(Event) "Pawse for a Cause" media launch x premiere screening of A Dog's Purpose


That was one of the first dog movies that brought tears to me.
The first animal movie that made me cried uncontrollably coz I felt really really sad.

You would have watched Hachiko if you are an animal lover!!

After 80 years of Hachiko's death, the University of Tokyo where Ueno worked had finally pulled together to have this new statue, Hachiko has finally reunited with his owner
*movies based on true story*
Image taken from Japan Daily Press

I initially thought that the story line for A Dog's Purpose would yield the same amount of crying that Hachiko had brought me, therefore, I did not wear any foundation and concealer. Just an eyeliner and brows to make me look less tired and a pack of tissue paper. The trailer of A Dog's Purpose, seems like a really pure happy and sad point of view from a dog's.


After registration, we got our tickets and I am quite excited and kinda have high expectations for the movie

This is the goodie bag. Some have cute little poop bags with container, dogs and cats food and treats!

And after the movie, it was just okay. Not the super teary kind. Very fast paced and straightforward. Some teary scenes and that is it. I think I will pick up the book coz usually books are better than movies. Anyhow, I still do doubt if dogs kept reincarnating into the lives of dogs instead of something else. It was worth the watch tho coz I think after the movie you may be more concerned and think from the point of view of your fur kids!! (Just my opinion!and that is what I felt)

For this movie tho they kept reincarnating into different lives of dogs and loves many many new humans in each lives.

Their lives, good or bad, are determined by their luck in whether they had a good or bad owner. 

They play.
They eat.
They comfort us.
They feel.
They detect our emotions.
They are always trying to cheer us up.
They are just so loyal.
They are not a hypocrite.
They are really "always here" for us no matter how we treat them.

Pawse for a Cause (PFAC) is Malaysia's largest animal welfare fundraising initiative uniting local artistes to raise funds for animal shelters and organizations.

The founder, Seema Subash and her Chelsea
(Go check their Instagram!)
(Image taken from Ms. Seema's IG account)

The movie brought about the message of PFAC:
Bond shared between humans & fur kids
Animals deserve a good life (we hope to make that a reality in our country)

Movement PFAC x A Dog's Purpose:
Educational platform
Conduit for social and legislative reform
A sustainable support system for ongoing financial aid and emergency response services
The zero stray population

"Thus, the prevalence of crimes against animals in Malaysia underscores our relevance and need to exist."


Mark your calendar!
29th July 2017
@ Desa Park City

The second annual charity carnival

Seeks to:
Spotlight the plight of strays nationwide
Raise funds for pet non-profits
Educate the public on the Animal Welfare Act (soon taking effect)

There will also be various performances to professional workshops and consumer contests, the families and individuals in attendance can expect to be spoilt for choice.

For serious adopters looking to add to their household, an all-day pet adoption drive will afford many animal lovers the opportunity to ride home with the perfect furball in tow!

For more information,
Visit official PFAC website
Potential financial investors or parties interested in making bulk donations (eg food and shelter supplies) should get in touch with Ms Seema Subash directly at +6016 2363 197. To connect with the team via social media and be updated with the brand's going-on, visit their Facebook , Twitter & Instagram.

Thank you PFAC and Butterfly Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to attend my first movie event! A bonus when it is much more meaningful!

That little poodle was my fur baby.
Her name is "Lady" in mandarin.
She chose that name, not me ^^
The other two toy dog are her playmates, her brother and sister that loves to bully her.
But, she likes it. ^^
That Schnauzer is called Choppa.
The Beagle is called Pudding.


  1. Oh my goodness I want to watch this! I've read about Hachiko and it also brought me to tears.

  2. I dah tengok their trailer, the storyline seems interesting. Glad you get to watch it and share your thoughts here!

    1. Thanks babe! Its nice but nicer when the company is wonderful! ^^
      You watched yet? ^^

  3. I am going to watch this soon! hope it's touching.. I am tempted to bring my dog along to watch with me :(

    1. I was tempted to bring my dog too....lol.... ^^ Watched yet?

  4. I cried like painfully buckets when I was watching Hachiko too! I hope the adoption drive is a success and more lovely dogs get to stay at good home with lots of love

    1. Lol...
      I hope so too for the adoption drive! :)

  5. I love dogs and would definitely watch any movie starring a dog. You can tell that I am a dog person. I am gonna put this movie on the to watch list.

    1. Nice to know that! Same here!!But most dog movies are sad and warming to the heart for me so I would prefer to watch them at home! ^^
      So you watched yet? :)