Last Day to 2017 ... :)

Hi lovelies!

I hope you are spending a fruitful or relaxing day with your loved ones.

Today I would like to have a mini heart-to-heart with you :)

Last day to 2017, what have you learnt or want to achieve?

My 2016 have been filled with ups and downs. A moderate down to my business venture but filled with much lessons that are valuable. My love life and personal blog are progressing much better tho I know I should have attended much more events and get out of my comfort zone way earlier.

I actually took a power nap just now and it was so good! Needed it coz I guess I am old already and couldn't stand from playing Dota 2 for two nights straight with baby sis and bro. It was awesome coz they coached me in what items to get. And most importantly, not many will scold you in Imba 10V10. :)

What I have gained in 2016:

1) forever pillar of strength from my family

2) got a new hubby! :) and a new family (and some marriage customs)

3) made new & inspiring friends from events! :)

4) finally have a foodie friend to explore with me for new food places! (You know who you are! Love you!)

5) got a new furry baby, but not keeping her with me for now coz I am not constantly home (soon!)

6) just realized I talk more when I am one-on-one with a friend than when in a group 
(I think this is what people termed it the "extroverted introvert" ;)

Anyway, in 2017, I am considering to get:

1) a domain for my blog...since I have just created my Facebook page, like finally ! :) and I am quite sure it will motivate me to blog more often. <still considering>

2) regulate a better sleeping cycle

3) learn to go for more events and stuff , to get out of my comfort zone and get more exposure

4)  exercise more

5) ask questions more when I don't understand/unsure

Places I love and Places to Check OFF, soon! (KL based)

Hello lovelies!
Below is a list of places I would go for meet ups/ occasions and also places to check off my list coz of the many good reviews from friends and online.

*list below are focusing KL area*

To re-visit list:

1) Dreamz Bakery (3rd Floor)
(I came for their DESSERT!)

Image from

A really cozy and cute cafe with nice mille crepes and cakes! Love their flower tea too! My friend introduced to me of this place and we just kept meeting there at least once every year! For more information, visit

Location: No. 32-1, The Strand Jalan, PJU 5/20D, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.
Opening hours: Monday: 10.30am - 7.00pm. Tuesday: CLOSE. Wednesday - Sunday: 10.30am - 9.00pm.

2) Stalkers Cafe
(I came for their Special: Godfather's Sandwich!)

Image from my blog

#S is one of its sign board. I got to know this cafe through Groupon. I find that it is a great deal and the name is interesting so why not! ^^ It passed my expectation as I love the deco and the lighting is not bad for photos! Each corner has different deco, making each corner really instagrammable! Food is not bad and at reasonable price! For more information, visit HERE or my food review here.

Location: No. 3-1, Jalan PJU 5/3, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.
(Opposite with the driving range / same row as Bank Islam, BSN, AmBank, and RHB)
Opening hours: Weekdays: 11.00am - 12.00 am. Weekends & Public Holidays: 11.00am - 1.00am.

3) Mr. Brooks , Bangsar Shopping Centre
(I was asked to find the door!)

Hidden Entrance here (image from

Interior is pretty amazing! (Image from
A secretive bar inside BSC itself! Felt so badass when I was finally inside coz technically speaking if I wasn't led into it or acknowledged of such a place, I would have walked pass it and not find it for the longest hours you can imagine! The interior was wow! For more information, visit HERE.

Location: Level 3, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 5.00pm - 2.00am . Sunday: CLOSE

To Visit List:
(1 & 2 from Foursquare, others are friend's recommendation)

1) Ossoto Recreation Spa
(I wanna go for the Spa!)

Image taken from their facebook page.

Around RM128++ (subjected to 6% GST) and stay here for 24 hours. Complimentary item: spa & sauna, leisure area, cineplex, gym, table tennis, cyber cafe, sleeping area, lounge, double security personal storage cabinets, casual clothing, VIP resting room, food & beverage, fruit, dessert, handmade coffee and etc. Anyway, its a top to toe care with a variety of relaxation games and rooms for you! Various packages are offered depending on your needs! A great mini getaway to de-stress oneself from the hectic city life. For more information, visit them HERE.

