, just a few shots of the venue of Tryst cafe and its opening hours ^^
Go visit and try the Indobowls ok!!! Then share with me your thoughts, would love to know ^^ 

Thanks again Stella for the invite and Kellaw for the jio! It was fun! & went back with a happy tummy too.

For more info on Tryst Cafe:

74, Jalan SS 15/4c, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening hours: 
Friday                           4pm - 2am
Saturday                     10am - 2am
Sunday - Thursday   10am - 1am

Till then and will visit soon for new flavors!


(Event) DKSH Launches Meditree Tea Tree // Stay Clear Stay Natural

The other day I tagged along Elana for a skincare event after our OSIM event.

So glad they are ok with me there. ^^


Never heard before.

But from the packaging it looks like an all natural and for acne kind of skin to me.

Indeed, Meditree Tea Tree skincare range uses pure, organic, and naturally derived ingredients to help cleanse and clarify acne prone skin.

It is 100% natural and organic skincare brand from Australia.
Apart form Malaysia, it is also available in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, UAE and Russia, and Whole Foods Markets in Canada.

About Meditree:

Made up of "Medicinal Tree" - encapsulates purity and tranquility of nature, combining ingredients with active vitamins, herbal extracts and essential oils to create a simple and nourishing acne skin solution for consumers with different skin types

Ms Chua I-Lin (Senior Manager, Product Management Consumer Health, Healthcare, DKSH Malaysia) say, "The theme of 'Stay Clear, Stay Natural', means that Meditree aspires to deliver fresh and natural skin care solution WITHOUT synthetic fillers, preservative and foaming agents"

Dr Nazirin Arrifin (renowned dermatologist from Pantai Hospital) also talks to us about the various causes and treatments available for various acne problems we face. She also adds that having acne problems is a very common thing (ie. 70-90% teens and young adults face them). Lucky for those who are blessed with great skin! Me? Well, I face them on and off all the while. It is best to treat it at early stages to prevent permanent scarring and such.

Causes of acne:

Hormonal (Puberty, Period, Preggie, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
Genetic (if both parents have it)
Greasy/ Oily Substance (works in kitchen or applied too oily products on face)

Psychological Effects:
Damaged self esteem and confidence
Social withdrawal

Treatment for acne: 
Topical creams or gel
Extraction (tools...)

Ingredients to Avoid (coz it'll block pores):
Palmitate, mineral oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, lanolin & methyl lactate
(I found a list from HERE)

Tips to prevent acne / care:
Apparently for cleanser and scrub we can do it in circular motion. But when applying hydrator and so on we should use tapping motion as to avoid clogging of pores. Also do not apply more than you need to prevent clogging too!
Such helpful tips!

Meditree Tea Tree skincare range includes:

Tea Tree Facial Cleanser
(100g   RM20.90*) 
Use day and night. Apply it on wet skin in circular motion.
Men with more oily and rougher skin can use more frequently.

Tea Tree Face Scrub & Mask
(50g   RM23.75*)
You may use 1-2 times weekly. Apply it on wet skin in circular motion too.
For mask, apply and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing off well.
It is a great deep cleansing step and is the best seller in Australia.

Tea Tree Hydrator
(50g   RM23.75*)
Use day and night. Pat on more for drier areas and less on more oil prone areas.

Tea Tree Acne Gel
(15g   RM14.55*)
Use 1-2 times daily when required. Apply on affected area only.

100% Tea Tree Oil
(10ml   RM28.00*)
No direct contact if you are afraid of sensitivity, instead, mix with jojoba oil or such before applying it on pimples/acnes. If you are not sensitive, you may apply 1-2 drops on affected area.

Recommended for:
Oily, combination & acne prone skin.


Tea tree extract: antiseptic properties
Willow bark extract: anti-inflammatory & antibacterial agent
(contains highest amount of natural form of Salicylic Acid) 

Chamomile Extract: anti-inflammatory properties to aid in soothing skin complexion
Aloe Vera Extract: soothing properties

It is now officially launched!

(From Left to Right)  Ms. Chua I-Lin, Senior Manager, Product Management, Healthcare, DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd ; Ms. Irene Chan, Senior General Manager of Consumer Health and Speciality Group, Healthcare, DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd; Mr. Jason McCombie, CEO, Byron Origins Pty Ltd; Dr. Nazirin Arrifin, Dermatologist, Pantai Hospital KL

Congrats Meditree!

