(Event) Taiwan Tourism Promo ft. MasterChef Chef Dato' Fazley Yaakob

So much tourism promo happening... but I dare not purchase anything coz my schedule is just so spontaneous and not sure how to plan.

This round is Time for Taiwan -- Taiwan Tourisim promotion Event 2017 !!
and deep down I am shrieking with excitement!!! :)


Coz my childhood mostly have been in Taiwan.

I miss being there.

Those carefree days :)
As a child, I do not really know about exploring and appreciating Taiwan, until, I came back Malaysia. Miss the famous Stinky Tofu, uncountable choices of milk teas and etc.

Event entrance
18th March 2017

May I just complain that the parking of Seri Pacific Hotel, KL sucks soooo bad?!
I got there late and more late coz I round the second time before I decided to go for the jockey service. Didn't know its RM25 (base rate for Jockey service) plus hourly rate. Not only that, I am attending the event for a near 1 hour only. Wth. However, the person who ask me to pay might be irritated by me coz I was really annoyed and surprised by the amount that I had to pay...in the end I paid RM20 for 1 hour. Still. *sigh* Please take public transport if you are going to this area!!!

Luckily I did not reach too late!
Just in time to snapchat the handsome Masterchef, Chef Dato' Fazley Yaakob, entering the room while singing 朋友 (Friends) in Cantonese.


MaterChef Fazley shared how muslim friendly Taiwan can be and suits all walks of life:
There are quite some halal certified restaurant in hotels.
Easy to find halal recipes/food.
Hawker stalls in night market knows what food is halal or not (even if you don't ask).
Convenient transportation.
Poeple in general are informative about where to get halal food and helpful in general.
Conveneint stores also have Malaysia, Indonesia products with halal logo, if you are afraid to try the snacks and food sold at their store.

MasterChef Fazley's recommends:
Eats- Stinky tofu, Shaved ice mango, Beef noodle, Curry house of beef / lamb (can google)
Shop- Si Men Ding.
Nature lover- Elephant Moutain.

We also got a little handbook that highlights what you can do/eat in each region of Taiwan. Below is a list from the handbook which I would like to visit :)

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area (Central Region)
Wuling Farm (Central Region)
Yehliu Geopark (Northern Region)
Zhiben Hot Spring Area (Eastern Region)
Mr Brown Avenue (Eastern Region)

Pingxi Sky Lantern (Northern Region)
Wulai (Northern Region)
Liushidan Mountain (Eastern Region)

Jugang Tower (Outlying Islands)

Blue Tears in Matsu (Outlying Islands)

That's all!
Oh, almost forgot.

Additional information:
Follow MasterChef Dato' Fazley Yaakob for his live videos when visiting Taiwan, here.
 Taiwan Tourism Bureau Website

Signing out,

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  1. I have never been to Taiwan before, but I have tried a few Taiwanese restaurants in my city and I love the food. I would love to visit Taiwan and try their food locally.