Location: 5th Floor, Wisma Mirama, Jalan Wisma Putra, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Always

2) Marini's on 57
(Rooftop Bar- wanna go for view over Kuala Lumpur!)

Image taken from their main page

It has an excellent location with a view to the city. Price is said to be steep but worthy of value! Excellent to celebrate for special occasion. Focusing on Italian cuisine and wines. For more information, visit them HERE.

Location: Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday: 5.00pm - 1.30am. Friday & Saturday: 5.00pm - 3.00am

3) Dining in the Dark
(Wanna experience the feeling of dining in the dark!)
Image from

I am technically quite worried to dine in the dark coz I feel like I have night blindness and my imagination is quite good about spooky stuff since I watch alot of horror movies. What I look forward most is the Surprise Menu that changes quarterly. And if you have any food you cannot take or any kind of diet you are sticking to, you can inform them in advance, so no worries about allergies to whatever they serve you! For more information, visit them HERE.

Location: 50A, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday: 6.00pm - 9.30pm

That's all for now and thank you for reading till the last! Stay tuned for more upcoming vid and post in places I will recommend to visit! ^^


New Year Resolution with Food Matters :)

Hello lovelies.

It has been a while....seeing myself eating healthy food. Not that I do not like to but unhealthy food smells and taste much better! Prepping time is also much faster! ^^"

I have also not been putting on weight so I think I shouldn't be eating too clean as I have experienced diarheaa easily when I am off street food and fried food for most of my meals for only a period of 3 consecutive months.

Anyway, I am aware of the importance of eating healthy.


So for my New Year resolution, I am planning to do / follow as close as possible to my list below:

1) Drink at least a cup of warm ginger in the morning
(they say ginger is really beneficial and since I seldom eat them, I shall drink them!)

2) At least 1500ml of water per day (1L I already feel susah!!)

3) Eat  healthier food. Will start with at least 1 Healthy meal per day!

4) Plank more or do a 7 minutes exercise  3 times a week

5) Do mask everyday or every alternate day

6) Buy only when necessary *self control please*

7) Be more consistent in blogging

8) Improve my Dota 2 skills (coz I can easily Troll you when playing Troll, that's why it was a joke among my siblings, but my PA in imba is much better!)

9) Talk more and learn more!


ALL ABOUT Food Matters
I recently was introduced to this new site, Food Matters
It caught my eye because it screams "healthy" and "convenient"!
Seems like my New Year Resolution #3 will be solved!

To be really honest, I never count the calories and etc that I take in, as long as I feel full, then I stop eating. And this is actually not that healthy I think. Coz I may easily consume more calories than I needed. And now only I realised why I don't always eat healthy. It is because I am just too lazy to plan and prepare my meals. *excuses causes the delay* So by having my food delivered to me, I do not have excuses to eat outside food that are way too salty and etc and also, I do not really need to plan what to have for lunch every single day! ^^
*typical Malaysians, always planning what to eat for each meal before the time comes*

Thanks to the nutritionist and co-founder at Foodmatters Malaysia, Alexandra Prabaharan, we can now be more healthy, one step at a time! ^^

For the full menu, click here.

This is just a partial menu, like what you see? :)

There are 41 different meals for you right now.
I bet you will find it interesting and you won't be too bored with the choices coz they serve from Asian, Western, Fusion, Vegetarian, Low Carb, Low Fat, & Gluten Free. Menu changes from time to time too! ^^

(1 meal credit = 1 dish/meal)

Of course if you are in doubt with yourself, like me, subscribe to their SINGLE package (RM64/month) first! Although it may be a tad expensive for RM16/meal, it is definitely packed with the nutrients you need and again, you do not have to go through the fuss of planning and prepping your meals. Not only that, it is always a great idea to detox first before New Year arrives with tonnes of celebration and consumption of junk food! ^^

If you are interested, here is a list of the delivery location.

