Christmas Wishlist ^^

Hello lovelies,

Christmas Wishlist:
Bubz Palette *check*
Collect all crochet toy stuff  *a few only*
A separate blog for the crochet toy stuff will be up and I will be linking the seller's profile later*

I am inspired by Tammy's blog. Love her Christmas wishlist!

I am also contented so far just that I do not want so much work since my wedding is in less than 10 days' time.
I would like fairer and more even skin. Keep pimples out! And I still don't know how to use my Apple phone >.<"


Anyway, my wishlist:

Laneige Berry Lip Sleeping Mask RM63 

Sayura Anti-Aging Hydrogen Capsule & ACDC Slimming RM370.01
*maybe just the anti-aging hydrogen capsule!*

Any candles
Maybe 1 candle from Jo Malone ? ^^
I haven't own any candles from the stores above. So far have been using essential oils and burners. Love the light fragrances in the house for a chill afternoon while I blog or what ^^

And something that will keep my pimples at bay! ^^


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  1. I really like the overall look you are carrying. The makeup looks really subtle and natural. Definitely going to refer this blog post to my sister