Pink Elephant at Cameron Highland

Short Getaway with Love
1st - 3rd January 2017

(Pink is Me)
(Purple is Him)

Day 1

Before going up hill, we always like to stop by Hao Yi Lou Restaurant
(Images taken from Malaysia Most Wanted Food, coz mine was a boomerang video that I couldn't upload here)

Stir dry shrimp (500g big) RM50

(Image from link above, but it was with sambal chillie)
We instead ordered Paku Vegie with Salted Egg RM6

Only has 6% GST charges

Address: No. 1 & 2, Persiaran 1/3
Taman Tapah Indah III
35000 Tapah,
Tel.: 05-401 8148

Always stop by at our usual Tea place:

After check in and shower

,we head to Highlands Steamboat (Lao Zi Huo Guo)

This is a 2 portion. Free flow vegies that I did not take.

But we think the owner of the shop is different already.
Slightly okay, but we prefer the old one coz the soup gets saltier too fast.
Concept is the same tho, RM28 per person (for the above pic) and free flow vegies, noodles, eggs.

Address: No. 11, Bandar Baru Brinchang,
Cameron Highlands,
39010 Tanah Rate,
Tel.: 05-4914323

Supper at 18 degree Celcius Cafe, G Floor of Copthorne Hotel

Great night coz there were band singing and I was having Chamomile tea to end my night^^

This was taken the next morning 

Day 2

Breakfast at Gerai Makanan Weng Hang
(both shops for breakfast are near the Rosa Passadena Hotel)

Food was just normal but I think I heard the boss is gonna change their menu to rice based

I like their milo tho its normal. Not too diluted.

Take away pork from a few shops down, Kedai Menjual Makanan Segar Chong Chee Wai

Love that crunchy skin! Omg! This I think we paid for RM5

Lunch at Oldtown White Coffee.
While waiting, Lets have a wefie

Phone charging box. So convenient and no extra charges

Free to read mag

His Kaya Bread RM5.19
My Garlic Toast RM5.57 (we asked them to toast abit longer coz it ain't crunchy! Thanks!)
Soya Milk RM5.19
Water RM0.94
+16% GST and services

Not-so-worthy coz expensive.
Address: G08 & G08A,
Cameron Nova,
39100 Greencow,
Cameron Highlands,
Tel.: 05-4961368

Dinner at Restoran Eng Tick

We ordered:

Petai & Herbal chicken

Day 3 

Breakfast at some random shop before going down hill

Hubs got it from the "pasar pagi" (morning market in English).
It looks great. But.....too sweet for us.  >.<"

Dinner at Restaurant Wonderland Valley

Only 1 wild boar to see. Poor boar...

A flock of chickens

Super spacious and convenient parking spaces


Just me posing while waiting for the food ^^

A quick snap: lady fingers, onion and eggs, steamed fish with ginger

Guess where?
Its the toilet!
Like how this toilet looks!

Look at their bag hanger and door latch!

Thanks for the food. But I really need to complain...
Please make flies go away. It started appearing once are food is served!

Supper at Marry Brown, Genting Highland


Bee Lee's BEST 3 to visit:
Hao Yi Lou
Restaurant Eng Tick 
Kedai Menjual Makanan Segar Chong Chee Wai

Thanks for reading guys.

Signing out,

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