Review: SKIN1004 Zombie Pack & Activator Kit

Hello lovelies,

How are you all doing?
Love Korean skin care?

I cannot tell you if I am a loyal Korean skincare addict or not, but I just love to try anything that has a nice packaging, not many tried or lack of review, or if its highly raved online.

I only know that this was raved when it initially came out and it is all about the vampire blood mask that people was raving about.
I did not managed to buy it but second sister's stash was over-flowing so I bought a few items from her.
This Pore Tightening & Lifting pack was one of it ^^


I thought it was the blood pact but, nope, it was albumin mask.

Brand: Skin1004
Item: Zombie Pack & Activator Kit
Content: 16 capsules of Zombie pack powder & 18ml activator liquid, brush and certificate

That's the Certificate of Authenticity!

SKIN1004 Zombie Pack (Powder) :
  • It is a face lifting pack whose albumin ingredient and natural nutrients provide a sensation of firmer skin and tightening pores. It helps improve 9 aging signs of the skin involving dead skin cells, skin texture, brightness, moisture, luminosity, balance between oil and moisture, pores, tightening and lifting. 
  • Its blister disposable packing is convenient to use.
  • Albumin extracted from egg white and aloe vera extract provide smoother and firmer skin and an immediate face lifting effect.

SKIN1004 Face Lift Activator (Liquid Type) for Reducing Wrinkles :
  • This Activator promotes face lifting and pore tightening as a remedy to the sagging face. Peptid, centella asiatica extract and resurrection plant extract support softness and elasticity in the skin.
  • Benefits: Helps to improve wrinkles
  • Usage: Take an appropriate amount of the product and apply it softly and evenly to the skin
  • Mix SKIN1004 Zombie Pack (Powder) and liquid-type Activator with the brush for about 20 seconds until it becomes creamy enough to apply. Apply it to face and rinse it gently with warm water after about 10-15 minutes. For better results, apply a toner after cleansing.

Usage Tip of SKIN1004 Zombie Pack & Face Lift Activator Kit :
  • Open Zombie Pack, pour 3ml of Activator into it to prevent the powder from blowing away and mix them well
  • Using the brush, apply it to the whole face excluding the eye contour area (avoid contact with the eye area, lips, and the hair line area)
  • Leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes and rinse it thoroughly with warm water
  • To get maximum results, apply the kit three times a week. If the mask becomes too dry, moisten with water mist before rinsing it off.

First trial: 19/10/2016
Followed the Usage tip.

So excited with the whole dropper and brush thing.

Anyway, I have uploaded a quick video in my YouTube Channel, coz blogger don't lemme to upload saying its too big... *sigh* and also in case if you got tired reading the results below ^^
(Baviphat Mask Sheet review HERE)

Smell was eeeewwwww
Texture was too runny
Application is somewhat messy
Felt like the own diy egg white was much better
Dried some time
Removal was difficult

Not really tho it did somewhat brighten my skin but like I said, removal was difficult and smell was a turn off

Can try and better to share coz you never know how much you would like the product on a first try. But loads of moisturiser after that, especially for dry skin.

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