(Review) Gobdigoun Placenta Power Soap Bar


If you have been following my Instagram (@beeleec), you would have noticed me using quite a few of their products.

So, do any of you particularly love soap bar cleanser for your face?
I have a review here for their facial soap bar.


Brand: Gobdigoun
Item: Soap Bar
Content: 120g (for 3 pieces)
Origin: Korea

♥ its Minimalistic , Sturdy & Sufficient protection even on the inside between each soap bar (refer to below pics)

I took one bar out already that is  why it looks so deep

Mineral Calcium, Makkoli Ferment Extract (Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate), Coix, Lacryma-Jobi, Ma-Yuen Seed Ferment Filtrate, Australian Sheep Placental Protein, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Pearl Extract, Opuntia Humifusa

The plastic seal is actually easily tearable, IF you intend to do so. 

Aging corrector soap bar contains ground scallop shell that had been baked for 3-5 days at about 1200C. It is then maturized with various traditional Korean medical herbs for 27 days, which is known to be excellent in exfoliation. Besides, the soap contains plenty of Calcium...7 times higher than an anchovy, 24 times than orange, which is good for health, bone sustainability, vitality, and beauty treatment. The Opuntia Humifusa includes plenty of Saponin, Flavonoid, Polyphenol, which is excellent in immunity & vitality.

Got the soap container from Daiso. Its the only container that has a separate bottom to keep your basin area clean

Started using on 14/2/2017 Night - Current 

Oh, I forgot to warn you, its scent kinda whoosh out of the container once you open the cap!!!
It has really strong perfum-ish scent. Sis relates to the soap you get when you stay at hotels.

I try to have an open mind when I use it. Of course when you compare it to hotel soap bars, well, I Never have them touch my face. But since this is for the face and is fermented with so much herbs and good stuff for so many many days, yea, let's try. ^^

On the overall, this Gobdigoun Placenta Power Soap Bar makes my face clean & soft. It does not over-strip my face oil. Tho I must say my T Zone may be slightly dry after that. I then will definitely apply moisturiser (esp on my T Zone) and so on to replenish back whatever my skin lack! Soft, well, not as soft as Eumora bar did, but at least for this bar I am not breaking out or anything alike!

For you to be truly using it all without wastage, I recommend you to cut it into 2 to 4 parts for a bar and use them in smaller chunks. Basically I wet my face and hands. Rub the soap bar between my hands for about 5 seconds without rinsing under tap water. Then only add 3 droplets of water for easy lather.

I may purchase it when I run out of it. But first, I would like to explore on more alternatives.

My current skincare routine:
Pre-cleanse  >  Gobdigoun Placenta Power Bar Soap  >  Toner  >  Serum  >  Moisturizer

Before - After Pic:

15th February 2017 - Day 1 Before using it

28th February  2017 - Day 14 of using it

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