(Event) Veet Sensitive Touch Brow Workshop

Hello lovelies!

I am so so honoured that I was invited for the event on 15th February, not only to meet quite a number of blogger friends from Facebook Blog Groups in person but to also meet Malaysia Supermodel & Actress, Amber Chia and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Stevensunny.

Because of that overwhelming effect I kinda forgot to take pics with all of them and on the same night when I wind down in my pillow, I regretted. Lol.


Anyways, the event took place at Talent Lounge and the food was soo good (thank you Leonard & thank you to Talent Lounge for the good food!) but unfortunately I cannot bite properly still that night and I just had some of the food only. Salmon was my favorite but I just cannot eat much that night. :/
Luckily there was Mushroom Soup ^^^

The highlight of the show:

Veet Sensitive Touch

An innovative gadget that promises no fear of cuts yet the precision you desire especially when grooming the eye brows & the delicate area (eg. bikini lines, underarms). It is also suitable for taming hairs at your upper lip and chin, and also sideburns

"Women these days require a whole armory of tools to tame those tricky terrains; threading / tweezing for eye brows, razor / wax for bikini line and underarms," said Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director of RB Malaysia and Singapore

Veet takes on this challenge and here comes the size of an electronic toothbrush, Veet Sensitive Touch.

Demonstration of 3 different brow types by Celebrity Makeup Artist, Stevensunny

Stevensunny defined his description for the three different brows he did.

Rock - Significant rounded shape at front part of eyebrows + dark colored.
Bohemian - Focuses on harmony and nature, focusing on having thicker + fuller eyebrows.
Korean - Straight brows and it + compliments dewy skin, thus appears more youthful.

"Your eyebrows speak before you do," he says.

So which style of brows would you go for?
I am totally going for the safest, the Korean brows.

Since it is suitable for all brow preferences you can always change your brow style from time to time!

"...saves time for women on-the-go like me" & "...groomed and pretty pair of eyebrows is essential to complete the look," stressed by Malaysia Supermodel and Actress Amber Chia

Convenient (anywhere and everywhere)
Cost-effective (one session of eyebrow shaping cost RM20 maybe and you may need to have a monthly visit or a bi-monthly visit; bikini line maintenance is around RM68 or even more per session; read till below to find its shocking retail price!)
Multi-use (tame different areas and can even be shared with your siblings/other half etc)
Hygienic (heads can be easily detached and wash; comes with a brush too)

"Gentle,precise and no fear of cuts - this is what beauty should feel like!" with only RM119.00 retailing at all major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers.

For more details about Veet Sensitive Touch, visit their official site

Thank you Powie for the invitation and thanks Veet for having me that night!

I am thankful that Veet has been so thoughtful for coming up with such a tool! Hopefully I can say "Bye bye tweezers" (have always been buying one and another for standby when I cannot find it but needed it immediately!) and also bye to razors for those who are using!

Stay tune for the tips shared and also my experience and thoughts when using Veet Sensitive Touch


  1. I've always seen Veet promotions on TV. Your blog review makes me want to try the product.

  2. I like to see companies with new skin care innovation and Veet is one of them. Your featured picture shows that you enjoyed yourself at the event

    1. ^^
      Yes I did! It was fun to know about new and innovative products for us on-the-go!