MITA Travel Fair 2017

Hello lovelies!

Any plans for today till the 26th February?

Heard of MITA Travel Fair before?

Its the biggest Domestic and ASEAN Travel Fair


It includes various fun activities:
*pre-register via google form*

MITA spicy Challenge (25/02/2017)
Pre-register (round 1 at 12.45pm & round 2 at 6pm)
Prize 2D1N Hotel Stay
Eat spiciest nasi lemak challenge. 1 round 3 winners.

MITA Big Stomach King Challenge (26/02/2017)
Pre-register (6pm)
Prize 2D1N Hotel Stay
Eat the most number of roti canai within 10mins will be the winner.

MITA Traditional Outfits Snap & Win (24-26/02/2017)
Try on different traditional outfits and take a selfie with the designed backdrop, upload to Facebook #VisitMITATravelFair to stand a chance to win a prize

Crazy Deal (24-26/02/2017)
One day 2 rounds if crazy deals

Air Asia Fare Ticket (24-26/02/2017)
Get a special fare rate flight ticket compare to market price only in MITA Travel Fair 2017. Example, Penang, Langkawi, flight ticket only from RM39.

Celebrity (25 & 26 /02/2017)
2.30pm -3.30pm
Meet Malay artists and enjoy performances

Food Truck Fiesta (24-26/02/2017)
Enjoy various food, music & seats

Malaysian Food Festival (24-26/02/2017)

Travel package discount up to 60% (24-26/02/2017)


This is my first travel fair experience and to be honest, it was slightly overwhelming for me. Don't know where to start so I shall just cover the booth as I go along with the pictures!

This is their banner 

Register here before you go in 

Look at the awesome deals by Air Asia!

It s an all-in one way fare. Gonna plan where to go ^^

These are the places I plan to go ^^ 

This is the entrance

Booth information board. First column is the various Exhibitors. Others are Explore Labuan, KL Tourism Bureau, LADA, Malaysia Hotel Association, Ministry of Agriculture, Sabah Tourism, Sarawak Tourism Board, Tourism Johor, Tourism Kelantan, Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Melaka, Tourism Perak, Tourism Selangor, & Tourism Terengganu.

First stop, Langkawi booth.
I would love to try island hopping. 
Never have I done that before but it would be a great memory to create before I turn 30. ;)

A quick snap of what to do when in Perak! ^^
I always feel like there is nothing to do in Perak but maybe I should give it a chance! ^^

For you scuba divers, they are selling these cool attires!
Go check them out yourself coz I have zero knowledge about the price and so on.

Insurance is definitely a must for some when travelling. Of course Prudential offers other packages for saving, medical etc.
Go talk to them about this interesting Travel Saving that I was introduced to! ^^

Oh, Redang. Only seen the amazing beauty from movie itself, never been there in person. Will need to travel more locally this round!

This booth is called, "Palace of the Golden Horses"
Like and shae their facebook page, you'll get a fan and a Buy 1 Free 1 High Tea.
Pnce register, you can also spin the wheel of fortune. I got a FREE Medical Check-up worth RM200.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia. Who doesn't know?
If you haven't been there, it is definitely a great friend and family outdoor activity.

Admission ticket for adult is RM90 per entry (NP RM170) with a free gift worth RM19.90.
Admission ticket for child is RM70 per entry (NP RM150) with a free gift worth RM14.90.
FAMFun (2 adult 2 child) RM300 per entry with RM20 meal voucher + free gift worth RM49.90.

Here are the Kelantan booth. From yummy food  to batik, wayang kulit, baskets and more....

Terengganu booth serving keropok and more here

Left is the herbal garden of Perak. Right top is the Amya Enterprise that provides service, wholesale and processed herb-based products, health, beauty and happiness. Right bottom are the sample products.

This is the Agro-Technology based in Cameron Highland. Below are the products.

This is the free painting known as "Batik Block" at the booth by Ayu Fashion House.
Such a therapeutic short time and so creative. My first time seeing it and I brought back my colourful turtle. ^^
Thank you!

For more details,
Mahadi @ Ibrahim Deraman Zainun Bt Abd Rahman
019-930 0697

Rozali Bin Ismail012-959 8062

Address: Lot 1139 Kg. Talak Chabang Empat,
16210 Tumpat, Kelantan.
Tel: 09-718 2315

Some places to check out in Selangor.
On the right is Bangi Wonderland.
4 persons (MyKad) only RM150 use by 1 year from date of purchase.
4 persons (Non-MyKad) only RM180 use by 1 year from date of purchase.

Various hotel deals that you can check out too!

Gonna drop by again tomorrow or something if I am free to check out a few places! ^^

First time seeing this in Malaysia. So cool!