They not only deliver to office buildings, but also home addresses as long as it is under the area they are already covering. Even malls, schools etc (eg klcc, jaya one, etc or even HELP uni) also can get this delivery! So good! Now students can also eat healthier and have better food choices, especially when you are on a vegetarian or pescetarian diet! Strongly feel that this is beneficial on the long run especially for students who are staying away from home and hectic working adults.

Important FAQ:
(for more information,click here)

They will notify you on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your food 2 hours beforehand, but it is not a guaranteed delivery time as there are external factors (eg. weather, etc) to be considered.

Delivery is FREE

You only pay for your meals!

However, there is no singular purchase but by subscribing for at least 1 month.
Minimum delivery is 4 meals per month!
(of course each meal would cost lesser if you purchase more in 1 month)

If you cannot finish your credits in a month, it will be auto-rolled over into the next month.

You will be charged on a monthly basis via PayPal.

REFERRAL Incentives! *yeay* 2 free meals the following month to both you and your friend.

Currently there is only delivery for LUNCH.
(atm, there is no Breakfast and Dinner delivery)

There is no self-collection atm.

In case if you are allergic to any food products, their meals do not contain:
nuts, egg, seafood, dairy products etc

Foodmatters is not a diet program but helps provide a balanced diet to consumers. With the many choices, you will be spoilt and be able to choose and customize your own dietary plan


So with me here today are four different meals I chose:
(in the order from most preferred to least)

(Low Carbs; Paleo)

Contains: 204 calories, 5.4 fats, 26.3 protein, 12.7 carbs

The purple cabbage slaw is yummy and a refreshing twist as it is covered in low-fat yogurt instead of the normal mayonnaise that makes me feel fat.The carrot is a bit raw for me (picky eater me!). The chicken was nice!BUT I would like it to be the marinated kind such that the inner meat also have some spices scent and taste to it. Then there's the container of  mashed cauliflower I think. Initially I assumed that it was mashed potato, but not.


Contains: 298 calories, 1.9 fats, 7.5 protein, 63.0 carbs

I love the sauce. It is actually really similar to one of the on-the-rack spaghetti sauce named DOLMIO Extra Spicy Peppers Pasta Sauce but with curry scent and soft pumpkin pieces in it. Brown rice is actually quite tasty when eaten with the sauce. Sauce on overall is spicy and with a nice blend of curry and spices that I quite fond of!


Contains: 220 calories, 3.7 fats, 40.8 protien, 6.7 carb

Steamed veggies at the side

On the side it contains a few pieces of (I think) boiled cauliflower and a piece of broccoli. Inside the wrap is the fish covered in spinach, olives and cherry tomatoes. All tender where necessay. Here you get the good fats from olive oil and olives, fiber and vitamins from steamed veggies and fish.


Contains: 540 calories, 12.2 fats, 33.6 protein, 65.1 carbs

The sauce here is more of like tomato but not that sour and nice compared to the pumpkin curry sauce. Tomato and squash was just only 2 to 3 slices (love it coz they were crunchy!) but there was 2 gigantic meatballs. I was so excited when I see the size of meatballs, but, as I bite into it, it isn't that nice. It is dry and just a lot to chew on (coz it is all lean meat!). Anyhow, the pasta was well cooked and the sauce complements the dish.

In case you would like to see me eating them, here is a short video clip! ^^

I take a small portion of each to test the food so that someone else can eat the rest when they arrive home ^^


Overall, I like the Cajun Chicken the most, followed by Pumpkin curry. Lastly would be the Tomato & Squash because of the Meatballs. The reason is, the food actually arrived cold. But I think if you are not lazy like me, you can just re-heat it a bit at the microwave. Taste-wise, I think a constant eater of outside food or one who really loves flavorful food would need some time to get used to as most of the dish I tried today was less flavorful but healthier for our toxic body.