Wanna share with you a bit on my thoughts of testing the products that day!
All of it gives a very cooling and refreshing feeling after removal and application of products.
I like the scrub as it is slightly different from the usual beads. Dr Nazirin says that the scrub of Meditree is just nice as it isn't too small (as too small particles in scrub may clog pores).
Toner, yes, don't have that in this series as Dr Nazirin says that sometimes for certain problematic skin do not require toner but more oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen.
It is also great that we can still wear make up after all that skincare step from Meditree.

FYI: If I have any active acne in the very near future, will update again for my skin. But, if you happen to use it before I review it myself, do comment below on how it works for your skin! Would love to know! ^^

Thanks again Elana for the invite! <3

For those of you with acne concern and have yet to find the right brand of product for you, maybe you can try this as it is quite affordable and is now available in local pharmacies nationwide!

(Event) Beautiful Legs with OSIM uStiletto, featuring Jojo Goh

I never thought that a massaging brand can come out with such interactive and fun session for the launch of Asia's first foot massager that backs up the whole of my calf too!!

Before that, I would like to quote how pretty their invitation card was
Image taken by pretty blogger Lee Yan. So pretty!

Upon arriving the private event,

Thanks Chan for the invite! <3

"Life is a pair of high heels, no pain no gain!"
Very true for me since I need to borrow some height especially when I wear long pants or long dress.
A pair of good heels goes a longgggg way!

So much girls are willing to go through the pain for the pleasure and confidence that comes with wearing the Right heels!

We are then led to the first secret room, and this is what we see!

Sexy legs is all you need if you do not own a monstrous figure or beauty!
Super creative-nya!

Next room, is the designs of the all new uStiletto by OSIM.

Elegant (Gao Ya Nv Wang) - red heels
Kawaii Queen (Qiao Pi Nv Wang) - most pink
Queen of Home/Homemaker (Ai Jia Nv Wang) - nude heels with dull floral pink design

I personally like the Queen of Home the most coz it gives me a feeling of tranquility and demure! While the elegant design gives a feeling of power and kawaii....well....sweet but not really my style but there are definitely people who can't decide which designs they want.

Pic credit to Lee Yan

Read on to see whst this beautiful machine with a boot like structure can do for achieving "Beautiful Legs" !

What's so special about this massager machine?

S-Tone Airbags
It is strategically positioned so that they can massage your ankles, soles and calves separately. Intense airbag massage effectively melts away the tension caused by wearing stilettos, relieving muscle aches and strains for lighter footsteps.

S-Care Rollers

Reflex rollers are situated on the toes, ankles and arches of the feet stimulating vital reflex points, relieving pressure that builds up in these areas while encouraging positive flow of energy throughout the body better for overall health and well being.

5 beautifying leg massage programs:
1) Pamper - a combination of gentle and comfortable massage techniques to soothe any discomfort that arises from wearing stilettos. It is the perfect choice for users new to leg massage.
2) Relief - Agile kneading and pressing massage to relive the tension accumulated on tired legs and ankles after a day of walking on stilettos.
3) Beauty - Intense airbag massage improves circulation and metabolism in the legs, achieving healthier and beautiful legs that you have always desired.
4) Reflexology - Strong massage helps to improve metabolism for better well being, giving you a healthy glow that shines from within.
5) Sleep - Ideal pre-bedtime massage to ease tension accumulated over the day and prepare the body and mind for a restful good night's sleep. 

A quick interview session with Jojo and she is so down to earth! She definitely is a foot massager queen coz she uses High mode for reflexology while I am at Low and already feel pain for the front part of my foot only. Others are great!

My thoughts:
I tried the relexology....most pressure and pain especially at the front of my feet part. It was like someone trying to crush my foot. and I was doing the lightest pressure so you can see how little tolerance I have to pain when it comes to foot massage. But Jojo and other girls who goes for frequent foot massagers love the most high level ones. Wow!!!
I most love the pressure applied on my calf coz its a whole grip which is nice and warm!!

Beauty mode is much more relaxed

As for sleeping mode there are feedback like they were walking on clouds and could sleep while they were being massaged.

It will be launched in May 2017 and go try for yourself okay? ^^

A selfie with Jojo is s must! Too pretty and kind. Her skin is wow!

Some desserts after! Love the chocolate one with gold sheen! They also served tiramisu cubes in dark chocolate, so yum!

Selfie with Elana's camera!