Anyone interested in Hello Kitty Town? It's in JB and I hope to visit it one day! >.<"
2 single park pass for RM99 (NP RM170)
Add on RM67 for upgrade to ALL PARK Pass

Fantasy Rainforest.
A world-class theatre encapsulates the concept of "love" , "tolerance" , and "harmony" through the role of a hunter. Located  at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
2pm & 6pm Daily
VIP RM200  //  Standard RM120  //  Child RM60

Farm In The CityFAIR Special Promotion
Adult RM24 (NP RM48) and Child RM19 (NP RM38)

Malaysian village-themed petting zoo.
More than 60 types of vegies and tropical fruits.
More than 100 sepcies of tame and exotic animals.
"Kampung" vegetables farm.
21 attractions in the farm.

Operating hours:
Weekdays: 10am-6pm
Weekend/Public/School Holiday: 9.30am-6pm
Closed on Tuesday
*excluded Public Holiday & School Holidays*

Eureka Farm Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 40187-40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat,
Bandar Putra Permai,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

I haven't been to Sabah too...

Hot Wheels. Such good old times.
The owner says he has been collecting since 1989.
1989 oh my!

For more info, you may visit his Facebook page here or whatsapp Hadi at 018-7825823.
They do delivery to:
Selangor, KL, Seremban, Tanjung Malim, Shah Alam, Melaka, UPM, UKM, UPNM, UM, UNITEN

They also have an upcoming exhibition at Gelanggang Seni (at Kelantan), 21 & 22 October 2017.


For more details of the MITA Travel Fair 2017 at MIECC, you may visit their Facebook page !
Thanks for having me.
A good experience indeed!

Good night all.
you know what to do !!!! ^^

Signing out,

(Event) "Pawse for a Cause" media launch x premiere screening of A Dog's Purpose


That was one of the first dog movies that brought tears to me.
The first animal movie that made me cried uncontrollably coz I felt really really sad.

You would have watched Hachiko if you are an animal lover!!

After 80 years of Hachiko's death, the University of Tokyo where Ueno worked had finally pulled together to have this new statue, Hachiko has finally reunited with his owner
*movies based on true story*
Image taken from Japan Daily Press

I initially thought that the story line for A Dog's Purpose would yield the same amount of crying that Hachiko had brought me, therefore, I did not wear any foundation and concealer. Just an eyeliner and brows to make me look less tired and a pack of tissue paper. The trailer of A Dog's Purpose, seems like a really pure happy and sad point of view from a dog's.


After registration, we got our tickets and I am quite excited and kinda have high expectations for the movie

This is the goodie bag. Some have cute little poop bags with container, dogs and cats food and treats!

And after the movie, it was just okay. Not the super teary kind. Very fast paced and straightforward. Some teary scenes and that is it. I think I will pick up the book coz usually books are better than movies. Anyhow, I still do doubt if dogs kept reincarnating into the lives of dogs instead of something else. It was worth the watch tho coz I think after the movie you may be more concerned and think from the point of view of your fur kids!! (Just my opinion!and that is what I felt)

For this movie tho they kept reincarnating into different lives of dogs and loves many many new humans in each lives.

Their lives, good or bad, are determined by their luck in whether they had a good or bad owner. 

They play.
They eat.
They comfort us.
They feel.
They detect our emotions.
They are always trying to cheer us up.
They are just so loyal.
They are not a hypocrite.
They are really "always here" for us no matter how we treat them.

Pawse for a Cause (PFAC) is Malaysia's largest animal welfare fundraising initiative uniting local artistes to raise funds for animal shelters and organizations.

The founder, Seema Subash and her Chelsea
(Go check their Instagram!)
(Image taken from Ms. Seema's IG account)

The movie brought about the message of PFAC:
Bond shared between humans & fur kids
Animals deserve a good life (we hope to make that a reality in our country)

Movement PFAC x A Dog's Purpose:
Educational platform
Conduit for social and legislative reform
A sustainable support system for ongoing financial aid and emergency response services
The zero stray population

"Thus, the prevalence of crimes against animals in Malaysia underscores our relevance and need to exist."


Mark your calendar!
29th July 2017
@ Desa Park City

The second annual charity carnival

Seeks to:
Spotlight the plight of strays nationwide
Raise funds for pet non-profits
Educate the public on the Animal Welfare Act (soon taking effect)

There will also be various performances to professional workshops and consumer contests, the families and individuals in attendance can expect to be spoilt for choice.

For serious adopters looking to add to their household, an all-day pet adoption drive will afford many animal lovers the opportunity to ride home with the perfect furball in tow!

For more information,
Visit official PFAC website
Potential financial investors or parties interested in making bulk donations (eg food and shelter supplies) should get in touch with Ms Seema Subash directly at +6016 2363 197. To connect with the team via social media and be updated with the brand's going-on, visit their Facebook , Twitter & Instagram.

