(Review) Goun Hand Cream by Gobdigoun > Crocodile Oil V.S Snail Mucin

Hello lovelies!
How is your CNY and happy working for those resuming with work!
Got enough angpow? :)
Come visit me before the 15th day of CNY. Today is day 8 already! XD

Back to my skincare...
I noticed recently my trial products are of Asian brand. But my more permanent skin care are not.
Will update on my routine another day! ;)

Anyways, I am now starting to switch one by one of the items to K-beauty product and will try my best to stick to it for this 2 months straight!

Focusing on one brand in particular, Gobdigoun
Since 2010, Gobdigoun started the business in Korea. The products are now selling in Myeong-Dong, Seoul, South Korea, in LG Brand Skin Care Product Store. Among the products of Gobdigoun: 24K Golden Cream of Placenta Power and Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask, are the best selling productsbin China, Taiwan and Japan's market.
You may visit their Facebook English page, or their official site, HERE.

If you have been following my Instagram (@beeleec) or Facebook, you'd know that I have some sensitive reaction thus I cannot try any products that touches my face. Luckily it has soothed much more. So at that moment, the only non-face product that I could try are the hand creams.

I like the packaging. Convenient. No leakage. Brightly lit. Makes me feel happy. And definitely a pro for the forever washing and cleaning up before, during and after CNY!!!!

Don't just pamper your face. Pamper your hands too!!!
I have tried numerous hand creams...from Vaselin to Enchanteur etc....
They are just greasy or too strong a scent. More of a temporary relief for my dry skin. I am looking for a more lasting relief for my dry dry skin.

My favorite Hand Cream by far goes to Gobdigoun's Goun Hand Cream.
Foot cream goes to L'occitane (full review here).

Crocodile Oil Hand Cream
Smells mildly perfume
Isn't as strong or long lasting as Snail Mucin Hand Cream
Hand does feel softer
No sticky/oily feeling
Application absorbs faster than Snail Mucin
Conclusion: definitely a good enough hand moisturizer coz no oily, sticky feeling and hubby not complaining of the smell :)

Snail Mucin Hand Cream
Smells sweet and musky
Stronger and more long lasting compared to  Crocodile Oil Hand Cream
Hand does feel softer
No sticky/oily feeling
Needs sometime for it to be completely absorbed
Conclusion: hubs may complain a little about the scent but it is good for me especially when I go for event or work (especially under cool and dry condition). I can look good, feel good and smell great! :)

I further applied to my dry dry legs and yes, it works! See for yourself! ^^

In image 1: Circled area is the white patchy skin, if you can see.
I have been having dry limbs since uni time till now... :/
Glad this works temporarily to save me the embarassment. That is why I rarely wear skirt or shorts when going for events. If I do, I will need to spray some water mist (domt really work) or lotion first!
In image 2: A little application saves my dry skin
In image 3: No more dry skin! Yes, I cannot even write anythimg and feels much more confident in my own skin.
Love this lightly scented and non-greasy lotion !
Will need to purchase it when I run out of it.
Only con is, can it be in a bigger tube? XD
Thanks Gobdigoun for sending these and more over. Will release post once I am done with noting down my experience ^^

Please have patience with me and  xx



  1. Where can I purchase this in the US?

    1. Hi Dave, I think for now they only have physical store in Korea itself. But if you don't mind, you can get it conveniently from their online store or contat them for more details here:

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