Last Day to 2017 ... :)

Hi lovelies!

I hope you are spending a fruitful or relaxing day with your loved ones.

Today I would like to have a mini heart-to-heart with you :)

Last day to 2017, what have you learnt or want to achieve?

My 2016 have been filled with ups and downs. A moderate down to my business venture but filled with much lessons that are valuable. My love life and personal blog are progressing much better tho I know I should have attended much more events and get out of my comfort zone way earlier.

I actually took a power nap just now and it was so good! Needed it coz I guess I am old already and couldn't stand from playing Dota 2 for two nights straight with baby sis and bro. It was awesome coz they coached me in what items to get. And most importantly, not many will scold you in Imba 10V10. :)

What I have gained in 2016:

1) forever pillar of strength from my family

2) got a new hubby! :) and a new family (and some marriage customs)

3) made new & inspiring friends from events! :)

4) finally have a foodie friend to explore with me for new food places! (You know who you are! Love you!)

5) got a new furry baby, but not keeping her with me for now coz I am not constantly home (soon!)

6) just realized I talk more when I am one-on-one with a friend than when in a group 
(I think this is what people termed it the "extroverted introvert" ;)

Anyway, in 2017, I am considering to get:

1) a domain for my blog...since I have just created my Facebook page, like finally ! :) and I am quite sure it will motivate me to blog more often. <still considering>

2) regulate a better sleeping cycle

3) learn to go for more events and stuff , to get out of my comfort zone and get more exposure

4)  exercise more

5) ask questions more when I don't understand/unsure

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