Women's Empowerment Bazaar X NASOM Fundraiser by AVANA

Hello lovelies!

It has been awhile and my face still hasn't recover. But its progressing on the positive side! Just hope that it will recover in time for Chinese New Year. ^^ Anyways, that will be another story for another day.

How many of you do donation? How many of you join or are a part of some kind of charity bazaar thing? 

Honestly, I have grown conscious about those asking for donation while I was having my drink at Chatime and such. I learn to say "Another day" or "I don't have enough with me now" or ... what else do you say or do to kindly reject the person? I mean, you never know if they are really doing the charity tho it may seem so real. Oh well. In the past, I will still donate when they approach me, coz it is the heart that counts. But right now, I would rather do it in charity bazaar or straight to the organization itself.

Anyways, I'd love to join the coming Women's Empowerment Bazaar X NASOM Fundraiser organized by AVANA.

I have been through some trial and error in forming a more efficient and friendly online business plan thing for awhile now. Will check out with the Growth Manager of AVANA soon! But before I do, I'd like to check out how this first ever bazaar would be like! If you do have plans for starting your own online business, it would be a good stepping stone in checking out the event or contact Ms. Rina (her contact details are below).

A little information:

National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM):
Society formed in 1987 by a group of parents and professionals
Aim: To deliver lifespan services to the community of people suffering from Autism
- complex developmental disability that normally appears during the first three years of life due to a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain
- it is four more times prevalent in boys than girls
- it shows no racial, ethnic or social boundaries, and cuts across family income, lifestyle and educational levels
- Autism and its associated behaviors have been estimated to occur in as many as 1 in 68 newborns

Aim of event:
To help build awareness & raise funds for NASOM to help people living with autism (i.e. To provide opportunities for them to learn and lead a productive and fulfilling life).
To empower all stay-at-home moms, working moms, and all women that are pursuing or looking to venture into online business

Women from a Facebook group that's AVANA has created called Mommy&Women- Vendors/Sellers/Buyers (Consist of stay-at-home moms who sell their homemade items to make a living; working moms who sell their services or products to earn some extra income for the family; young lady entrepreneurs that are learning and selling on the side to make a living).

A social media commerce platform that empowers micro enterprises to scale their business with innovative social commerce technology to automate their day-to-day online business operations
It simplifies the selling and buying process online (i.e. It makes stock management, tracking, and reporting a breeze).
It removes friction of buying from the online sellers
Goal- to help small earning business to leverage on third platform to help their business acquire double or triple of their usual profits.

Highlight of event:
Empower community of women entrepreneurs by gathering them at this event to sell their products and give them a free online store
All AVANA vendors that participate will contribute 10% their total proceeds for the day to NASOM
A booth for NASOM will be there to promote and share more about NASOM to the public!
A handful of children from NASOM will be performing during the event!

Check out their event page !

However if you would like to join the event as a Vendor, check out the t&c and also register for a FREE Booth:
RM100 deposit (to ensure no last minute backing out as space is limited, deposit will be refunded when booth is setup on the event day)
Choose a date to come over to our office to register for your FREE Online Store together with a FREE "How to sell online" training. This workshop will be for 4 hours.
Once registered, your booth will be confirmed. Vendors must help share about the event with posters through Facebook/Insstagram/Whatsapp
10% from your total sales on the event day must be donated to NASOM

I did not write all of the info here tho.
If interested, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Rina below!

Comment below if you would be attending the event! Would love to meet you! :)

Save the date:
18th February 2017
10am - 10pm
@ SS15 Courtyard, Subang Jaya

Rina Chandra Kumar
Growth manager of AVANA
E: rinack@avana.asia
W: www.avana.asia
FB: www.facebook.com/avana.asia
IG: avana.asia

Any traveller should check out Travelog.com coz why not?!

Have you ever had the trouble of finding the right site to scout for entertainment tickets and holiday packages all in one site?