Thank you PFAC and Butterfly Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to attend my first movie event! A bonus when it is much more meaningful!

That little poodle was my fur baby.
Her name is "Lady" in mandarin.
She chose that name, not me ^^
The other two toy dog are her playmates, her brother and sister that loves to bully her.
But, she likes it. ^^
That Schnauzer is called Choppa.
The Beagle is called Pudding.

(Review) My Veet Sensitive Touch Experience

Veet Sensitive Touch - My Experience

So glad to be able to try the product myself.
I have been playing with it for awhile now but lemme recap with you what this game-changing device is all about. 

It comes with detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair trimming at sensitive body parts. Moreover, its cutting blade is designed to NEVER touch your skin during usage, hence NO RISK of CUTS.

Easy to open packaging.
Just pull from the blue arrow! ^^

Suitable for various parts that require a little trim:
Bikini Line
Upper Lip

There was also a pouch and a manual for you to start using it. Thank god. Coz I kinda forgot how to install the whole thing and using it.

Tips for shaping:
(shared by Celebrity Make Up Artist, Stevensunny)

Map out your brow shape with pencil then only trim. If not, go to your nearest and most trusted beauty parlor and ask them to shape your brows for you (I am gonna do that coz I had imbalance brows and that suck!)

Then you just maintain it from there! ;)

Each Veet Sensitive Touch contains:
x1 Beauty Styler
x1 two-sided precision head (optimal brow shaping)
x1 bikini trimming head
x1 comb attachments
x1 styler cap
x1 cleaning brush
x1 beauty pouch

(runs on AA battery included in packaging)

The pics are non-edited.
Only drew the box and that is where you need to look at. *spot the difference*

1) I am uncertain if I should try it as I am meeting a friend after. So I just did one brows as it has a more prominent arch.
2) Look at the arch in the box
3) I used it with the comb attachment first to trim the length of my brow hairs. Then I removed it and use the shorter side of the trimming head. Little hairs are seen and I used the cleaning brush to clean it.
4) Can you see the difference of the arch! ^^ *touched up with some brow powder already coz I slipped abit, but its okay coz they'll grow back soon and thank god I can kinda cover it with the powder*

Okay or not?
I was so afraid I will slip up with that loud buzzing sound but it was all cool after a few swish around ^^

Almost too precise
No cuts
Convenient (anywhere and everywhere)
Cost-effective (the accumulating session of visit will be more than the cost of this innovative gadget)
Multi-use (tame different areas and can even be shared with your siblings/other half etc)
Hygienic (heads can be easily detached and wash; comes with a brush too)

Tips before using it on your brows:
Almost too precise and effective (It's good but bad if you use it for the very first time without playing around it first to roughly know and adjust your strength. I have made that mistake but it's all okay coz they'll grow back ^^) 
Only if there is like a protection thing for the brows then the slip won't be too obvious

Thanks again Veet Malaysia for having me and letting me to try this my own.
It's a scary but great experience for owning and using one.
It has definitely saved me from my hairy situations.

Go get one yourself and try it coz yesteray in Watson I saw them selling for only RM107 and members get 10x points !!!

(Event) Veet Sensitive Touch Brow Workshop

Hello lovelies!

I am so so honoured that I was invited for the event on 15th February, not only to meet quite a number of blogger friends from Facebook Blog Groups in person but to also meet Malaysia Supermodel & Actress, Amber Chia and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Stevensunny.

Because of that overwhelming effect I kinda forgot to take pics with all of them and on the same night when I wind down in my pillow, I regretted. Lol.


Anyways, the event took place at Talent Lounge and the food was soo good (thank you Leonard & thank you to Talent Lounge for the good food!) but unfortunately I cannot bite properly still that night and I just had some of the food only. Salmon was my favorite but I just cannot eat much that night. :/
Luckily there was Mushroom Soup ^^^

The highlight of the show:

Veet Sensitive Touch

An innovative gadget that promises no fear of cuts yet the precision you desire especially when grooming the eye brows & the delicate area (eg. bikini lines, underarms). It is also suitable for taming hairs at your upper lip and chin, and also sideburns

"Women these days require a whole armory of tools to tame those tricky terrains; threading / tweezing for eye brows, razor / wax for bikini line and underarms," said Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director of RB Malaysia and Singapore

Veet takes on this challenge and here comes the size of an electronic toothbrush, Veet Sensitive Touch.

Demonstration of 3 different brow types by Celebrity Makeup Artist, Stevensunny

Stevensunny defined his description for the three different brows he did.

