(Event) ABBS Launches Financio Accounting Software for Startups & Small Businesses

I don't know about you but I am definitely a blurr when it comes to managing or even know the finance of my business coz seriously, I just count the money I received but failed to count the other expenses (piles of papers, shipping cost, different currencies involved and the many different parties) involved to calculate the net profit.

Oh gosh.

Why did I bring it up? Simply coz when my accounting friends ask me, "How much is your net profit?"

I have been delaying the longest time in my life. But I decided to stop coz I am thankful to witness the launch of this amazing app specially created for us startups, micro and small businesses


Here at the launch!

Stepping into the event you can see all this signs. So cute!

In case if you can't read the ones at the back! :)

So mamy professional lookimg people. I feel so small.
So happy that Mr Jye Eng, Chief Technology Officer (Cloud), ABSS and Mr Paul Conway, Chief Executive Officer, ABSS, have launched Financio!

Financio is specifically used by non-accountants to operate it without the knowledge of Accounting, like how we naturally operate Facebook with near to  no / minimal help. Isn't that just wonderful? :)

Financio for who?
Startups, small business owners, non-accountants

Helps reduce time and money you spend on accounting and tax (GST) related tasks.

Why Financio?
1) Accounting Automation - Just issue invoices, record payments and expenses ; Financio do tedious tasks e.g. generating accounting entries and tax records for you
2) e-Invoicing - Create professional looking invoice and have it delivered to your customers electronically via email in a few clicks
3) Easy Quotes - Issue quotation, send to customer, have them accepting and convert to invoice in a few steps without leaving the desk and any paperwork
4) Collaborate - Send and receive messages as well as share files related to the transaction with customers or suppliers, regardless they are using Financio or not
5) Financio Connect - Connect your business with other businesses on Financio. Transactions, messages, files and updates can be send back and forth effortlessly 
6) Unlimited User - Invite partners, accountants, bookkeepers, sale personnels and assign appropriate permission for them to reduce your workload
7) Flexible Permissions - Highly customizable permission settings (Read-only, create or approval) on each modules enable you to grant precise permission to your employees
8) Charts & Reports - You are always kept updated and have a better idea on how your business is doing
9) Online/Cloud Based - Online/web-based accounting softaware that enables you to access your data anywhere with ANY connected mobile, tablet, or computer. For PC, Mac, Android and iOS
10) Live Backup - All data stored on Financio comes with one copy of LIVE Backup and a second copy of DAILY Backup, never worry about losing your data again!
11) Highly Secure - Banking level security on Financio servers
12) Responsive Support 


With Financio, we startups can now be more in control in our business by not losing track of our financials and performance. :)

Basic version of Financio is FREE for life ;) 
It's not a trick or joke!
It's just that they value You for your contribution to our society :)

For a full function - rich premium version with a Low entry Cost of RM32.95 per month or a RM329.50 a year.

For info on specs of free versus premium version, click Here.
The launched version is in English, with the Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese versions to be launched by the second quarter of 2017.

For more information, visit their:
ABBS General Helpline: 1300 880 883 (Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm)

Location of Financio:
31-01, Jalan Molek 1/5A, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Location of Asian Business Software Solutions Sdn Bhd (ABBS):
KA3-2-13, Kuchai Avenue, No. 39, Jalan Kuchai Maju 13, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Congrats once again to ABBS in launching Financio and I hope to try this app soon as I have figured out my line of business!

(Event) De Era Wellness Specialist (DEWS) Launch & Opening of Kota Damansara Signature Boutique

Coming for an event is always fun coz other then door gifts and food, I get to make friends and meet old ones! ^^

(L-R): PR Su-Ling, Mommy Blogger Syafiera, Bee Lee, Mommy Blogger Sherry

Mr. Calvin Chin, CEO of GMCI Corporation is proud to announce its second outlet of DEWS Aesthetic Spa Boutique opening in Kota Damansara and also launching its website at www.dews2u.com

About DEWS Signature Boutique:
Homegrown integrative aesthetic spa concept. A holistic experience that pampers you inside and out (utilizing inner and outer boosters)! They do provide counselling/guidance for Wellness & Beauty, Nutrition, and Fitness, to enhance result for a certain treatment. First flagship spa spans across 5600 square feet & features 15 private treatment rooms, accommodating a total of 25 beds.

Y. B. Datuk Halimah binti Mohd Sadique, Deputy Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing & Local Government Malaysia quotes, "Your health is your investment.....your health is your wealth!" 