Packaging: Simple, nice and straightforward....BUT the food arrived cold (coz the deliveery guy was saying that my place was hard to find, lol). However, I was surprised that there was no leaking.

Portion: Small for 1 person. I think 1 person should at least consume two different box of meals per session ^^
*I was informed they will be reviewing the portion after Christmas, so looking forward to that!*

Thanks dearies for reading till the end of this post!
Here is a Christmas pressie for you, a coupon code (FMNewYear) that is valid till 11 January 2017, a 20% OFF for your first month with Food Matters! ^^

Disclaimer: Even though the food are sponsored, the experience and post is truly from my point of view and not biased.

[Sponsored] Early Christmas Dinner at Station One, Seremban

Hello lovelies!

It was a great opportunity and I am thankful that I was invited to have an early Christmas celebration over dinner at Station One, Terminal 2 (Seremban branch).

I don't usually go out for dinner, especially during festive seasons coz to what I know & past experiences, stores like to especially "drain your purse dry" over a meal. Not only that, parking sucks and food may be just "so-so". So, for most of the time, I will just stay in, cook and watch some Christmas movies with family.

But~ I think the new menu and Christmas set last Saturday has changed my mind!

It was affordable and that day was a tad bit too much for three ^^
I think big eaters would really like this and doesn't drain your purse dry!

Just the three of us for that day coz another friend couldn't join

It has been awhile since I last visited this outlet coz of my "generalized" assumption and I do not frequent there. Pardon me.

A bit about Station One, Terminal 2 (Seremban):

Basically the parking space is easily accessible & FREE as it is a corner lot store and the surrounding area has plenty of parking space! ^^
While the interior can hold up to 200 pax (in and out).
They also have VIP area for events and such, which makes the celebration more private and fun. Place is quite clean and I do love the Christmas deco.
They have live band every Friday and Saturday from 9pm-12am.

That's the stage! ^^

Behind the cake counter is the VIP area


 Christmas Set (RM98++ , which means after GST and everything it is only RM102):

Set contains:
4 Raspberry delight 
4 Lime Fizz (I love this and you can see me sipping it all since I do not drink much cold drinks recently. It also opens up my appetite!)
Main course - Lamb chop, Salsa Salmon Steak, Roasted Chicken Whole Leg, Potato Wedges, Tuna Potato Salad, Sweet Corn, Grill Cherry Tomato (Overall was quite flavorful and portion was big. I think around 2-4 person can share since it is quite a big portion for us)

Raspberry Delight
It tasted very much like children's antibiotic for me but my friends do like it. 

Not only that, you also get 2 pairs of this CUTE Santa Clause suit for cutleries!

SO CUTE! The pic is just only 1 pair of the suit set. I think it is my first time thinking that my cutleries are feeling cute with the suit on. Lol. If you don't want to dress up your cutleries, you can also hang them up at your Christmas tree or somewhere as deco! ^^

If you are eating with a few people or alone and you still want to collect either the top OR pants, you can go for the Single Christmas set.

If you are also looking for some fresh twist in your usual order, you can also try their just launched (3rd December 2016) dishes in their menu:

Perfect Snack Combo RM35

It has fried chicken, salad, sausage and onion, wedges and their most favorite, Buffalo Sauce!
(I love the fried chicken as its skin wasn't just the normal fried kind. Its more of the nicely spiced aroma and not overwhelming!)

Chicken Parmigiana with black pepper sauce (or you can also opt for mushroom sauce) RM25

It is nice. But I would love if they have more cheese. Coz I like cheese. Maybe they can consider that? ^^ It was of the chicken fillet kind covered with bread crumbs and fried. Inside is still juicy and I actually like it! ^^

Herbal Chicken Noodle Pot RM33

Quite alot hor? LOVE the herbal smell. I think it is tolerable among not-so herbal tolerant eater. And also not too diluted.