For more information/purchase of uStiletto:
Hotline: 1800-88-9898

(Review) Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse by ARWIN/Biochem

Honestly said, I have not heard of ARWIN or Biochem before but it sounds quite aesthetically pleasant to my ears.

About ARWIN/Biochem:
"Both ARWIN and Biochem are brands of ARWIN Group. All product are 100% made in Taiwan (MIT) including R&D, production, packaging, sales and delivery, to provide customer an authemtic brand from Taiwan. ARWIN Group maintains good quality reputation for 34 years, customers are able to enjoy the luxury skin care product from ARWIN/Biochem with affordable price."

I was contacted about doing a review for their Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse by Arwin/Biochem and immediately said yes coz its R O S E

Well. I love its smell. So I am looking forward to trying the product. 

Moreover, it is a 2-in-1 make up remover and cleanser that brightens up the face.

I picked the product on 13/04/2017.
Today is the ninth day of using it and below is my honest opinion about the product. I can let you try if you want but lemme know first :)
(If I meet you and you feel like cleansing your face then I can let you try, lol. Sorry I don't have extra to give out! But read on to see where you can purchase it at great deals!!!)

Once I cut open the flyer, rose smell gushed out.


It is mousse type so I don't need to waste time to lather myself.


Brand: ARWIN/Biochem
Item: Damascena Rose Whitening Cleansing Mousse
Content: 250 ml
Origin: Taiwan

Claims to: Double effect cleansing and make up removing. Whitens (as it unloads 2 amino acids with mousse) & Nourishes with upgraded Vitamin B12 (this extra nutrition brings overall suppleness to skin). Damascus Rose water brings a pleasant scent, as if you walk into a Bulgarian rose garden.

Sturdy see-through plastic with pink-ish liquid inside the bottle
Easy to dispense (smells like rose) and definitely hygienic

But somehow the liquid manage to leak when I open the flyer.
(My bottle does that which is a bit annoying to me coz I pity the product go to waste slightly)

Damascus Rose Water
Hyaluronic Acid
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate
Vitamin B12

At first I did not really trust its effectiveness in removing my foundation coz I wet my face before applying the mousse on my face thus I think it was less effective. A few days ago I straight apply the mousse on my make up face and it works after that. Glad that I took some time before publishing it or not it would be a totally different thing.
(Head on over my fb for a quick video of me removing my make up!)
It does not leave the face feeling tight surprisingly! ^^
My face does look brighter after wash up and feels clean.
When it is dispensed it smells like a mix of both rose and baby powder smell.

It is also sold on 11street, at RM73.10 for a 250ml of upgraded version of cleansing mousse.
To save more, you can purchase it with friends/family who loves rose too at RM92.07 at 11street too!
For other products and discounts, click here!

For more information,

(Review) Gobdigoun Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream

It has been some time and I hope that you are looking forward to the final product review from Gobdigoun!
This is one of my most favorite packaging from Gobdigoun!

Let's jump right in! ^^

Brand: Gobdigoun
Item: Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream
Content: 10ml
Origin: Korea

I love the details from the box itself. Clean white background with intricate details, look at that! 
The gold syringe encased in a clear plastic makes it looks much more expensive! *shriek*
It also have a lock system by twisting the cap to lock and unlock it! So good!
One less thing to worry and also a plus point to why I love it!

Water, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, 12-Hexanediol, Niacinamide, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Placental Protein, Pullulan Porphyridium Oruentum Extract, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Primula Veris Extract, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Veronica Officinalis Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Achillea Millefolium Extract, Bixa Orellana Seed Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Anthemis Nobius Flower Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Cymbopogon Martini Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Rose Flower Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Carbomer, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Isoceteth-10, Isoceteth-25, Adenosine, Disodium EDTA, Tromethamine, Alcohol

"The unusual mix of Niacimide and Adenosine in the Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream will help brighten your skin tone and improve skin elasticity by the exclusive ingredients of Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-5, Acetylhexapeptide-8 (similar to Botox). It also contains Australian Ovine (Sheep) Placental Protein and Swiss Alpine based herbs including Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Flower, Achillea Millefolium Extract to assist anti-wrinkle effect."

Helps improvement of skin brightening and elasticity.

How-to use:

Leave the cream without rubbing after applying it on your skin.

I have used it for a day or two and stopped coz of my sudden toothache.
Resumed on 14/02/2017 and finished using it around March coz I used it consistently day and night.
I must say I still am impressed with the thoughtful and pretty packaging as well as its effectiveness!