Dr. Lim Wooi Khai, DEWS Medical Advisor says that they are the first to offer the integrative functional medicine concept and hope to set a standard in the medical spa, healthy aging and wellness industry in the region.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (L-R): Mr. Loh Siew Ngee (Biosecret Sdn. Bhd. COO), Dr. Koh Kai Yee (DEWS Medical Advisor), Dr. Lim Wooi Khai (DEWS Medical Advisor), Mr. Andy Teoh (Biosecret Sdn. Bhd. Director), Y. B. Datuk Halimah binti Mohd Sadique (Deputy Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing & Local Government Malaysia), Mr. Calvin Chin (GMCI CEO), Ms. Zoee Tan (Celebrity Guest), Mr. Lok Khing Ming (GMCI Chairman), Dato' Alex Lee (VIP Guest)

Signing of Plaque

Memento presentation by Mr. Andy Teoh

Lion Dance in my Facebook

Touring around:

Shelf full of their products and skincare etc

The one on the right is the Aqua Bed, scroll down for first trial promotion till April 30th 2017 only!!!

So spacious!

A quick selfie before Q&A session

His and Hers book on the different different treatments available. From Facial solutions, Weight Management, Hair solutions to Intimate wellness. Not forgetting the Counselling session of Beauty & Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness.

This is the first ever Aqua Bed ever introduced in Malaysia. Not the soft ones my friend told me. It was much harder and quite hot. Thus helping in those with insomnia issues, frequent computer user, have rheumatoid arthritis problem, over exercised, & poor blood circulation.
Valid till 30th April 2017 only!!
Introductory price: RM85 per session (RCP: RM100)

Promotion above (for male and female) are valid from 1st March 2017 - 30th April 2017.

First floor for males only; 5 rooms.
Second floor for females only; 10 rooms.

Now if anyone says about "360° Total Wellness" , I think of DEWS Spa Boutique

Stay tune for my review on the two product I got!

Thanks for reading lovelies!

For more information,

1-2, Jalan PJU 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.
Tel.: +60361431889
80, Hala Bercham Timur 11, Bercham Height, 31400 Bercham, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel.: +6052261708


(Event) Watsons X Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield Launch

On 23rd March 2017
My second Watsons event
@ Glasshouse Seputeh


So excited when I was introduced to the upgraded formula of Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield range.
Simply coz I don't do a good job protecting my skin in our ever polluting environment.

Pure Beauty Philosophy:
Believes that the secret to beautiful skin comes from nourishing  your inner goodness with the active ingredients found in nature's vast treasury of pure, untouched resources. Their skincare lines are derived from anti-oxidant based blends of ingredients created from the finest natural resourcesfor attaining the best visible, long term results. Of course, products are carefully created through years of research.

Watsons Malaysia:
No need for intro coz I believe we are all very familiar with it. It is all about, "Look good, feel great!"

Upgraded Formula Ingredients
Fermented Pomegranate Extract, Urban Shield Complex, Swiss Radicare, Bulgarian Rose Water and Certified Organic Ingredient.

Urban Shield Complex:Patented IBR (R) ingredients - Anti-pollution, Strengthen natural skin defense, Anti-aging
GFF (Galactomyces Fermented Filtrate) - Ultra-shielding, Even skin tone,
Phyto-placenta - Skin rejuvenation, Anti-wrinkle

Upgraded Formula Function:
Strengthens skin barrier
Revitalizes dull skin
Reveals natural radiance

Pretty backdrop and definitely love the new packaging for this Urban Shield line! ;)

Some pomegranate juice to quench our thirst and anti-age from within ^^

Finally met sweet Juneci after so long... ^^ 

The stage :)

This new skin care line - Pomegranate  Urban Shield for Anti-oxidant and Anti-pollution is officially launched with Maya Karin (Watsons Celebrity Friend), Danny Ho (Customer Director Watsons Malaysia), & Caryn Loh (General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia).

Maya' s skincare tip:
Sufficient sleep and water
Vege juice once per day
Know your skin

A demo with model, Betty ^^
Here we are taught the steps in using the range and tips in applying the skincare more easily and effectively.

For a V-face massage: Open your hands like an alien ( "I come in peace" hand sign and go from the chin to your face 2 side at a time. Preferably to not use massaging tool as it may cause unnecessary friction to your face).
Always go in circular and upward motion for whole face.

This new range are available at all Watsons stores nationwide including Clarifying Foaming Cleanser or Mousse, Clarifying Toner, Reviving Serum, Protective Day Lotion SPF 20, Renewal Night Cream, Reviving Eye Gel, Recharging Cream-Mask, and Makeup Remover Facial Cleansimg Wipes

Price range from RM15.90 - RM69.90

Thanks again Watsons Malaysia for having me and the doorgift will be reviewed soon ;)

For more information of products, just go to your nearest Watsons store, online, or Pure Beauty Malaysia Facebook at www.facebook.com/purebeautymalaysia

(Event) Dermedics USJ Grand Opening

Hello lovelies!
Glad to share with you what I have learnt last Saturday with Dermedics Malaysia.