We agreed that it was the Healthiest among all! I personally love the herbal-ish based food so it is a good dish for those craving for non-Western noms.

Noodles was nice and I especially love the mushroom. It was all juicy and well cooked!

Full pic spread! ^^

Thank you to Station One for the invite! Met new friend, Reef. And had two travellers meet was awesome coz I learnt a lot of travel tips! ^^ The food was actually better than my expectation! Would return as a customer with family and friends soon!

Go try one of their new dish if you do have craving or just wanna try something new...coz it is  definitely affordable & FREE PARKING (saves time > prevent hunger > better health).

Search in Waze/ Google Map for the nearest outlet if you are hungry now! or call, to reserve for events and etc as below:

Lot GF29, GF30, GF31 Terminal 2,
Jalan Era Square 4, Era Square,
72000 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan.

Business Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 10am - 1am
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 1.30am
Sunday: 9am - 1am

+606-768 8196

Christmas Wishlist ^^

Hello lovelies,

Christmas Wishlist:
Bubz Palette *check*
Collect all crochet toy stuff  *a few only*
A separate blog for the crochet toy stuff will be up and I will be linking the seller's profile later*

I am inspired by Tammy's blog. Love her Christmas wishlist!

I am also contented so far just that I do not want so much work since my wedding is in less than 10 days' time.
I would like fairer and more even skin. Keep pimples out! And I still don't know how to use my Apple phone >.<"


Anyway, my wishlist:

Laneige Berry Lip Sleeping Mask RM63 

Sayura Anti-Aging Hydrogen Capsule & ACDC Slimming RM370.01
*maybe just the anti-aging hydrogen capsule!*

Any candles
Maybe 1 candle from Jo Malone ? ^^
I haven't own any candles from the stores above. So far have been using essential oils and burners. Love the light fragrances in the house for a chill afternoon while I blog or what ^^

And something that will keep my pimples at bay! ^^


Related read:

About 28 Mall  #ShareandShopforFree
Christmas Shopping with 28 Mall  (8-11 December 2016)

(EVENT) Christmas Shopping ONLINE or OFFLINE? ^^

Hello lovelies!

How is your Christmas shopping coming along?
Well, I haven't started it yet coz I am quite broke from the multiple online sites that I have been spending with my siblings as well as busy with my wedding happening in less than 10 days!! >.<"

And as of last Saturday, I was given the opportunity to get to know how to SHARE and SHOP for FREE (HERE)

So wonderful horr?

But something better is coming for your Christmas shopping spree
*heads up* and keep reading if you wanna save more and spend more!!

If you cannot already sit still, nah, here is the link to their Christmas Sale Online


If you still don't prefer buying things online, you can also attend their OFFLINE Expo @ Branding Expo PWTC Booth 1295 from 8-11 December 2016!

The Christmas Sales (ONLINE or OFFLINE) enable shoppers to earn up to 50% rebate in HB$ into their account based on their net transactions (up to max HB$100). By collecting and buying your items there/pick up, you can save on shipping fee!

Before you start shopping, please grab my Hong Bao! Thank you if you do coz each click will help me closer to my dream item of MK bag and/or VR! ^^

What I plan to buy from their site:

I am looking at Dream Skin Gift Set

Only RM45.61 for 6 bottles of serums (10ml each). Their single 30ml bottle cost RM50-ish already.
And with this gift set, I get to try different serums (caviar, vitamin C, snail, hydrating, whitening, & red ginseng/SYN-AKE) and probably compare it to It's Skin serum which was half the price of its single 30ml bottle...but comparable since both are Korean products! ^^ 


RM370.01 for two. You can also get them seperately! #1 I wanna get this coz I haven't seen it on any other site in Malaysia. #2 Coz I am getting older. ^^  #3 Gotta tone my tummy coz they are flabby.

Hmm, you wanna know what's my wishlist this season?
Lemme share with you in another post! ^^

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! A more interesting kinda blog will be up after my wedding dinner (18.12,2016)

(EVENT) Online Shopping Mall #ShareandShopforFREE

Hello lovelies!
What do you like most about online shopping?