One pump for two eyes is enough for me. It is absorbed into the skin quite fast. Applied area feels velvety smooth. No oily or creasing. Mild scent of citrusy-like lavender. However, for my skin, it does cake if I apply concealer for my under eye area right after my eye cream.

If apply directly after the Black Pearl Eye Patch, it definitely helps to cancel out the stickiness of the patch fast.
Not only can you just apply on your eye area, you can also apply to your forehead line in circular motion. I tried it and also have plenty of moisturising mask, it does help but I forgot to take it focusing on my forehead.
It works in reducing the visibility of my forehead lines and its gone. But after the product is all used up, for some 1-2 months without any eye cream, my forehead line is starting to appearing again.
You did a great job Gobdigoun Eye Cream!

Looking at myself in the mirror now (8th March 2017), I think my eye bags are lesser. But my dark circles are of no improvement (my own bad coz I sleep too late everyday!).
But I think you can also see it from the collage pic in January and the one in end of February.

If I have the budget, I would definitely purchase it coz I love it!
Since I do not have the budget now, I hope to explore other brands with much more affordable price tag (for this eye cream in particular!)
Maybe I will buy it for mama when I earn more!

I highly recommend for those with higher budget and those who travel a lot coz this would come in handy with its lock system and it works for my dry skin (cured my forehead lines and reducedmy eye bag size, lol).

Also, the result may be more obvious for people who sleeps early & use it religiously! #NoOffense

For more info, visit their main websiteFacebook English Page, or straight to the product page for their gorgeous syringe packaging eye cream

Packaging: 5/5 
Stickiness: None 
Effectiveness: YES!
Repurchase: Yes if I have budget.
Recommended for: Those with budget! I hope you will love it as much as I do!


Related read:

P.S. If you have tried the product, please share with me what you like or dislike about it and how it goes for your recovery to a younger and brighter looking eyes!

**Also, I apologize for my not-so-obvious pics for the Eye products review. This is because I did not sleep early at all throughout these period of reviewing**

(Personal) Planning our Wedding, Proposal & ROM

Honestly, he and I are of really different background and perspectives. But somehow I guess our principal was similar and most importantly, he tolerates me more than I did and I was just too lazy to meet more new people. I felt comfortable with him and I guess I liked him. Love is just a very strong word to use at the beginning of our relationship. We did not express much but we know what we both are thinking & feeling (sometimes only la, coz I can safely tell you even sometimes I did not know what I want).
Him, always loving the greens

While I like the city life more ^^
Coz of my past bad experiences with green places where I developed really bad allergic reactions, I know I cannot say its the greens fault but more of the cleanliness of the place.

Early of 2016, we did a serious talk on the topic of marriage. On 15th June 2016, we went and settle & book our ROM stuff. And quickly scout for engagement ring and wedding bands

This (I think) was one of the first bunch he got for me. I was surprised ^^ Thank you baby!
1 is enough actually coz eventually it will die, wasted.
He is practical but he knew I liked blue roses (at that time) and still bought it.

He is much more conservative than I personally think I am. We don't always agree with each other but we learn to communicate to one another one moment at a time. Throughout this whole marriage planning, ring scouting and all, I did learn stuff. I don't know about him coz probably guys don't think about all this sentimental-ish, little stuffs. Instead, earn the bucks and cover the accumulating expenses (just my opinion, coz my hubby behaves that way and he is the bread winner of the house).

I cannot thank you enough for his toleration and care but I also get irritated easily *gotta learn to breathe and change for the better*

Proposal :

Anyway, he didn't really propose in the desired manner (the typical romantic pisces ideal proposal way: bend on one knee with ring and confession or some mini surprise) but oh well....I can always ask him to propose in the near future since many took wedding photograph again 1 year or 10 years later of their marriage. But I guess we can take it the casual way.
I actually kept hinting him obviously for him to say something or not the box and the ring will be sitting in the drawer forever. Lol. 
One night, I hinted again and he asked me to bring the box over.
He then looks at the diamond ring and complemented it.
*signals for my hand*
And just slip it in.
I took it out and he asked me why?
I said, it is not even a proposal man, just slipping in. I also know.
Then he asked me what he should say? I demo a bit and he copied the first word and stopped. Lol,
Is there any 5 minute proposal + lower his "big man" behavior class for him?
So technically I and him proposed to me that night

Anyways, he have his soft and loving side just that he rarely shows it all out. That is why I like him and love him for who he is. But really, sometimes, I will just *flip the table*, same goes to him. 
Getting a businessman like him, he is just less sensitive while I am the other way round.
FYI, sensitive and sticky is two different thing. Luckily we both aren't too sticky and love some alone time from time to time.
A girl cannot demand too much when the economy is bad...lol. 
So when I choose my ring, I based it on our finance and something classic with quality.

