(Post Event) Women's Empowerment Bazaar X NASOM Fundraiser by AVANA

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I am back again to talk more on what NASOM x AVANA is about.
If you have read the first part of my post regarding Women's Empowerment Bazaar X NASOM Fundraiser by AVANA , I thank you ! :)

Anyways, if you are lazy and have not read the first part, I will cover for you too what its about and what happened on the day of the fundraiser! ^^

Women's Empowerment Bazaar was held on 18th February 2017 at SS15 Courtyard Subang Jaya, It was only from 10am - 6pm.

Aim of event:

To raise awareness for autism in Malaysia by channeling 10% of the sales from all vendors from the Women's Empowerment to National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM). The proceeds to NASOM will be used in effort to raise more awareness about autism in Malaysia. Through this event, AVANA also seek to empower women who sell online by equipping them with a simple-to-use platform that automates their day-to-day online selling processes

The initiative also received support from iM4U, who also have projects that cater for youths with special needs and Coffee For Good who works closely with Autism Café Project, a café run by youth with autism that also provides training and employment to secure a brighter futurefor youth with autism.

Additionally, AVANA provided all vendors a free booth during the event, a free online store and four-hours-in-house workshop beforehand on "How to sell on Facebook" through a systematic and scalable way.

Visitors began rolling in at 11.00am. Ms. Yien Yee Soh, COO of AVANA launched the event at 11.30am with her welcome speech followed by a speech from the Board Member of NASOM.

I love the food from Tender Hearts. I tried the Korean Fried Chicken with Sushi. Never have I officially tried Korean Fried Chicken but it was yummy enough for me. The sushi was also surprisingly appetising with the vinegar and stuff with cucumber on the inside.

This is the Korean Fried Chicken and Sushi set worth RM10.

Below are a shot of the participating merchants.

 The event then continued with over 67 local women vendors selling and promoting their products and services.

Free medical checkup services were provided by DEMC. I did not go for this coz when I arrived, I did not have my breakfast yet.

 On the other hand, Slimming Sanctuary provided free hand treatment and free balloons.

Dipping into warm wax was nice!

While waiting for it to dry, wefie with our funny hands!

As she rubs, the white thing will form, meaning it is dry and is ready to be removed.

It was said to have an onvious difference in terms of whitening and softness. But because we did not do the whole process including scrub etc, (it would cost RM180 per session) we cannot see the whitening with our nude eye and also in pic.

 At about 3.00pm, the NASOM Maestros, a choir group from NASOM performed two songs on stage.

For the closing, AVANA presented a mock cheque onstage to NASOM's Chairman, Puan Feilina Feiso, signifying the 10% contribution from the participating vendors.

For more details about AVANA, contact:
Rina Chandra Kumar
Growth manager of AVANA
E: rinack@avana.asia
W: www.avana.asia
FB: www.facebook.com/avana.asia
IG: avana.asia

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