Well. Travelog.com is your solution to that!
Today marks the grand launch and I am so happy to be able to witnessed it!

Guests, merchants, medias all nom-ing away


CEO of Travelog.com, Sam Xu, and supporting staffs initiating the launch of Travelog.com on 18th January 2017.

The participating merchants that night, and more!

Honestly, I have not heard of travelog.com before today but it was awesome to know that they can take you to expensive and beautiful places WITHOUT the expensive part! ^^

But how?

They do only Travel FLASH SALES!
This means a super affordable deal is offered at time limited discounts of up to 70% (eg accommodation packages, attractions etc)

Just get over to their site and check them out!
For more savings, sign up with your emails and receive special deals & notifications of upcoming deals before it is open to the public.

Suitable for a weekend getaway for your girlfriends, boyfriends, staycation, parents or even family getaway! Whatever you can think of! ^^

What about the payment?
Online banking
Credit / Debit card
Bank transfers

How are they different from travel agencies?
No hard selling, only post articles and reviews of locations so that customers can get useful information

For more info:
FB: Travelog
IG: Travelog.com
W: www.travelog.com

Tel.: +6013-5418888 or +603-22421058
Email: mail at support@travelog.com

Thanks for the invite Travelog.com !
SShh...gonna plan a surprise getaway for baby!

(Event) My Gaming Experience at VR Lab, SS2, Malaysia

Hi lovelies,

I don't know if I have mentioned to you, I am a part time gamer too. The noob type! :)
No la, not sure if I am even qualified to call or label myself as a gamer, yet, coz of my recent busy schedule and more time away from my laptop. But that doesn't stop me from blogging. ^^

What games do I play? I think I like to support indie games but yeah, not really close to my laptop as of lately so I explore android and iPhone games more. If I am with my laptop, and because of my brother's influence, I played quite some manly games. Serious Sam, a lot of indie games, games played by pewdiepie and Dota2 (I only play Imba 10v10 for most of the time)!
Before that I played PS1 or 2, then Heroes of Might and Magic & Dungeon Keeper (with Daddy's influence). Missed playing Dungeon Keeper coz it's so fun! You can train your imps and army, not forgetting to strengthen walls, explore new territory and also torture captives and make them come to your side...if not!
Also played World of Warcraft (WOW) some time and stopped.
More girly games I have played when I was a child was Carmen Sandiego (PC), Rayman (PC), Super Mario etc.

Gaming have come a Loooonnnggg way!

VR is now taking over the gaming world!
When it was just released, gamers on YouTube were so excited.
*even I was shrieking with excitement on the inside!*

I have seen random people (& also Pewdiepie) on YouTube playing horror games via VR tech but when I play, that is a really different story!
*now I know how they feel*

Fear is much closer! More real! Luckily I don't have to feel the pain or not I will really pee my pants or cry or die or really go into "fight or flight" condition and go berserk just to protect myself.

A few of my friends on that day asked me why I don't scream?

My answer is simple and straightforward, "I kept telling myself it is not real!" (and tbh, I can just remove the VR tech anytime when I feel scared!) But to an extent, I was so into the game I cannot really bother what is happening around me! (when I was an archer!) And yes, I think my biggest phobia is to height. Coz they asked me to jump off the building, I just can't do that. Yet. Probably when I go with my siblings, I will feel more comfortable to scream and hopefully break nothing. Coz they are just too expensive.

A little intro to VR Lab Malaysia before I continue further with my stories!

This is their SS2 branch which is by far the largest, with two floors. 

VR Lab Malaysia is established in 2016.
The first ever to provide a room-scale virtual technology in Malaysia
Staffs are kind and passionate Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiasts
Provides with a highly interactive and immersive experience
With full body movement detection sensors, room and space for you to move around, dive into a fantastic 3D 360 degree environment!
Eg. Ping pong, ducking or dodging a ball, the possibilities are endless.