I started scouting for recommended brands of rings for engagement as well as wedding bands online.

Cartier & alike are known for their quality and price

Tiffany & co engagement ring of 0.3carat quality can easily go up to 10k

Habib seems okay but some blog I read said that the clasp of the diamond ain't that strong so I looked away

Say no to Poh Kong and such

More recommended to scout Diamond & Platinum (D&P) and also SK. D&P was so expensive. 1 pair of wedding bands cost around RM10k while I got a more affordable deal and quite ok quality at SK for around near RM7k.

In the end, we got both our wedding bands and my engagement ring at SK. It comes with a free dinner wallet, a couple watch, and a proper box to store our wedding bands for photo shoot. Also, there is free one time engraving service but we haven't thought of what to engrave yet so it's on hold. *typical Malaysians that needs and will request for free stuff shamelessly since we spent so much*
(but luckily the request are done by him! ^^)

ROM (15/06/2016):
(We went the troublesome way)

1) We went to Persatuan Hokkien Klang (we were told about this place) saying we wanna get married. They gave us a form and list of items to bring later and said we need to go register at (2) first.
2) Go to JPN, get a form saying that you are getting married and fill in personal details. But need to have it signed at (3). 
3) Go to Commisioner of Oath, to say the oath. RM 4 (x2) per person.
4) Go back to JPN, queue. The staff will get our respecitve ICs and check if we have any marriages before that etc. And congrats! RM20
5) Go back to Persatuan Hokkien Klang with Photostated IC (groom, groom's witness, bride, bride's witness) in one A4 paper of 2 copies and fill up form. Choose the date of ROM (only Saturdays available so I chose 15th October 2016). Pay RM84.40.

On the day of ROM, wear nicer and make up (some even went to set their hair and make up) but I was too lazy and had a very light and easy make up by myself. Bring your rings (coz you are gonna exchange it later) and a hand bouquet (I was told most people use fake bouquets; that day I think out of 10 couples, 10 also brought flowers which I totally forgot and asked hubby to get one last minute, since he is late).

Last minute flower arrangement, cannot complain.
I just do not like the glitter man.

A pic with family coz they have traveled all the way from Seremban with me just for this ROM.
Did not post his side of the fam yet coz I have not asked for permission.
If you have been following my IG, you should have seen my pic of ROM with love.

A post celebration with my middle school sisters!
Thanks so much for the bouquet, treat and wines ...!

This is a set from Morgansfield.
It was ginormous.
We shared among 4 of us and had a bottle of red wine too.

We didn't manage to finish all of it unfortunately. 

A bouquet of babybreathes from my girls/sisters<3

Pre-wedding package at next post, stay tuned! ^^

(Event) Natural Beauty with Shizens VISAGE Collection

For this post I will focus on make up products as I received a few of them and tried the products by myself, for the sake of making a video, but failed. Lol.
It was amazing anyway!

I even walk around the night market and sweat so much. To my surprise, the make up still stays!! :)

Read on or just scroll to the bottom to see how you can get a FREE Makeover and simply enter Shizens contest for amazing prices!

1: This makeover was by Shizens MUA. I quickly snap a selfie Without filter! Pink eye shadow cannot be really seen with my phone but in real life, it was pretty!
2: This selfie was taken after a sweaty sweaty walk at pasar malam (in English it means night market)

Shizens is all about enhancing your natural beauty without making you look different as if you are wearing a mask. Just a few tools to increase your confidence level and reveal your unique features :)

The Visage collection helps to bring out your natural beauty by pampering your skin from the inside to the outside. Meaning, they have skin care as well as make up products for the flawless finish. There are 9 items in this collection, which includes 3 skin care products and 6 make up products.

Prep your skin with Time Resistance Essence (anti-aging essence with skin regenerating Ceramide III  to keep skin firm, toned, brightened, moisturized, and nourished) & Time Resistance Night Cream (moisturizer skin and lock in essence to optimize firming result).

Make up
Enhancement of your features will be completed with Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO, Hue-duo Eyeshadow (Mocha Glow), Aqua Eyeliner (Black), Aqua Eyeliner (Brown), Aqua Pore Perfection and Smack Lips (coral or pink)


Packaging are just so pretty and sturdy!