Rock - Significant rounded shape at front part of eyebrows + dark colored.
Bohemian - Focuses on harmony and nature, focusing on having thicker + fuller eyebrows.
Korean - Straight brows and it + compliments dewy skin, thus appears more youthful.

"Your eyebrows speak before you do," he says.

So which style of brows would you go for?
I am totally going for the safest, the Korean brows.

Since it is suitable for all brow preferences you can always change your brow style from time to time!

"...saves time for women on-the-go like me" & "...groomed and pretty pair of eyebrows is essential to complete the look," stressed by Malaysia Supermodel and Actress Amber Chia

Convenient (anywhere and everywhere)
Cost-effective (one session of eyebrow shaping cost RM20 maybe and you may need to have a monthly visit or a bi-monthly visit; bikini line maintenance is around RM68 or even more per session; read till below to find its shocking retail price!)
Multi-use (tame different areas and can even be shared with your siblings/other half etc)
Hygienic (heads can be easily detached and wash; comes with a brush too)

"Gentle,precise and no fear of cuts - this is what beauty should feel like!" with only RM119.00 retailing at all major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers.

For more details about Veet Sensitive Touch, visit their official site

Thank you Powie for the invitation and thanks Veet for having me that night!

I am thankful that Veet has been so thoughtful for coming up with such a tool! Hopefully I can say "Bye bye tweezers" (have always been buying one and another for standby when I cannot find it but needed it immediately!) and also bye to razors for those who are using!

Stay tune for the tips shared and also my experience and thoughts when using Veet Sensitive Touch

Pink Elephant at Cameron Highland

Short Getaway with Love
1st - 3rd January 2017

(Pink is Me)
(Purple is Him)

Day 1

Before going up hill, we always like to stop by Hao Yi Lou Restaurant
(Images taken from Malaysia Most Wanted Food, coz mine was a boomerang video that I couldn't upload here)

Stir dry shrimp (500g big) RM50

(Image from link above, but it was with sambal chillie)
We instead ordered Paku Vegie with Salted Egg RM6

Only has 6% GST charges

Address: No. 1 & 2, Persiaran 1/3
Taman Tapah Indah III
35000 Tapah,
Tel.: 05-401 8148

Always stop by at our usual Tea place:

After check in and shower

,we head to Highlands Steamboat (Lao Zi Huo Guo)

This is a 2 portion. Free flow vegies that I did not take.

But we think the owner of the shop is different already.
Slightly okay, but we prefer the old one coz the soup gets saltier too fast.
Concept is the same tho, RM28 per person (for the above pic) and free flow vegies, noodles, eggs.

Address: No. 11, Bandar Baru Brinchang,
Cameron Highlands,
39010 Tanah Rate,
Tel.: 05-4914323

Supper at 18 degree Celcius Cafe, G Floor of Copthorne Hotel

Great night coz there were band singing and I was having Chamomile tea to end my night^^

This was taken the next morning 

Day 2

Breakfast at Gerai Makanan Weng Hang
(both shops for breakfast are near the Rosa Passadena Hotel)

Food was just normal but I think I heard the boss is gonna change their menu to rice based

I like their milo tho its normal. Not too diluted.

Take away pork from a few shops down, Kedai Menjual Makanan Segar Chong Chee Wai

Love that crunchy skin! Omg! This I think we paid for RM5

Lunch at Oldtown White Coffee.
While waiting, Lets have a wefie

Phone charging box. So convenient and no extra charges

Free to read mag

His Kaya Bread RM5.19
My Garlic Toast RM5.57 (we asked them to toast abit longer coz it ain't crunchy! Thanks!)
Soya Milk RM5.19
Water RM0.94
+16% GST and services

Not-so-worthy coz expensive.
Address: G08 & G08A,
Cameron Nova,
39100 Greencow,
Cameron Highlands,
Tel.: 05-4961368

Dinner at Restoran Eng Tick

We ordered:

Petai & Herbal chicken

Day 3 

Breakfast at some random shop before going down hill

Hubs got it from the "pasar pagi" (morning market in English).
It looks great. But.....too sweet for us.  >.<"

Dinner at Restaurant Wonderland Valley

Only 1 wild boar to see. Poor boar...

A flock of chickens

Super spacious and convenient parking spaces


Just me posing while waiting for the food ^^

A quick snap: lady fingers, onion and eggs, steamed fish with ginger

Guess where?
Its the toilet!
Like how this toilet looks!

Look at their bag hanger and door latch!

Thanks for the food. But I really need to complain...
Please make flies go away. It started appearing once are food is served!

Supper at Marry Brown, Genting Highland


Bee Lee's BEST 3 to visit:
Hao Yi Lou
Restaurant Eng Tick 
Kedai Menjual Makanan Segar Chong Chee Wai

Thanks for reading guys.

Signing out,

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