(Event) Hada Labo Beauty & Skincare Tips ...

... with Liu Yen and Xiao Kai Guru all the way from Taiwan ! ^^

You must be wondering what and who exactly I am talking about.

On March 4th 2017, 2.00 pm, One Utama Shopping Centre

We were invited for this crash course for beauty and skincare tips with Hada Labo.

I got there early to shop a bit & check out the items.

Purchase above a certain amount, you get free gifts (travel pack, sample size, & full sized item)

Hada Labo aims for a simple and easy skincare routine for guys and girls out there! ^^

They have three types of toner but we are only covering the Light & Rich. & Anti-aging 

Basically both achieves the same function
More moisturised skin
Brighter and more even skin
More supple skin
Reduce pore size 
Soothe redness
Firming effects (massaging techniques with the Rich toner tapping upwards ; tap downwards neck for lymphatic detox).

Moisture for the skin is the utmost importance as highlighted by Liu Yen and Xiao Kai teacher ^^

Coz most of the time, people who thinks they have oily skin is actually someone who lacks moisture. So if the dry issue is solved, your skin is all good! ^^ 

You get what I am saying?

more water inside = less oil production outside = thus, more glowy and healthy skin!


1. Reduce pore size
Pour toner to palm. Massage with tapping motion to reduce pore size. Thus, formation of blackheads and whiteheads are reduced.

2. Reduce pigmentation
Apply a thick layer of whitening serum on pigmented area. Then apply soaked cotton with toner on top of it to boost the whitening process.

3. Reduce dark eye circle
Soaked cotton with toner and apply it on dark eye circle. After that, apply eye cream.
(Stay away from products containing scent, alcohol etc.)

4. Boost absorption & firming
Tap without sound but with sincerity. No loud "slap slap" sound.

5. Soothe redness and boost moisture
Compress palm with toner at the red/dry area

6. Moisture mask (better than sheet mask!)
Rest toner patches on face for 3 minutes (add more droplets of moisture in between) thus achieving brighter and more supple skin. Great base for make up!

7. Flawless foundation application
Beauty blender soaked with toner, then apply foundation. Also very chilling if you are feeling hot.
IF you do not have beauty blender, you can use your finger tips.
(you can tap it over your make up too and your make up won't shed!)

Super tip!!

8. Butt lifter!
Use tapping motion for butt to lift it
Even neck, chest or any body area that needs hydration and lifting effects.

For the massaging techniques and tips, you may visit my facebook for the video!

A pic of Liu Yen, Xiao Kai guru demonstrating on model ^^

Thanks for having me Hada Labo X Watson.

Signing out with itchy hands coz I feel like opening the toner to try them right now!,

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