(Review) My Veet Sensitive Touch Experience

Veet Sensitive Touch - My Experience

So glad to be able to try the product myself.
I have been playing with it for awhile now but lemme recap with you what this game-changing device is all about. 

It comes with detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair trimming at sensitive body parts. Moreover, its cutting blade is designed to NEVER touch your skin during usage, hence NO RISK of CUTS.

Easy to open packaging.
Just pull from the blue arrow! ^^

Suitable for various parts that require a little trim:
Bikini Line
Upper Lip

There was also a pouch and a manual for you to start using it. Thank god. Coz I kinda forgot how to install the whole thing and using it.

Tips for shaping:
(shared by Celebrity Make Up Artist, Stevensunny)

Map out your brow shape with pencil then only trim. If not, go to your nearest and most trusted beauty parlor and ask them to shape your brows for you (I am gonna do that coz I had imbalance brows and that suck!)

Then you just maintain it from there! ;)

Each Veet Sensitive Touch contains:
x1 Beauty Styler
x1 two-sided precision head (optimal brow shaping)
x1 bikini trimming head
x1 comb attachments
x1 styler cap
x1 cleaning brush
x1 beauty pouch

(runs on AA battery included in packaging)

The pics are non-edited.
Only drew the box and that is where you need to look at. *spot the difference*

1) I am uncertain if I should try it as I am meeting a friend after. So I just did one brows as it has a more prominent arch.
2) Look at the arch in the box
3) I used it with the comb attachment first to trim the length of my brow hairs. Then I removed it and use the shorter side of the trimming head. Little hairs are seen and I used the cleaning brush to clean it.
4) Can you see the difference of the arch! ^^ *touched up with some brow powder already coz I slipped abit, but its okay coz they'll grow back soon and thank god I can kinda cover it with the powder*

Okay or not?
I was so afraid I will slip up with that loud buzzing sound but it was all cool after a few swish around ^^

Almost too precise
No cuts
Convenient (anywhere and everywhere)
Cost-effective (the accumulating session of visit will be more than the cost of this innovative gadget)
Multi-use (tame different areas and can even be shared with your siblings/other half etc)
Hygienic (heads can be easily detached and wash; comes with a brush too)

Tips before using it on your brows:
Almost too precise and effective (It's good but bad if you use it for the very first time without playing around it first to roughly know and adjust your strength. I have made that mistake but it's all okay coz they'll grow back ^^) 
Only if there is like a protection thing for the brows then the slip won't be too obvious

Thanks again Veet Malaysia for having me and letting me to try this my own.
It's a scary but great experience for owning and using one.
It has definitely saved me from my hairy situations.

Go get one yourself and try it coz yesteray in Watson I saw them selling for only RM107 and members get 10x points !!!


  1. Good to know about the product. Veet comes up with pretty amazing launches and I have to say that this one takes the cake in terms of versatility and precision. Cheers to the share.

  2. I don't think I dare to shape my brows with it. What if I slipped? HEHEHE Can't imagine!

    1. I definitely recommend loads of practice and know the position to hold for comfort before you go in like I did....lol!! XD

  3. How scary is that? I always find it was so scary to 'trim' down there using these tools. Haha

    1. trim is fine babe. Memang takde "stcuk" situation or scarring. I tried it alot on my hands and all. ZERO CUTS even if I simply swish around!! ^^

  4. Hahaha.... I am pretty nervous using this tools down there too.... let me stick to what I know best

    1. Lol! ^^ But if you dont mind giving it a chance on some other areas for it, I think it will come in really handy for us all!

  5. Wow. I didn't know that this item exists. Thank you for sharing