(EVENT) Online Shopping Mall 28Mall.com #ShareandShopforFREE

Hello lovelies!
What do you like most about online shopping?

No need to be stuck in jam!
No need to find car park!
No need to cue!
Wait for the pleasant surprise when the parcel arrive!
Some can cod some more! ^^
What I look forward to other than the above, is redeeming awesome items using the accumulated points I get over the purchases and review of items!

My first online shopping was via koreadepart.com with my siblings
Then I shopped a bit around hermo and more on Groupon
Visited some other Instagram boutique and more
Recent favorite is Althea.kr coz they give more points for first time signup, low prices for authentic Korean products and etc <3

Just a few days ago I was introduced to this new mobile global mall just flourished for 2 months plus. This local flourished brand is based in Asia and sells internationally!
aka 28 Mall :)

It promises:
Luxury Brands & Retailers
100% Authentic
Share & Shop for FREE !!

How luxurious?
Well, *chuckles* heard of Patek Philippe? to be really really honest, its my first time hearing it and now I feel so deep in the well, lol.

It's a Patek philippe 6014G--001 Men's Watches
Grand complications White Gold Diamond Mechanical self-winding movement with original Certificate of Authenticity

Originially priced RM1,668,636.14
With a HB$313.85, you save RM271,411 (16%)
Plus cashback HB$15,692 (US$15,692)

100% Authentic?
Like the watches, they have original Certificate of Authenticity!

They also have other brands like Rolex, Prada, NARS, Diapex, YSL, Jo Malone, wakai etc
(enlarge image to see all brands and retailers or click HERE)

So one can make it a 1 stop shop, from luxury watches, beauty (skin care eg sulwhasoo , laneige, whoo), fashion & shoes, mom & baby (diaper & milk powder), gourmet food & wine (ground coffee from Italy), home & living (recoder, hard drive, pen drive, etc), body & hair care (shampoo, toothpaste)

Share & Shop for Free

(1) is the home page. Select "Category" icon
(2) Select "FREE Hon..." under the "Brands" icon
(3) Select "100% HB$ Deals" on the right column

Then you will come to rows and rows of FREE deals by accumulating and redeeming your Hong Baos...

Omg....quite a few cute stuff there!
Well, I am targeting for MK bag and VR ! ^^
What do you want?

Shopping doesn't necessary make you broke when you have cash back reward (on specific stuff) and share and accumulate your daily Hong Bao ^^

Even if you don't shop or are broke currently , you can still grab my HB$ and also login everday to collect them! ^^
(From top left and clockwise)
At home page. Click fourth icon in red "Send HongBao"
Click send HB$ (red one)
Choose your login method (google, fb etc)
Send HB via FB or other icons (whatsapp, twitter, g+, pintrest etc)
Share, earn, & shop FREE
Share 28Mall HongBao to your friends (they can get up to US$28) and you will earn MORE HB$ when they sign up.

Click "Share on Facebook" button and type "Thanks for 28Mall FREE Shopping HongBao. Sign up to get yours." in comments field


Click each icon below and send to friends (up to 20 new friends can claim daily)
Login daily and repeat steps above

For more info, visit their facebook pages below:

#28mall.com #hongbao #onlineshoppingmalaysia #ShareAndShopforFREE

You grab my HongBao yet? Please grab so we can accumulate and get our item for FREE
And, you may visit my Instagram for pics of the event.


Four pics to summarize my day! ^^

Lady boss, Ms Fione Tan, introduced to us about how the name of 28Mall came about (say it in Cantonese which practically translates to "kaya cepat" in Malay and "get rich fast" in English). Also covered some ready stock products like Papa Recipe Mask and Inga (I am fascinated with its Brilliant 3D Highlighter), the highly raved Jayjun Korea Masks, Gimoka Italy Coffee for you coffee lovers out there! and, not forgetting simplistic Adamas Japan phone cover and leather bags.

On that day I met two kind mommy bloggers, Cici (didn't manage to take a pic but shall meet in next event!) and Syafiera (finally meet! I remember I knew her profile from butterfly blog group but never have we see each other IRL and talked). Hope to meet you girls again! ^^ And thanks for keeping me occupied (boo to my introverted personality)!

A group pic with fellow bloggers, Ms. Fione and staffs ^^
Thankful to be invited and get first hand experience about this new online shopping mall! ^^
Oh, almost forgot to tell you! You can either have your items shipped to your door step or pay online and come to their office and collect it (venue conveniently situated at the side of Bangsar lrt building).

Almost forgot to redeem my free rose tea from Taiwan. Luckily lady boss asked her staff to help me with it. ^^ Thank you! So friendly and appreciated for helping me take a pic before I leave! ^^
Overall, it was an inspirational Saturday coz I myself is learning how to set up and properly expand an e-commerce platform of my own. It is on a halt now, but shall only resume when I am more capable. 

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  1. hey dear. hopefully we can meet again next event ya. keep in touch pretty.