The coolest gaming device I had ever laid my eyes on and held!

Use an advanced wireless hand control device to achieve much more in the virtual world than you ever dreamed!
VR Lab provides the latest VR technology and exciting programmes are updated every week.
Also cater to big gatherings and events (eg birthdays and private functions).
Suitable for all ages
Different genres for all types of gamers!

"Your one-stop solution for everything related to Virtual Reality"

This is Datin Shireen, co-founder of VR Lab Malaysia

In case if you aren't sure whether you wanna play, they have a trial game for you to try! ^^
(The one you get into the lift and choose which floor you wanna go to to have a rough idea of how it feels like to be 'in' the game)

This is the  price list for Single VIP room (fits 4 people, just need to take turn), Twin VIP room and also the Membership fees.
In case if you cannot digest the price, lemme break it down for you!
Only RM7.50 per person (that's for happy hour, please refer to the pic above!) for a Single VIP Room  for an hour.

Of course one hour isn't enough as you will be into it, like I did! ^^
So much more affordable comparing to movie tickets etc.
And, you get to workout, body and mind! ^^

Game choices (availability differs from room to room)

Sample of Single VIP Room

Sample of Twin VIP Room

Of course, different rooms have different available games.
For example,

I told my instructor that I'd like to try some shooting games (eg Zombies) with further distance so that it'll be a warm up for me. And, he recommended Brookhaven.
It was simple and nice coz I played the campaign mode.

At first I was a bit panicky coz I couldn't shoot.
So dumb, you know why? Coz I do not have a gun. Only knife. And it was scary to be so near and stabbing the zombie that was like at least 180cm tall without its skin.

For the video of me playing Brookhaven, click HERE. ^^

Although it was fairly easy, I do notice my increased rate of heart beat and slight shivering coz I have to be alert of three different entrance that the zombie may anytime pop in.

After a while, I played Serious Sam.
The monsters were the same from the PC ones I played with baby bro.
Just that, I do not move around that much like how I ran all over the map in PC game.
For the VR version, I basically kill and avoid bullets and stuff shot by enemies. Just kill, accumulate money and buy better weapons and bullets.

But, I gotta tell you, Serious Sam is no joke!
I think right, I need to do some warm up before I start any games coz I am just so used to having moving my hands and fingers, not my legs, so, I've kinda pulled some muscles and walked a bit strange with pain the next day. Lol.
Couch potato problem! XD
But it was all fun coz I don't need to feel pain! ^^ 

Before that, we were also playing a boxing game (video will be up in their Facebook page on the 20th January 2017! Cannot wait!)
Took this short boxing video from my friend's facebook page! ^^

Will definitely be back soon to try Blue Particle & jump off the building with fam! ^^

Selfie sessions with new and old faces !

Nice to meet you guys! It was a fun moment coz VR Lab Malaysia is doing a Mannequin Challenge! ^^

Stayed a bit longer and get to try the jump of f building game and also wefies! ^^

Thanks for making this place a dream come true for me!
I never dreamt of being able to play a VR in real life coz it is so pricey!
Thank you!

Oh, if you would like to know more about it, check out the centres below!

Go visit VR Lab centres:
Bandar Sunway
Manjalara Kepong
Kota Damansara
SS2, Petaling Jaya
Wangsa Maju
Publika, Kuala Lumpur

For more information for collaborations/ corporate events/ private events, log onto www.vrlab.my or facebook https://www.facebook.com/vrlab.experience/?fref=ts

Boots Style for Malaysian Women

Hello lovelies, this is a new kinda post that I would like to try out for my coming OOTD posts, but, more specific this round.

Today, it'll be about BOOTS I would prefer to wear in our humid country, Malaysia.

As a Malaysian who loves street style clothing, I also love to stalk IG accounts of Fashionistas on IG. My fashion inspiration goes to Songofstyle (Aimee) & Annabanana and more.

