New Year Resolution with Food Matters :)

Hello lovelies.

It has been a while....seeing myself eating healthy food. Not that I do not like to but unhealthy food smells and taste much better! Prepping time is also much faster! ^^"

I have also not been putting on weight so I think I shouldn't be eating too clean as I have experienced diarheaa easily when I am off street food and fried food for most of my meals for only a period of 3 consecutive months.

Anyway, I am aware of the importance of eating healthy.


So for my New Year resolution, I am planning to do / follow as close as possible to my list below:

1) Drink at least a cup of warm ginger in the morning
(they say ginger is really beneficial and since I seldom eat them, I shall drink them!)

2) At least 1500ml of water per day (1L I already feel susah!!)

3) Eat  healthier food. Will start with at least 1 Healthy meal per day!

4) Plank more or do a 7 minutes exercise  3 times a week

5) Do mask everyday or every alternate day

6) Buy only when necessary *self control please*

7) Be more consistent in blogging

8) Improve my Dota 2 skills (coz I can easily Troll you when playing Troll, that's why it was a joke among my siblings, but my PA in imba is much better!)

9) Talk more and learn more!


ALL ABOUT Food Matters
I recently was introduced to this new site, Food Matters
It caught my eye because it screams "healthy" and "convenient"!
Seems like my New Year Resolution #3 will be solved!

To be really honest, I never count the calories and etc that I take in, as long as I feel full, then I stop eating. And this is actually not that healthy I think. Coz I may easily consume more calories than I needed. And now only I realised why I don't always eat healthy. It is because I am just too lazy to plan and prepare my meals. *excuses causes the delay* So by having my food delivered to me, I do not have excuses to eat outside food that are way too salty and etc and also, I do not really need to plan what to have for lunch every single day! ^^
*typical Malaysians, always planning what to eat for each meal before the time comes*

Thanks to the nutritionist and co-founder at Foodmatters Malaysia, Alexandra Prabaharan, we can now be more healthy, one step at a time! ^^

For the full menu, click here.

This is just a partial menu, like what you see? :)

There are 41 different meals for you right now.
I bet you will find it interesting and you won't be too bored with the choices coz they serve from Asian, Western, Fusion, Vegetarian, Low Carb, Low Fat, & Gluten Free. Menu changes from time to time too! ^^

(1 meal credit = 1 dish/meal)

Of course if you are in doubt with yourself, like me, subscribe to their SINGLE package (RM64/month) first! Although it may be a tad expensive for RM16/meal, it is definitely packed with the nutrients you need and again, you do not have to go through the fuss of planning and prepping your meals. Not only that, it is always a great idea to detox first before New Year arrives with tonnes of celebration and consumption of junk food! ^^

If you are interested, here is a list of the delivery location.

They not only deliver to office buildings, but also home addresses as long as it is under the area they are already covering. Even malls, schools etc (eg klcc, jaya one, etc or even HELP uni) also can get this delivery! So good! Now students can also eat healthier and have better food choices, especially when you are on a vegetarian or pescetarian diet! Strongly feel that this is beneficial on the long run especially for students who are staying away from home and hectic working adults.

Important FAQ:
(for more information,click here)

They will notify you on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your food 2 hours beforehand, but it is not a guaranteed delivery time as there are external factors (eg. weather, etc) to be considered.

Delivery is FREE

You only pay for your meals!

However, there is no singular purchase but by subscribing for at least 1 month.
Minimum delivery is 4 meals per month!
(of course each meal would cost lesser if you purchase more in 1 month)

If you cannot finish your credits in a month, it will be auto-rolled over into the next month.

You will be charged on a monthly basis via PayPal.

REFERRAL Incentives! *yeay* 2 free meals the following month to both you and your friend.

Currently there is only delivery for LUNCH.
(atm, there is no Breakfast and Dinner delivery)

There is no self-collection atm.

In case if you are allergic to any food products, their meals do not contain:
nuts, egg, seafood, dairy products etc

Foodmatters is not a diet program but helps provide a balanced diet to consumers. With the many choices, you will be spoilt and be able to choose and customize your own dietary plan


So with me here today are four different meals I chose:
(in the order from most preferred to least)

(Low Carbs; Paleo)

Contains: 204 calories, 5.4 fats, 26.3 protein, 12.7 carbs

The purple cabbage slaw is yummy and a refreshing twist as it is covered in low-fat yogurt instead of the normal mayonnaise that makes me feel fat.The carrot is a bit raw for me (picky eater me!). The chicken was nice!BUT I would like it to be the marinated kind such that the inner meat also have some spices scent and taste to it. Then there's the container of  mashed cauliflower I think. Initially I assumed that it was mashed potato, but not.


Contains: 298 calories, 1.9 fats, 7.5 protein, 63.0 carbs

I love the sauce. It is actually really similar to one of the on-the-rack spaghetti sauce named DOLMIO Extra Spicy Peppers Pasta Sauce but with curry scent and soft pumpkin pieces in it. Brown rice is actually quite tasty when eaten with the sauce. Sauce on overall is spicy and with a nice blend of curry and spices that I quite fond of!


Contains: 220 calories, 3.7 fats, 40.8 protien, 6.7 carb

Steamed veggies at the side

On the side it contains a few pieces of (I think) boiled cauliflower and a piece of broccoli. Inside the wrap is the fish covered in spinach, olives and cherry tomatoes. All tender where necessay. Here you get the good fats from olive oil and olives, fiber and vitamins from steamed veggies and fish.


Contains: 540 calories, 12.2 fats, 33.6 protein, 65.1 carbs

The sauce here is more of like tomato but not that sour and nice compared to the pumpkin curry sauce. Tomato and squash was just only 2 to 3 slices (love it coz they were crunchy!) but there was 2 gigantic meatballs. I was so excited when I see the size of meatballs, but, as I bite into it, it isn't that nice. It is dry and just a lot to chew on (coz it is all lean meat!). Anyhow, the pasta was well cooked and the sauce complements the dish.

In case you would like to see me eating them, here is a short video clip! ^^

I take a small portion of each to test the food so that someone else can eat the rest when they arrive home ^^


Overall, I like the Cajun Chicken the most, followed by Pumpkin curry. Lastly would be the Tomato & Squash because of the Meatballs. The reason is, the food actually arrived cold. But I think if you are not lazy like me, you can just re-heat it a bit at the microwave. Taste-wise, I think a constant eater of outside food or one who really loves flavorful food would need some time to get used to as most of the dish I tried today was less flavorful but healthier for our toxic body.

Packaging: Simple, nice and straightforward....BUT the food arrived cold (coz the deliveery guy was saying that my place was hard to find, lol). However, I was surprised that there was no leaking.

Portion: Small for 1 person. I think 1 person should at least consume two different box of meals per session ^^
*I was informed they will be reviewing the portion after Christmas, so looking forward to that!*

Thanks dearies for reading till the end of this post!
Here is a Christmas pressie for you, a coupon code (FMNewYear) that is valid till 11 January 2017, a 20% OFF for your first month with Food Matters! ^^

Disclaimer: Even though the food are sponsored, the experience and post is truly from my point of view and not biased.

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