[Sponsored] Early Christmas Dinner at Station One, Seremban

Hello lovelies!

It was a great opportunity and I am thankful that I was invited to have an early Christmas celebration over dinner at Station One, Terminal 2 (Seremban branch).

I don't usually go out for dinner, especially during festive seasons coz to what I know & past experiences, stores like to especially "drain your purse dry" over a meal. Not only that, parking sucks and food may be just "so-so". So, for most of the time, I will just stay in, cook and watch some Christmas movies with family.

But~ I think the new menu and Christmas set last Saturday has changed my mind!

It was affordable and that day was a tad bit too much for three ^^
I think big eaters would really like this and doesn't drain your purse dry!

Just the three of us for that day coz another friend couldn't join

It has been awhile since I last visited this outlet coz of my "generalized" assumption and I do not frequent there. Pardon me.

A bit about Station One, Terminal 2 (Seremban):

Basically the parking space is easily accessible & FREE as it is a corner lot store and the surrounding area has plenty of parking space! ^^
While the interior can hold up to 200 pax (in and out).
They also have VIP area for events and such, which makes the celebration more private and fun. Place is quite clean and I do love the Christmas deco.
They have live band every Friday and Saturday from 9pm-12am.

That's the stage! ^^

Behind the cake counter is the VIP area


 Christmas Set (RM98++ , which means after GST and everything it is only RM102):

Set contains:
4 Raspberry delight 
4 Lime Fizz (I love this and you can see me sipping it all since I do not drink much cold drinks recently. It also opens up my appetite!)
Main course - Lamb chop, Salsa Salmon Steak, Roasted Chicken Whole Leg, Potato Wedges, Tuna Potato Salad, Sweet Corn, Grill Cherry Tomato (Overall was quite flavorful and portion was big. I think around 2-4 person can share since it is quite a big portion for us)

Raspberry Delight
It tasted very much like children's antibiotic for me but my friends do like it. 

Not only that, you also get 2 pairs of this CUTE Santa Clause suit for cutleries!

SO CUTE! The pic is just only 1 pair of the suit set. I think it is my first time thinking that my cutleries are feeling cute with the suit on. Lol. If you don't want to dress up your cutleries, you can also hang them up at your Christmas tree or somewhere as deco! ^^

If you are eating with a few people or alone and you still want to collect either the top OR pants, you can go for the Single Christmas set.

If you are also looking for some fresh twist in your usual order, you can also try their just launched (3rd December 2016) dishes in their menu:

Perfect Snack Combo RM35

It has fried chicken, salad, sausage and onion, wedges and their most favorite, Buffalo Sauce!
(I love the fried chicken as its skin wasn't just the normal fried kind. Its more of the nicely spiced aroma and not overwhelming!)

Chicken Parmigiana with black pepper sauce (or you can also opt for mushroom sauce) RM25

It is nice. But I would love if they have more cheese. Coz I like cheese. Maybe they can consider that? ^^ It was of the chicken fillet kind covered with bread crumbs and fried. Inside is still juicy and I actually like it! ^^

Herbal Chicken Noodle Pot RM33

Quite alot hor? LOVE the herbal smell. I think it is tolerable among not-so herbal tolerant eater. And also not too diluted.

We agreed that it was the Healthiest among all! I personally love the herbal-ish based food so it is a good dish for those craving for non-Western noms.

Noodles was nice and I especially love the mushroom. It was all juicy and well cooked!

Full pic spread! ^^

Thank you to Station One for the invite! Met new friend, Reef. And had two travellers meet was awesome coz I learnt a lot of travel tips! ^^ The food was actually better than my expectation! Would return as a customer with family and friends soon!

Go try one of their new dish if you do have craving or just wanna try something new...coz it is  definitely affordable & FREE PARKING (saves time > prevent hunger > better health).

Search in Waze/ Google Map for the nearest outlet if you are hungry now! or call, to reserve for events and etc as below:

Lot GF29, GF30, GF31 Terminal 2,
Jalan Era Square 4, Era Square,
72000 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan.

Business Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 10am - 1am
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 1.30am
Sunday: 9am - 1am

+606-768 8196

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  1. hey there. I went to Station One too, but Ampang branch. i love their hot chocolate. and dessert too