I noticed that boots can be easily paired into their ootd for almost whatever style that they are wearing. So I have decided to get a pair, my current one and only pair of boots!

Its a simple black suede ankle heel boot

Before that, I have never thought of getting one as our weather in Malaysia is soooo hot and I think my boots will become stinky. Do you feel that way as well? (Please do, so I won't feel that alone, lol) Anyways, you won't regret getting one coz I am now scouting for my second pair! 

It is all up to your choice of style and comfort!
For me, I think the safest boots choice is black with platform coz I am never good with stilettos. Black never goes wrong! ;)

With the growing online businesses, we can easily get boots online nowadays. So thankful to be born in this era coz you have more choices and it makes you feel like you want to buy them all! But let’s check out these tips and find out what boot style is great and what boot type is good as well.

1. Ankle Flat Boot

This is the easiest to wear, style and walk in. A great basic pair of boots, the ankle flat boot is a must have for anyone. But in my case, my height insecurities overtake it, so yeah, I don't have one, yet. Since this is a flat boot, you will appear to look more masculine so pick clothes that are feminine to contrast with the appearance of a flat boot style. Choose a breathable material if you’re wearing it in humid weather like Malaysia. Black is the most basic colour but if you want more variety, choose colours like brown, grey or even dark red. ;)

2. Ankle Wedge Boot

The wedge boot is second easiest to wear because of the support it provides. It also gives you more height so if you’re looking for boots that will lengthen your height, the ankle wedge boot is the best choice. It’s not a heel so wedge boot can make you balance easier while giving the effect like you’re taller. You can style this for casual or even formal depending on your outfit of the day. This is totally me! ^^

3. Ankle Heel Boot

For an ankle heel boot, make sure you are prepared to be a bit uncomfortable because of the heel. Walking all day in heels can be uncomfortable but if you choose to wear an ankle heel boot, make sure it has a platform at the front of the boot. Use ankle heel boots at events where you don’t have to move a lot or during a photoshoot for your Instagram photo. They will make you look sophisticated and edgy.

If you are wondering why the tips only mentions ankle length boots, it’s because they are the most versatile for everyday wear or for special occasions. It is also the best choice for humid weather like Malaysia. Which boot will you get? Share with me in the comment section!

Thanks for reading lovelies!


[Review] Eumora Facial Bar

Hello lovelies!


I was introduced to this Eumora Facial Bar last week.

With doubt of not acknowledging where the product came from and etc. I was worried to use it coz of my sensitive skin.


The packaging says that it is a 3 Minute Miracle Bar!
Sold millions in over 60 countries
Suitable for all skin types
Reported in Malaysia New Straits Times in 2008
From Europe 

Without delaying, I started my trial after my lips has just recovered from some rash/eczema on 11 January 2017.

Forgot to take a before pic. So the closest one would be while I had the soap on my face!

Wet hands. Rub Eumora bar between hands to lather. Do not add water directly on bar itself! Apply gently onto skin, leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse off with water.

Upon first application, my dull face is brightened and smooth! Of course, I was lazy and did not stick to the normal three step skin care routine. But yes, gotta force myself to do that since this bar is great to my sensitive skin.

I have an acne in between my eyebrows that is about to erupt. But using this bar for the second day already, it has not grown in size. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties (ie reduces inflammation and swelling of pimples).
Also noticed my big angry pimple at my neck now became smaller (14/01/2017).
Too bad I didn't take a pic of its before and after.

It was a rush in the morning so I had an afternoon snap! Already feel bumpy, but not sure. I was sweating like cow coz of the recent hot weather and have been under the sun for like 2 hours (max).

Anyways, there is also bad news. Yesterday on 13 January 2017, I think I have mini pimples growing on my forehead and between the brows. Will still use the bar coz I was informed about this "Healing Crisis" (I will answer it down below)!