No need to be stuck in jam!
No need to find car park!
No need to cue!
Wait for the pleasant surprise when the parcel arrive!
Some can cod some more! ^^
What I look forward to other than the above, is redeeming awesome items using the accumulated points I get over the purchases and review of items!

My first online shopping was via with my siblings
Then I shopped a bit around hermo and more on Groupon
Visited some other Instagram boutique and more
Recent favorite is coz they give more points for first time signup, low prices for authentic Korean products and etc <3

Just a few days ago I was introduced to this new mobile global mall just flourished for 2 months plus. This local flourished brand is based in Asia and sells internationally!
aka 28 Mall :)

It promises:
Luxury Brands & Retailers
100% Authentic
Share & Shop for FREE !!

How luxurious?
Well, *chuckles* heard of Patek Philippe? to be really really honest, its my first time hearing it and now I feel so deep in the well, lol.

It's a Patek philippe 6014G--001 Men's Watches
Grand complications White Gold Diamond Mechanical self-winding movement with original Certificate of Authenticity

Originially priced RM1,668,636.14
With a HB$313.85, you save RM271,411 (16%)
Plus cashback HB$15,692 (US$15,692)

100% Authentic?
Like the watches, they have original Certificate of Authenticity!

They also have other brands like Rolex, Prada, NARS, Diapex, YSL, Jo Malone, wakai etc
(enlarge image to see all brands and retailers or click HERE)

So one can make it a 1 stop shop, from luxury watches, beauty (skin care eg sulwhasoo , laneige, whoo), fashion & shoes, mom & baby (diaper & milk powder), gourmet food & wine (ground coffee from Italy), home & living (recoder, hard drive, pen drive, etc), body & hair care (shampoo, toothpaste)

Share & Shop for Free

(1) is the home page. Select "Category" icon
(2) Select "FREE Hon..." under the "Brands" icon
(3) Select "100% HB$ Deals" on the right column

Then you will come to rows and rows of FREE deals by accumulating and redeeming your Hong Baos...

Omg....quite a few cute stuff there!
Well, I am targeting for MK bag and VR ! ^^
What do you want?

Shopping doesn't necessary make you broke when you have cash back reward (on specific stuff) and share and accumulate your daily Hong Bao ^^

Even if you don't shop or are broke currently , you can still grab my HB$ and also login everday to collect them! ^^
(From top left and clockwise)
At home page. Click fourth icon in red "Send HongBao"
Click send HB$ (red one)
Choose your login method (google, fb etc)
Send HB via FB or other icons (whatsapp, twitter, g+, pintrest etc)
Share, earn, & shop FREE
Share 28Mall HongBao to your friends (they can get up to US$28) and you will earn MORE HB$ when they sign up.

Click "Share on Facebook" button and type "Thanks for 28Mall FREE Shopping HongBao. Sign up to get yours." in comments field


Click each icon below and send to friends (up to 20 new friends can claim daily)
Login daily and repeat steps above

For more info, visit their facebook pages below:
English #hongbao #onlineshoppingmalaysia #ShareAndShopforFREE

You grab my HongBao yet? Please grab so we can accumulate and get our item for FREE
And, you may visit my Instagram for pics of the event.


Four pics to summarize my day! ^^

Lady boss, Ms Fione Tan, introduced to us about how the name of 28Mall came about (say it in Cantonese which practically translates to "kaya cepat" in Malay and "get rich fast" in English). Also covered some ready stock products like Papa Recipe Mask and Inga (I am fascinated with its Brilliant 3D Highlighter), the highly raved Jayjun Korea Masks, Gimoka Italy Coffee for you coffee lovers out there! and, not forgetting simplistic Adamas Japan phone cover and leather bags.

