(Event) Dermedics USJ Grand Opening

Hello lovelies!
Glad to share with you what I have learnt last Saturday with Dermedics Malaysia.

If you are bored, please refer to "How to differentiate between fake and real MesoWhite vials!" & head to my facebook/IG for a referral promo code to experience genuine MesoTherapy at only RM168 instead of its usual RM988!! ^^


Finally found it. 
Was a bit lost at first.
What lah....wear contact lens also cannot see properly.

Upon arrival, we were given a stalk of rose (thank you!) & TWG packet of our choice ^^ I got chamomile tea ^^

Brochure on the right is its skincare (Series: Calm, Lift, Gen'X, Slim, Hydra+, ECM, & Peel).
Brochure on the left is its MesoTherapy Serums (Series: MesoCapil, MesoECM, MesoHair, MesoSHR, MesoWhite Booster, MesoLift-3D Booster, MesoAcne, MesoWhite, MesoHydra+, MesoCalm, MesoVital, MesoMeno, MesoSlim, MesoGen'X, MesoLift, & MesoHA+C)

Basically MesoTherapy have started since 2013.
Products originate from Europe. 
Product fully complies with the European Union standards for safety and functionality of all products.
16 series of serums altogether.
0% FREE of Parabens, Alcohol, Colourants, Fragrances, Allergens & Formaldehyde
Mesotherapy White is highly duplicated because of the demand in the Asian market.
"White = Beautiful"
This is how brainwashed we have been in our standard of beauty
To most, at least.
Including me!
So how do you want to be fair and achieve that flawless skin without harmimg your body/skin in the long run?

Differentiate Fake vs real?


  • Wording "d" real is hand drawn whereas fake is template
  • (DAB) real is all block letters whereas fake is small but some are block letters thus, not always reliable
  • Real has own QR code if falsify code then they known by are

Look at the "d" . At first I think I can see the difference but the more I see the more I feel that they look the same. Hah.

Look at the "d" & "DAB" tho DAB may not be relible sometimes.

Solution in vial?-
Real are just solution form that never changes their color.
Fake are similar BUT, identifiable through the obvious division of both powder sediments and solution, like foundation solution. Eeww...

Top is fake. Bottom is real.

Fake is more yellow and powdery sediments seen,

Real are just solution and no sediments at all. No color, but comes from the flower used.

Can you see which one is a fake?

The real one never changes color. The fake one color changes.
Real MesoTherapy White have two versions, Winter & Summer:
Winter ones are the most light cream color as the Brassica flower were extracted when they were in their baby form. Summer ones are slightly darker cream color as the Brassica flower were extracted when they were in a more mature form. Fake are more yellowish WITH powder sediments.

Both are real vials. Effect wise, same. Just that the Brassica flower is extracted at different seasons.

Both are real here ^^


Fake MesoWhite does have great effect (that is, brighter skin and overall complexion), BUT only for the first day. Oh, did I mention that user is only doing for half her face? But on day 2, user has flushed red skin and slowly has dry patches. Things got worse as the day pass by- the dryness and redness spreads. Imagine how much damage you are doing to  your skin if it is on the long run. Wth. Not returning anymore and must find help.

This is because (according to lab test) the powder sediments are like foundation that is directly injected into our skin resulting in flawless looking skin BUT it actually also leads to dryness and unfavourable effects. It was discovered by Dermedics (who have the genuine product) when they were sued by users who were treated with fake MesoWhite products.

Real vials were also tested at lab and only solution were found. No such powder sediments.

Pictures of day 2 upon receiving one session of fake treatment:

Luckily we can now differentiate real from the fake vials! 

If you are curious about the process of Mesotherapy, it takes about 1.5 hours.
Price of it varies as it depends on the need of your skin and concerns.
Currently, there are three branches of Dermedics that offers Mesotherapy services: Puchong, USJ 10 & Kuchai Lama

Process mesotherapy:
1. Micellar water (remove make up/dirt)
2. Milk cleanser
3. Soothing cream with plastic wrap for 15mins. Wiped off thoroughly to avoid sensitivity.
4. Apply mesotherapy vial with a needle machine
5. Directly apply HA gel mask for 10-15 mins . 5 mins a bit tingling (some have some don't).
6. Soothing serum to calm & brighten skin
7. Lamera cream moisturizer with spf

Within 7 days skin will improve and come back for second treatment.

Effect after 1st treatment: pores become smaller, brighter and firmer skin


ATTENDEES were given free treatments of Meso White dermedics.
Stay tuned for my first appointment with them! ^^
Thanks again for having me Dermedics Malaysia, it was an informative session!

For more information:

USJ Taipan
39A, Jalan USJ 10/1, 47620 Subang Jaya

Operating hours (USJ branch):
Monday - Friday : 11.00 am - 8.00 pm
Tuesday : Off
Saturday - Sunday : 10.00 am - 7.00 pm


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