Bare face close up- focusing on my forehead. Can you notice the difference?
Compare it to the first image (when I was waiting my soap to settle on my face for that 3 mins), both are of bare face.

Important questions answered:

Suitable for all skin types as it is pH balance 5.5

"Healing Crisis" happened to a small minority. It is the initial effects of the detoxifying process as our skin organ expels toxins which may have accumulated under the skin over time. The most common example is itchiness, redness, peeling or even breakouts that will gradually disappear as our skin organ heals and is a definitive sign that the Eumora is working.
Healing crisis lasts from a few days to weeks.
You can apply gentle moisturizer if you experience dryness.

Main ingredients:


Thick and black odourless clay
Natural nutrient-rich organic clay from Europe
No artificial element
Abundance of natural antiseptic, essential oils, and lipids which occur naturally
Hundreds of herbs, organic compounds, trace elements, plants and floral natural extracts combine to produce this odourless clay

(Hydration MicroAlgae Factor)

A unique concentration of natural active ingredients, extracted from microAlgae
Rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B12 which can increase skin cells' energy
Strengthens defense qualities of the skin barrier
Gives extraordinary softness and brightness


If you are interested in the product, stalk Eumora Bar:
Email: ask@eumoramoorbar.com


Will re-update after another period of using and see how my "healing crisis" goes! ^^

Stay tuned and thanks again for reading


*Disclaimer: Images taken are not edited except for the product pic. All selfies are taken with iPhone6, with Natural Lighting. Although this sample bar was sponsored, I am reviewing this without bias and writing down how my skin is reacting after each wash.*

(Event) Grand Launch of Abundance & Prosperity at Sungei Wang Plaza

Hello lovelies!
How is your Saturday?

Its a bit de-motivated and tiring to get up super early on a Saturday morning for me but it was great too! Why so? Coz I can clearly hear the first moment when my alarm goes off at 7.05am. Usually it will just ring, snooze and not be heard after 1 hour later >.<"

This shows how motivated I am since it is my first event of 2017! Super motivated to be more active in this blog space of mine! ^^
I am motivated to meet new people/bloggers!
I am secretly hoping to see familiar faces!
Nonetheless, see the cast of 'Love From Kampung'! I personally have not been really engaged with locally made movies and so forth and this would be a perfect start to get to know more of them! ^^


Anyway, the concept of Sungei Wang Plaza is very similar to Terminal 1 in Seremban but of a much bigger complex and more yummy food to eat, like Hokkaido baked cheese tart! I have to be honest with you though, I have not been here for more than 10 years or so?and in my younger days I have only visited this place for less than 5 times (too far for me as I lived in Seremban! *not anymore*).
 These days, I usually go to Sunway and AEON coz they are nearer to me! ^^

Sungei Wang Plaza is also celebrating its 40th year! *Congrats* Such an old place with many accumulating awards, both local and international! Sungei Wang Plaza is positioned as the mall for "all kinds of everything". This means, you can find anything you need in its 800, 000 square feet retail floor area, from fashion, IT gadgets, home products, beauty & accessories as well as a variety of F&B in one place!

Since CNY is around the corner, there are various events for your kids, Chinese Cultural performances, God of Prosperity Meet & Greet and also International Chinese QiPao Beauty Showcase (February 5th 2017, 1pm).

For latest information regarding events and/or promotions at Sungei Wang Plaza, do visit: https://www.sungeiwang.com or their Facebook Page.

Read till the end or scroll to the bottom to know how to collect And Pao, win 3-Night Cruise experience as well as win Exclusive pendant by symbol jewels!! ^^

"For All Kinds of Everything!"

This is the registry place and down there is the concourse stage at B1

A pic of the awesome deco was 9 koi fish swimming upwards from the lotus flower pond to the dragon gate symbolizing "shoppers and tenants to the triumphant new year". While number 9 and lotus symbolizes longevity and koi fish itself is believed to bring prosperity and abundance for all!