Step-by-step guide (focusing on four make up!)

Step 1:
Apply the base (I think its primer from Shizens) coz my skin is dry. (Not in picture)

Then apply the  Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO on whole face as a make up base. It's extremely light weight, sheer and silky foundation. It is also 100% talc-free to combat against fine lines and pore imperfection. 

I lightly swab on my forehesd, cheeks, nose and chin. I blended with my newly puchased Anastasia Beverly Hills Blending Brush. Overall, my face definitely feels glowy & smooth after this ^^
It also contains spf in it so I don't feel that guilty for not applying sunscreen. Lol.

It also contains Vitamin E that further provides moisture to the skin.

Step 2:
Eyes. Using Aua Eyeliner (brown) create the line you want.

I must say I find it a little difficult to use as I am so used to using pencil. However, it really is long lasting. It can also be used to color in your eyebrows but I did not do that coz it dries pretty fast!

It is unique-looking coz it is a cushion type of liquid eyeliner...smudge-proof & long-wearing up to 12 hours! Cushion sponge allows the comprised brush to fully saturate in rich and highly pigmented liquid eyeliner for smooth and even application.

Step 3:
Follow by Hue-duo Eyeshadow (Mocha Glow).

I dusted the light pink all over my lid as a base and the darker pink at the outer part of the eye lid to give more dimension to my wyes, but I failed. Over-applied and cannot believe I wore it out to the movie screening of FF8, recently.

It is a nice pallet with mild shimmer. I was always worried I cannot use pink but I think I look okay in it and a bit of spring feel :)

Step 4:
Apply Aqua Pore Perfection (a liquid foundation) for contouring purpose (Not in picture). It contains Vitamin A, E and F to stimulate immunity for a healthy skin glow, retain moisture of skin and reflect damages from UVB ray.

Step 5:
Smack Lips to color your lips and also blusher for your cheeks.

I got the Orange Tango. The pink was nicer for my prefrence tho.

They are long-wearing and with a matte finish. It contains coconut oil and sunflower butter to lock in moisture in your lips thus preventing one from skin peeling while cover blemishes effectively.

Step 6:
Apply Ultimate Potent (Not in picture) as finishing product to lock in make up while serving as an ultimate instant lifting agent. It also helps to even out skin tone for a smooth, youthful appearance. It can also be used in your skincare step, that is, after toner and essence.

Makeover by Bee Lee. Omg. Too heavy-handed.

My makeover by Shizens MUA that day. #nofilter

That is all !!

Overall they are multifunctional and I love how it enhance my features naturally!

So eager to get more of their products coz now they are doing promotion:

Contains: Smack Lips - Plum Wine , Smack Lips - Orange Tango, Aqua Eyeliner - Black, Aqua Eyeliner - Brown, Hue-duo Eyeshadow - Mocha Glow, Shizens Professional Brush Set (6 brushes)
Now only at RM199 instead of RM1503
(Available from 01/03/2017-31/05/2017)

Wanna get together?
Let's join the Visage Challenge 2.0 together too!

Grand prize: RM2,000 cash + Shizens products and gifts worth up to RM6,000
1st runner up: RM1,000 cash + Shizens products and gifts worth up to RM4,000
2nd runner up: RM500 cash + Shizens products and gifts worth up to RM3,500


You can simply redeem a FREE VISAGE Makeover by quoting "VISAGE01" to beauty advisors at major Shizens stores:
Shizens Pavilion Flagship Store
Shizens Mid Valley
Shizens One Utama
Shizens Sunway Pyramid
Shizens Gurney Plaza
Shizens Genting Sky Avenue
Shizens Isetan KLCC
Shizens Isetan Garden
Shizens Parkson KLCC
Shizens Parkson Pavilion
Shizens Sogo KL

Selfie time with VISAGE Challenge (Contest starts from 15/04/2017-15/05/2017):
This is the QR code for sendingin your selifes if you don't want to submit to their facebook inbox

1) Visit Shizens outlet (as mentioned above) by quoting "Visage01"
2) Snap a selfie after VISAGE makeover to show the makeup effect
3) Submit a photo to Shizens Facebook or Wechat (inbox) to stand a chance to win attractive prizes:

P.s. VISAGE Collection official launch roadshow at East Entrance Lobby, Mid Valley (24-30/04/2017)

Follow them for more offers:

Or contact Ms. CY Leow at 03-40248331