On that day I met two kind mommy bloggers, Cici (didn't manage to take a pic but shall meet in next event!) and Syafiera (finally meet! I remember I knew her profile from butterfly blog group but never have we see each other IRL and talked). Hope to meet you girls again! ^^ And thanks for keeping me occupied (boo to my introverted personality)!

A group pic with fellow bloggers, Ms. Fione and staffs ^^
Thankful to be invited and get first hand experience about this new online shopping mall! ^^
Oh, almost forgot to tell you! You can either have your items shipped to your door step or pay online and come to their office and collect it (venue conveniently situated at the side of Bangsar lrt building).

Almost forgot to redeem my free rose tea from Taiwan. Luckily lady boss asked her staff to help me with it. ^^ Thank you! So friendly and appreciated for helping me take a pic before I leave! ^^
Overall, it was an inspirational Saturday coz I myself is learning how to set up and properly expand an e-commerce platform of my own. It is on a halt now, but shall only resume when I am more capable. 

Review: SKIN1004 Zombie Pack & Activator Kit

Hello lovelies,

How are you all doing?
Love Korean skin care?

I cannot tell you if I am a loyal Korean skincare addict or not, but I just love to try anything that has a nice packaging, not many tried or lack of review, or if its highly raved online.

I only know that this was raved when it initially came out and it is all about the vampire blood mask that people was raving about.
I did not managed to buy it but second sister's stash was over-flowing so I bought a few items from her.
This Pore Tightening & Lifting pack was one of it ^^


I thought it was the blood pact but, nope, it was albumin mask.

Brand: Skin1004
Item: Zombie Pack & Activator Kit
Content: 16 capsules of Zombie pack powder & 18ml activator liquid, brush and certificate

That's the Certificate of Authenticity!

SKIN1004 Zombie Pack (Powder) :
  • It is a face lifting pack whose albumin ingredient and natural nutrients provide a sensation of firmer skin and tightening pores. It helps improve 9 aging signs of the skin involving dead skin cells, skin texture, brightness, moisture, luminosity, balance between oil and moisture, pores, tightening and lifting. 
  • Its blister disposable packing is convenient to use.
  • Albumin extracted from egg white and aloe vera extract provide smoother and firmer skin and an immediate face lifting effect.

SKIN1004 Face Lift Activator (Liquid Type) for Reducing Wrinkles :
  • This Activator promotes face lifting and pore tightening as a remedy to the sagging face. Peptid, centella asiatica extract and resurrection plant extract support softness and elasticity in the skin.
  • Benefits: Helps to improve wrinkles
  • Usage: Take an appropriate amount of the product and apply it softly and evenly to the skin
  • Mix SKIN1004 Zombie Pack (Powder) and liquid-type Activator with the brush for about 20 seconds until it becomes creamy enough to apply. Apply it to face and rinse it gently with warm water after about 10-15 minutes. For better results, apply a toner after cleansing.

Usage Tip of SKIN1004 Zombie Pack & Face Lift Activator Kit :
  • Open Zombie Pack, pour 3ml of Activator into it to prevent the powder from blowing away and mix them well
  • Using the brush, apply it to the whole face excluding the eye contour area (avoid contact with the eye area, lips, and the hair line area)
  • Leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes and rinse it thoroughly with warm water
  • To get maximum results, apply the kit three times a week. If the mask becomes too dry, moisten with water mist before rinsing it off.

First trial: 19/10/2016
Followed the Usage tip.

So excited with the whole dropper and brush thing.

Anyway, I have uploaded a quick video in my YouTube Channel, coz blogger don't lemme to upload saying its too big... *sigh* and also in case if you got tired reading the results below ^^
(Baviphat Mask Sheet review HERE)

Smell was eeeewwwww
Texture was too runny
Application is somewhat messy
Felt like the own diy egg white was much better
Dried some time
Removal was difficult

Not really tho it did somewhat brighten my skin but like I said, removal was difficult and smell was a turn off

Can try and better to share coz you never know how much you would like the product on a first try. But loads of moisturiser after that, especially for dry skin.