My goodie bag is filled with:
(also have two oranges but I did not include in my pic!)

Scrolls hand written so you will receive different different good wishes and can decorate during CNY!
Collectable ang paos
Calander with beautiful art regarding to shops available in Sungei Wang Plaza
Redeemable Jipangi voucher! ^^

A good event is when there are food involved! Just in time for the hungry tummy ^^

The God of Prosperity also went around for pics and most importantly, spread the golden chocolate coins for guests to bless you with more wealth (hopefully!)

I saw Miera and her daughter, but segan-lah nak minta gambar sama-sama. Lol.
Surprisingly, I saw Fish! ^^ Thought I will only see her next week! Nervous le when I approached her but it was good! She is friendly ^^ and got some tips and advises from her too, thank you! <3

Also saw another blogger friend which I do not know their name (must ask next time!) but I have seen them in another event before today! So blessed coz some pics I couldn't get a good shot but he helped me, thanks so so much! ^^

1) 8-foot long Koi Fish FengShui Live Painting by Master Pang Heng Khan

and its the official Launch of Abundance & Prosperity at Sungei Wang Plaza with the VIPS dotting the eyes for the fish

From Left: Master Pang Heng Khan, Juztin, Ms Yuen May Chee, Beauty, Jeff, Emily, Bosvin, Bernard, Emily, and Mr Joseph Teo

A group photo with partners, sponsors and celebrities

2) Acrobatic Lion Dance by the Malaysia Lion Dance Champion, Kwong Ngai Lion Dance.
*Short clips randomly captured coz they are real good!*

3) A short video showing what the CSR Programme is about- Abundance of Love for Rumah Victory Elderly Home

And the Koi Fish FengShui Painting presentation by Master Pang to the home and a souvenir presentation from Rumah Victory Elderly Home to Sungei Wang Plaza and Master Pang.

5) Lou Sang

My first lou sang of the year. I don't really like to eat it. Just take pics and that tossing part.

It is said that the higher you toss, the more closer you are to achieving your dreams. Also, even if you don't like eating it. Have a piece or two in hopes that you will achieve your dreams. :)

Yee Sang tossing ceremony with celebrities and partners

6) Meet and Greet
First 'Love From Kampung' movie promo for a meet and greet session where celebrities interacted with their fans.
From Left: Jeff, Beauty, Bernard, Bosvin, January, Emily and Juztin


Alright! The exciting part is here!!!!
Collectables, Cruise Experience and Pendant!

You can get it all by abiding to the T&Cs

Collectable Ang Pao Packet Redemption
From 30 December 2016 onwards
Customer Service Counter, LG Floor

You can redeem your Ang Pao by spending a minimum of RM188 in a maximum of two accumulated receipts at the Customer Service Counter, LG Floor
*Design from Left to Right*
Design 1 : 30 Dec 2016 - 6 Jan 2017
Design 2 : 7 - 13 Jan 2017
Design 3 : 14 - 20 Jan 2017
Design 4 : 21 - 27 Jan 2017
T&C: Limited to 10 redemptions per customer per day only. Valid for same day receipt. While stock lasts. 

Win 3-Night Cruise Experience!
30 December 2016 - 19 February 2017
Customer Service Counter, LG Floor

Spend a minimum of RM588* and stand a chance to win yourself a 3-night cruise in Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom by Star Cruises worth up to RM8,560. Approach the Customer Service Counter for more enquiry!

Win Exclusive Pendant by Symbol Jewels
28 January 2017 - 19 February 2017
Customer Service Counter, LG Floor

"Snap, upload, and hashtag to win yourself a pair of Gold Jade Pendant for your loved one! Upload a photo with your family or friends at Sungei Wang Plaza and hashtag #AbundanceLoveAtSWP with a creative caption on your Facebook/Instagram.

Thanks for reading guys!!!
Signing out with my OOTD pic after event ^^