If you are bored, please refer to "How to differentiate between fake and real MesoWhite vials!" & head to my facebook/IG for a referral promo code to experience genuine MesoTherapy at only RM168 instead of its usual RM988!! ^^


Finally found it. 
Was a bit lost at first.
What lah....wear contact lens also cannot see properly.

Upon arrival, we were given a stalk of rose (thank you!) & TWG packet of our choice ^^ I got chamomile tea ^^

Brochure on the right is its skincare (Series: Calm, Lift, Gen'X, Slim, Hydra+, ECM, & Peel).
Brochure on the left is its MesoTherapy Serums (Series: MesoCapil, MesoECM, MesoHair, MesoSHR, MesoWhite Booster, MesoLift-3D Booster, MesoAcne, MesoWhite, MesoHydra+, MesoCalm, MesoVital, MesoMeno, MesoSlim, MesoGen'X, MesoLift, & MesoHA+C)

Basically MesoTherapy have started since 2013.
Products originate from Europe. 
Product fully complies with the European Union standards for safety and functionality of all products.
16 series of serums altogether.
0% FREE of Parabens, Alcohol, Colourants, Fragrances, Allergens & Formaldehyde
Mesotherapy White is highly duplicated because of the demand in the Asian market.
"White = Beautiful"
This is how brainwashed we have been in our standard of beauty
To most, at least.
Including me!
So how do you want to be fair and achieve that flawless skin without harmimg your body/skin in the long run?

Differentiate Fake vs real?


  • Wording "d" real is hand drawn whereas fake is template
  • (DAB) real is all block letters whereas fake is small but some are block letters thus, not always reliable
  • Real has own QR code if falsify code then they known by are

Look at the "d" . At first I think I can see the difference but the more I see the more I feel that they look the same. Hah.

Look at the "d" & "DAB" tho DAB may not be relible sometimes.

Solution in vial?-
Real are just solution form that never changes their color.
Fake are similar BUT, identifiable through the obvious division of both powder sediments and solution, like foundation solution. Eeww...

Top is fake. Bottom is real.

Fake is more yellow and powdery sediments seen,

Real are just solution and no sediments at all. No color, but comes from the flower used.

Can you see which one is a fake?

The real one never changes color. The fake one color changes.
Real MesoTherapy White have two versions, Winter & Summer:
Winter ones are the most light cream color as the Brassica flower were extracted when they were in their baby form. Summer ones are slightly darker cream color as the Brassica flower were extracted when they were in a more mature form. Fake are more yellowish WITH powder sediments.

Both are real vials. Effect wise, same. Just that the Brassica flower is extracted at different seasons.

Both are real here ^^


Fake MesoWhite does have great effect (that is, brighter skin and overall complexion), BUT only for the first day. Oh, did I mention that user is only doing for half her face? But on day 2, user has flushed red skin and slowly has dry patches. Things got worse as the day pass by- the dryness and redness spreads. Imagine how much damage you are doing to  your skin if it is on the long run. Wth. Not returning anymore and must find help.

This is because (according to lab test) the powder sediments are like foundation that is directly injected into our skin resulting in flawless looking skin BUT it actually also leads to dryness and unfavourable effects. It was discovered by Dermedics (who have the genuine product) when they were sued by users who were treated with fake MesoWhite products.

Real vials were also tested at lab and only solution were found. No such powder sediments.

Pictures of day 2 upon receiving one session of fake treatment:

Luckily we can now differentiate real from the fake vials! 

If you are curious about the process of Mesotherapy, it takes about 1.5 hours.
Price of it varies as it depends on the need of your skin and concerns.
Currently, there are three branches of Dermedics that offers Mesotherapy services: Puchong, USJ 10 & Kuchai Lama

Process mesotherapy:
1. Micellar water (remove make up/dirt)
2. Milk cleanser
3. Soothing cream with plastic wrap for 15mins. Wiped off thoroughly to avoid sensitivity.
4. Apply mesotherapy vial with a needle machine
5. Directly apply HA gel mask for 10-15 mins . 5 mins a bit tingling (some have some don't).
6. Soothing serum to calm & brighten skin
7. Lamera cream moisturizer with spf

Within 7 days skin will improve and come back for second treatment.

Effect after 1st treatment: pores become smaller, brighter and firmer skin


ATTENDEES were given free treatments of Meso White dermedics.
Stay tuned for my first appointment with them! ^^
Thanks again for having me Dermedics Malaysia, it was an informative session!

For more information:

USJ Taipan
39A, Jalan USJ 10/1, 47620 Subang Jaya

Operating hours (USJ branch):
Monday - Friday : 11.00 am - 8.00 pm
Tuesday : Off
Saturday - Sunday : 10.00 am - 7.00 pm