Boots Style for Malaysian Women

Hello lovelies, this is a new kinda post that I would like to try out for my coming OOTD posts, but, more specific this round.

Today, it'll be about BOOTS I would prefer to wear in our humid country, Malaysia.

As a Malaysian who loves street style clothing, I also love to stalk IG accounts of Fashionistas on IG. My fashion inspiration goes to Songofstyle (Aimee) & Annabanana and more.

I noticed that boots can be easily paired into their ootd for almost whatever style that they are wearing. So I have decided to get a pair, my current one and only pair of boots!

Its a simple black suede ankle heel boot

Before that, I have never thought of getting one as our weather in Malaysia is soooo hot and I think my boots will become stinky. Do you feel that way as well? (Please do, so I won't feel that alone, lol) Anyways, you won't regret getting one coz I am now scouting for my second pair! 

It is all up to your choice of style and comfort!
For me, I think the safest boots choice is black with platform coz I am never good with stilettos. Black never goes wrong! ;)

With the growing online businesses, we can easily get boots online nowadays. So thankful to be born in this era coz you have more choices and it makes you feel like you want to buy them all! But let’s check out these tips and find out what boot style is great and what boot type is good as well.

1. Ankle Flat Boot

This is the easiest to wear, style and walk in. A great basic pair of boots, the ankle flat boot is a must have for anyone. But in my case, my height insecurities overtake it, so yeah, I don't have one, yet. Since this is a flat boot, you will appear to look more masculine so pick clothes that are feminine to contrast with the appearance of a flat boot style. Choose a breathable material if you’re wearing it in humid weather like Malaysia. Black is the most basic colour but if you want more variety, choose colours like brown, grey or even dark red. ;)

2. Ankle Wedge Boot

The wedge boot is second easiest to wear because of the support it provides. It also gives you more height so if you’re looking for boots that will lengthen your height, the ankle wedge boot is the best choice. It’s not a heel so wedge boot can make you balance easier while giving the effect like you’re taller. You can style this for casual or even formal depending on your outfit of the day. This is totally me! ^^

3. Ankle Heel Boot

For an ankle heel boot, make sure you are prepared to be a bit uncomfortable because of the heel. Walking all day in heels can be uncomfortable but if you choose to wear an ankle heel boot, make sure it has a platform at the front of the boot. Use ankle heel boots at events where you don’t have to move a lot or during a photoshoot for your Instagram photo. They will make you look sophisticated and edgy.

If you are wondering why the tips only mentions ankle length boots, it’s because they are the most versatile for everyday wear or for special occasions. It is also the best choice for humid weather like Malaysia. Which boot will you get? Share with me in the comment section!

Thanks for reading lovelies!



  1. yes agreed. Can wear boots with jubah /long dress also. so fashionable